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Get acquainted with some of the most famous and top carnivals in Europe

European carnivals are an opportunity to dress up in beautiful costumes and dance and have legal fun in the streets. Many of the best European carnivals are held during the Mardi Gras. This is the time when Roman Catholics traditionally joined the party for the last time, before it was time for their repentance. Join us in the article of the most famous and top carnivals in Europe to introduce you to some of the most famous European carnivals. Definitely, this acquaintance will be interesting for you.

UNESCO registered this carnival in 2008 as a masterpiece of human spiritual heritage. One of the most interesting parts of this famous and top carnival in Europe is the 1000-member “Gilles” march. From 4 a.m., men from the cities of the Belgian province of Envit in fashionable clothes and masks march through the streets until nightfall and throw oranges at the spectators.

During the carnival, many institutions are open 24 hours a day, creating a lively atmosphere at the carnival. The masks used in this carnival are common masks, but must be used by certain categories; That is, those who walk the streets playing the flute, drums and other instruments. When the lights of Basel, Switzerland, light up at 4 am, the “clicks” sing and walk through the city in complete darkness.

UpHelia, the largest fireworks display and one of the best European carnivals, is celebrating Nowruz in Scotland. In this celebration, a replica of a Viking ship is drawn on the streets of Lerwick by strong men on the island, and finally, the ship is kept in place and the whole city gathers to dance and celebrate in fancy costumes. >

This carnival has been known since 1676 as the last night owl for the city’s fishermen, before they stopped sailing around the island for 6 months. All those involved in the French carnival are dressed in fancy costumes to sing the anthem of Count Janet Barthes, and the mayor distributes 500 kilograms of herring among the crowd.

The Italian La Tomatina Carnival is one of the most famous European carnivals, where people throw tomatoes at each other. The roots of this festival go back to a legend in the Middle Ages. A feudal king tried to kidnap a girl the night before the wedding. The girl’s fiancé complained to her and the local authorities hanged her. A riot broke out in the city over the move, which they threw away 1,000 years ago by throwing 5,000,000 pounds of citrus.

When the temperature drops to -5 degrees Celsius in mid-winter, Lithuanians sing in strange local costumes to celebrate the grandeur of spring. Tuesday before Wednesday is the day of repentance, which is celebrated all over the country, and the Lithuanian people show the cold weather by lighting the torch.

Celtic del Calache, one of the best European carnivals, is a unique ritual that dates back to the 1600s. This ritual is known in the city of Castillo de Murcia, Spain as the celebration of throwing children. In this festival, parents leave their babies on a mattress in the street and men who are the symbol of the devil, jump on the babies in yellow and red clothes and giant masks. La Purkheid

The French are very interested in pork and this festival Held every year to show this interest. In the southwestern cities of Territory, participants are judged on their ability to imitate the lives of pigs. Also, in this celebration, a competition is held between the piglets to eat pudding and the guests are served with pork.

Winters are very cold in Hungary. It is no wonder, then, that the people of Mohas are doing everything they can to counter it. People in the area march and dance in the streets for six days in February in scary costumes and masks, which are said to be for forgetfulness and to keep the cold weather away. The main part of this carnival, which is one of the famous European carnivals, is held on Sunday, when hundreds of people parade in special clothes and rowing boats in the city. People carry fruit and drinks in these boats.

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