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Get acquainted with some of the most famous attractions of Kelardasht

Kelardasht is one of the most beautiful areas of our country, 170 km away from Tehran has taken. Kelardasht has an area of ​​about 15.9 square kilometers and is surrounded by the following areas: from the south to the summit of Takht-e Soleiman and Gordeneh Kandovan, from the east to Chalous ,Kajor and Nowshahr North to the Caspian Sea and Abbasabad and west to Qazvin . The people of Kelardasht speak the Mazani dialect and often see rain. With us in the article The most famous sights of Kelardasht Join us to introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Kelardasht. Definitely, it will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous sights of Kelardasht.

Velesht Lake , which is one of the famous sights of Kelardasht, has an area of ​​about 20 hectares and is located in the hills of the eastern region and near the village of Sama. Is located.

Let’s move west about 4 km from Hassan Kif section, to Rudbarak village

The northeast of Kelardasht is covered by a wall 700 meters long and 450 meters wide, as if it were one of the 8 hard and bad walls in the world. This wall, It is called Mountain Science . Takht-e-Soliman mountain is located at an altitude of 4650 meters in this area and in legends, the place of marriage of Solomon (AS) and Belqis is considered.

One of the best tourist attractions of Kelardasht is the Ozu forest, which starts from the village of Volbal, one kilometer west of Hassan Kiev, and has a pristine and extraordinary nature. Its main area is a green and very beautiful plain, as if it is a beautiful painting.

4 km from the forest path, we reach a green area that is empty of trees; Area that Mazichal and is surrounded by high peaks. There are a few villas in Mazichal that have metal roofs and people come to this pristine and lush area in summer.

Clare Hill is a historical attraction. This part has played a very important role in the archeology of the southern Caspian region and many archaeologists have been able to find answers to their questions here. It also contains many antiquities, including the Golden Cup of the Two Lions or the Kelardasht Cup, which dates back to about 800 BC and today in Tehran Archaeological Museum is located.

You can travel to Kelardasht from two different roads: 25 km south of Chalous road to Marzanabad, pass a 20 km route that passes through beautiful hills to reach Kelardasht. From Abbas Abad-Kelardasht, which is the road along the Caspian Sea, you can also move to Kelardasht; A 25 km road that passes through the forest and leads to the west of the area.

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