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Get acquainted with some of the most famous attractions of Kashmir

Get acquainted with some of the most famous attractions of Kashmir

Kashmir One of the most important cities and well-known names is the province of Khorasan Razavi . The distance from this city to Mashhad is about 240 km and it has a dry climate. Due to its importance during the former empires, this city is full of ancient and historical monuments. With us in the article The most famous Kashmir attractions Join us to introduce you to some of Kashmir’s top tourist attractions. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous sights of Kashmir.

Kashmar Grand Mosque was built in 1213 at the same time as the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar in this region. The architecture of this mosque has extraordinary delicacies and has a nave, rooms and porches with special decorations.

مسجد جامع کاشمر

This building is located five kilometers north of Kashmir. At present, the building is built on an area of ​​1800 meters and includes a tiled porch, courtyard and dome.

امامزاده سید مرتضی (ع)

This glacier is located seven kilometers from Bandaqra village. The special climate of this glacier has made it continue to have great applications for the people of that region. On the other hand, you can also use the ice that is present in this glacier.

یخچال طبیعی بند قرا

Modares Caravanserai is visited by tourists due to its interesting architecture. This building was built in the early Pahlavi period in Kashmar and today the rooms of this caravanserai have found commercial use.

کاروانسرای حاج کاظم مدرس sour

Kriz Waterfall is located near Kriz Road. Kriz Spa is always considered by locals as well as tourists with its medicinal and therapeutic properties. On the other hand, this area is one of the famous promenades in the region due to the existence of a river full of water.

آبشار و آبگرم کریز

This area has always been a tourist attraction due to its wonderful climate and pleasant climate. On the other hand, the rich gardens and vegetation of this area made it a special resort among the locals. You can see all kinds of medicinal plants in this area.

محوطه گردشگری کوه سرخ

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