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Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Tajikistan

Most of the food you eat at Tajikistan is a reminder of the years They have been around for a long time and I still enjoy the diet of this region. Join us in the article on the most famous dishes of Tajikistan to get acquainted with some of the most delicious dishes of Tajikistan. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous cuisine of Tajikistan.

One of the most delicious dishes of Tajikistan, which can be found in abundance in different parts of the country, is called ogra pilaf. This type of pilaf is called Ugro-pilau in English and its main ingredients are meat and rice. The good taste and aroma of this food originates from fried meats along with a variety of fragrant spices, onions and carrots, which is complemented with rice.

Another food that has made a lot of noise in this country is called ochi plo. The ingredients of Tajik osh pilaf are mutton, carrots, onions and rice, and in many places, this is one of the most popular Tajik dishes, along with onions and other side dishes.

The ingredients of Tajik kebab are: mutton, onion, salt, pickles and a variety of special and fragrant spices along with colorful and chopped peppers. For many people who are tasting this type of kebab for the first time, how to cook it raises questions in their minds. In answer to the question of these people, it should be said that first, the raw materials of this item are prepared from the most famous Tajik food and the kebabs are made into a special form of sausage. Then, by rolling these kebabs in flour and dipping them in hot oil, they reach the final food. It is not cooked only in oil; Pour the onions into thin rings in the oil, take the kebabs out of the oil before cooking and put them in the onion dish and pour the broth over them.

The taste of six kebabs is so good that it attracts many tourists from all over the world every year to taste this famous Tajik food again. This food can be seen in three forms: six kebabs with pieces of meat, six kebabs with bones and six kebabs with vegetables in the menu of restaurants in this area. One of the best parts of six kebabs is eating the tails that are placed next to the meat of this food. This food can be prepared with beef or mutton at your request and taste.

If you are interested in eating the most delicious type of this shilik, visit a restaurant in Tajikistan that dips six kebabs in a container full of spices before cooking to taste the spices and pickles. River. Among the delicious dishes of this most famous Tajik food are grilled tomatoes, lemon juice, pickles and bread, which increase the deliciousness of six kebabs tenfold.

Tajik cabbage jam is also one of the dishes served with sour cream. The delicious ingredients of kale in Tajikistan include beef, rice, onions, salt, pepper and spices. The important point in cooking cabbage jam, rice and its meat. The meat should be minced and the rice should be cooked. After preparation, all these ingredients are placed in a cabbage fence and the whole cabbage and its ingredients are immersed in meat broth. After it is fully cooked, this food is ready to eat. When eating Tajik cabbage jam, be sure to use sour cream as an accompaniment to this dish to delight you with its good taste.

People who are interested in trying different flavors during their trip and life, if you travel to Tajikistan, add a barbecue called Kurdak to your list of foods. One of the features of this food is its similarity to the stews of this country. Its constituent elements are: bony mutton, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, water, salt, onions. The combination of these ingredients along with the excellent cooking method has created a unique taste.

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