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Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Vegetarians

A report that meat and meat products may cause cancer in humans has attracted the attention of many people to the vegetarian diet. From the tourists’ point of view, it is now easier to turn to a meat-free diet than ever before, and they can easily choose one of the most popular tourist destinations suitable for vegetarians and travel. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to introduce you to some of the best vegetarian tourism destinations.

From vegetarian-friendly bed and breakfasts to just vegan striptease and animal-friendly mechanisms, they govern many Oregon organizations. Designed by Aaron Woo, a graduate of the California Academy of Culinary Arts, the Natural Selection Vegetarian Restaurant is decorated with European décor and serves dishes such as beet leaves, mushroom gnocchi and caramelized cauliflower with polenta, all of which are vegetables and fruits. Indigenous and fresh are prepared.

Chance to accidentally enter a vegetarian restaurant at New York More than other US cities. The variety of food and vegetarian restaurants in New York is enormous; From restaurants with a raw menu like Pure Food to the organic Candle Café restaurant and of course the creative Dirty Candy restaurant! This restaurant is one of the most famous tourist destinations suitable for vegetarians. It has only 9 tables for reception and you must book your table in advance.

South Indian cuisine is largely meatless and is known as one of the best vegetarian destinations for its ancient vegetarian homeland. The states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu offer spicy foods containing rice and curry, which are commonly used using items such as doses, Indian stamps and rice. Vegetable talisman is also a plate of curry, rice and bread that costs less than a glass of Latte Starbox. We recommend Madras Restaurant at the Raintree Hotel in Chennai, which serves delicious South Indian cuisine at home.

Chiang Mai welcomes a large community of Buddhists and more than It has eighty vegetarian restaurants, and even non-vegetarian restaurants serve meatless items such as Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, a variety of salads, and coconut milk-based curry. Pun Pun Vegetarian Restaurant prepares organic vegetables from its farm and serves bananas to its customers.

Increasing number of vegetarian restaurants, part of ongoing Glasgow upgrade efforts It is the health of its inhabitants. We recommend Mono Bar Cafe in the Merchant City area. At the bar, special drinks and homemade vegetarian dishes such as fresh bean burritos are available. In addition to all this, performing music by singers, local songwriters and opera singers is another advantage of this cafe.

PETA Association (2009) named City of London The city is suitable for vegetarians and is still the best place for vegetarians. There are about one hundred and thirty vegetarian restaurants in London, and the vegetarian curry houses are as active in the city as the restaurants that serve fish and chips. The Food for Thought restaurant in County Garden offers everything from Mexican cuisine to Indian, cheese, dill cookies and tarts. The items on the menu of this restaurant are carefully selected and very satisfying.

Our good news for any vegetarian tourist who may have to go to a barbecue restaurant at Seoul Go, that is, you can order kimchi there or enjoy a wide range of vegetarian pancakes and appetizers. The traditional Hangwachae restaurant offers homemade condiments such as chili paste, soy bean paste on its menu, and even the rice served by this restaurant consists of twenty different Asian plants.

Over the past few years, Vancouver has seen some interesting restaurants respond in response There is a growing demand for vegetarian menus. The Acorn was named one of the top ten new restaurants in 2014 by En Route magazine, and was the first vegetarian restaurant in one of the best vegetarian tourist destinations to win the honor. The plates in this restaurant are so artistically decorated that they seem to belong to the museum!

Almost throughout Jordan There are good options for vegetarians. Feynan is a restaurant owned by an eco-lodge in the heart of Dana Biosphere. In a candle-lit environment, tourists eat Bedouin-baked breads and enjoy a variety of vegetable stews, marshmallow juice, falafel, homs and hemp as a dessert. >

According to Happy Cow Online Healthy Food Guide, Kuala Lumpur combines cultures It has a variety of dishes and has more than a hundred restaurants with a vegetarian menu. Gopala’s cheap vegetarian restaurant has a mix of Thai and Indian dishes, with vegetarian satay and fried rice being its most popular dishes.

At the 2015 New York Saveur Magazine’s Good Taste Awards, Berlin It was introduced as the best city on earth for vegetarians. Foodie Bible also named Berlin the new capital of vegetarians. According to Saveur magazine, Berlin was the first major western city where the vegetarian diet competed with the traditional meat-eating diet, and vegan cuisine in the city was accompanied by the growth of local restaurants. Kopps Luxury Vegetarian Restaurant serves a mix of traditional German dishes, new and innovative dishes, and uses only organic products to prepare them.

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