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Get acquainted with some of the most famous attractions of Anzali port

One of the most spectacular cities of Gilan Province is Anzali port. This city, which is the fifth most economically active port in the country, is located 40 km from Rasht and it takes about half an hour by car from Rasht to be able to travel to this city. Bandar Anzali is one of the most visited cities in the north of Iran. With us in the article Join us to introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions of Bandar Anzali. Definitely, it will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous sights of Anzali port.

One of the largest and most interesting wetlands in the world in terms of biodiversity, Anzali Wetland which is located in the west of Sefidrud Delta and in the southwest The Caspian Sea is located. The area of ​​this one of the best tourist attractions of Anzali port is about 280 square kilometers and its depth is 1.5 to 2.8 meters and includes small and large islands in its heart. Various species of seabirds such as white swans, geese, ducks, terns, ducks and other birds that migrate to this lagoon from different places in winter can be seen. Water lilies cover the entire lagoon, and seeing reeds and sea tulips makes the viewer feel good.

In order to protect ships and boats from the waves of the sea, a breakwater has been built in this port, which is a tourist attraction today, and anyone who travels to Anzali must have a souvenir photo next to it. It will be one of the most famous attractions of Anzali port. The construction of the Ghazian breakwater began in 1274, was completed in 1293, and has been repaired in recent years. To build these breakwaters, wooden beams have been placed on the sea floor and the breakwaters have been built on them.

Ghazian and Anzali were separated in the past and people used boats to travel between the two. Ghazian Bridge was built in 1314 to connect Ghazian and Anzali and is made of concrete. It is said that one of the openings of this bridge was mobile in the past.

One of the famous sights of Bandar Anzali, which was apparently ordered to be built by Khosrow Khan Gorji, the ruler of Nasreddin Shah in 1194 AD, Tower Clock It is located behind Sepah Bazaar and Anzali Square. The height of this tower, which is made of bricks, reaches 28 meters. The oil lamp, which was installed in it, was used to watch and guide ships. The tower was rebuilt in 1307, and in this reconstruction, clocks were installed on all four sides of the tower, and since then, the tower became known as the Clock Tower.

From ancient times, the port of Anzali shared a border with Russia. This caused the city of Anzali to have a European atmosphere and the architecture of this city including Coastal Boulevard contains signs of Russian cities. Along Anzali Lagoon, there is a large park with an area of ​​3500 meters, which was built in 1305. Anzali’s two famous breakwaters have given a beautiful view to the northern part of the boulevard, and the tea and hookah booths located on the southern edge of the boulevard are open to tourists, young people and many families on holiday nights.

Anzali Royal Palace , which is 1500 meters wide, is located between Anzali and Ghazian bridges and along the coast. . It was built in 1308-1314 and next to the main palace; The Khoshtaria Palace, owned by a Russian businessman, caught fire. Today, the use of this palace has changed to the Naval Military Museum, and you can see all kinds of firearms and cold steel in this museum from the Safavid era onwards.

White building like Shiraz Memorial which is located next to the municipal building and a group of German engineers built this building in 1311 by order of the municipality. Previously in Hafizieh Anzali Music concerts were held and the reason for naming it Hafizieh is due to its great resemblance to Hafizieh Shiraz. At present, handicraft and painting exhibitions are held in this place, and tourists can also visit these exhibitions while visiting the place.

Ship of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali It is the only boat in the north of the country that is used for recreation. You can create a dreamy memory of your trip by having a meal with music and crossing the waters of the Caspian Sea.

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