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Get acquainted with some of the most delicious local dishes of Qeshm

Qeshm Island is one of the Persian Gulf islands that in recent decades The title of one of the tourist places was welcomed by tourists. If you travel to Qeshm Island, it is good that in addition to sightseeing on the island and watching its spectacular attractions, visit the local restaurants and eateries and taste the most delicious local food of Qeshm. Join us in the article of the best local dishes of Qeshm to introduce you to some of the famous traditional dishes of Qeshm.

To make this one of the best local dishes of Qeshm, they use big fish such as Sangsar and Sarkho. First, empty the belly of the fish and fill it with a mixture of coriander, dill, chopped onion, green pepper and spices. Then, the fish is grilled on metal sheets that are placed on the fire. This is usually done on charcoal, but fish can also be grilled on a gas flame. After grilling, place the fish in a sealed container and pour a few drops of water over it. By doing this, the hot steam of the fish causes the oil to stick under the fish skin and will be easily separated from the meat when the fish skin is eaten.

Kolomba or halim fish is another name that is made from fish meat. To prepare this one of the most delicious local dishes of Qeshm, first, boiled wheat is boiled with water to thicken and soften. The fish is boiled with some salt, pepper and turmeric to separate the fish bones. Then, the fish meat is mixed with chopped coriander and dill and roasted in Junoon and the ingredients are added to the softened wheat.

To prepare this dish, first, the potatoes are cut into large slices and fried in oil with salt and turmeric. Next, fry the fish in oil with some salt, pepper and turmeric. Then, fry the chopped onion with grated tomatoes. Pour a small amount of oil into a pot, cover the bottom of the pot with local Tomoshi bread and pour the fried ingredients into the pot. Then, the pre-cooked rice is poured over the ingredients and placed on the stove to brew.

To prepare this famous Qeshm traditional dish, first, the stuffed wheat or barley is poured into a pot and placed on the stove to be roasted and browned. Then, soak it in water like rice. In another bowl, boil the fish with some salt, pepper and turmeric to separate the fish bones. Fry the fish meat in the onion and add it again to the water in which the fish was boiled and let it boil. Then, the soaked wheat is added to it and left until the juice evaporates completely and brews.

Hawari is one of the best local dishes in Qeshm and is prepared with fish and rice. To make this dish, first fry the onion a little and add coriander, dill, fenugreek and garlic to fry. Then, add fish to the ingredients and add pepper, spices and turmeric. After frying the fish, some water is added to the ingredients. After the water boils, add the soaked rice to the pan and reduce the flame to simmer slowly.

Chewing shrimp or baby shrimp pilaf is prepared with dried baby shrimp larvae. This type of shrimp is caught in the mangrove season during the spawning season and boiled and dried in sea water. For this meal, first, the rice is soaked and the lentils are boiled. Soak the dried shrimp and peel it. Then, fry with chopped onion and add some turmeric and water. Add boiled lentils with 2 cups of hot water to the food and after boiling, add rice to it. Then, let the water evaporate and inhale.

The squid or squid is cut into square pieces after cleaning. Pour the fish pieces into a bowl with water and dates and cook for 20 to 30 minutes. In another bowl, chop the onion and fry. Then, add the fish and some salt, pepper, turmeric and tomato paste, allowing it to cook on low heat and set.

This is one of the most delicious local dishes of Qeshm, prepared from rice and date juice. To prepare, first dilute some date juice with water and put it on the stove to boil. Then, the pre-soaked rice is poured into boiling date juice and left until the water is completely evaporated and brewed. This pilaf is served with fried or fried fish.

Shark pudding is one of the famous traditional dishes of Qeshm, which is prepared with shark or fish table. To make this dish, shark meat is cooked and shaved. In another bowl, fry the onion and add coriander and dill and cook with some tomato paste and Omani lemon. Then, the minced meat is added to it and mixed with salt and spices.

Combine flour and water and knead by hand to form a dough. Then, grease the bottom of the pan a little and spread the dough in a circle with a small diameter. With a spoon, pour some mahyaveh or soreh on the dough and allow the dough to cook. Then, take it out of the pan and oil it and serve.

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