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Get acquainted with some of the most famous boutique hotels in Iran and the world

One of the important points that travelers need to pay special attention to when traveling is carefully choosing a good and suitable accommodation. Traditional houses, eco-lodges, boutiques and hotels are among the options that travelers can stay in according to their tastes and needs. Join us in the article of the most famous boutiques of hotels in Iran and the world to introduce you to some of the best boutiques of hotels in Iran and the world. Definitely, getting acquainted with the boutiques of famous hotels in Iran and the world will be useful for you.

Ameri Hotel Boutique

This beautiful hotel boutique is located in Kashan and is related to the Zandieh era. Ameris It is an example of traditional houses and has earned the title of one of the most unique ancient houses in Kashan.

henna boutique hotel

This item is located in Tehran, one of the best boutiques of hotels in Iran and the world, and has a very beautiful and interesting architecture, which is in fact a combination of contemporary architecture style of Iran and the world. The 90-year-old Hana Hotel boutique has seven rooms and side space.

Laleh Kandovan Hotel Boutique

Construction time Laleh Kandovan Hotel Boutique has reached the year 1385 and due to It is famous for its extraordinary natural location. It is also the first hotel boutique in Iran.

Secretary Palace Hotel Boutique

Qasr Munshi Hotel boutique is in Isfahan and has rooms with stained glass. This boutique hotel is actually one of the houses of Fath Ali Shah and its name is on the list of national monuments. This building was completely renovated in 2015. The yard of this boutique of famous hotels in Iran and the world is full of beautiful and colorful flowers.

Hotel boutique gave

This building is located in the heart of Yazd and it is 80 years old. Rooms Boutique Dad Hotel is a combination of modern and traditional designs and having full amenities is one of the important features.

Joybar Boutique Hotel

This boutique hotel, which is famous for being nature-friendly, is an old house that dates back to the Qajar period. In 1398, this item from the most famous boutiques of hotels in Iran and the world could be selected as an architecture award.

Manouchehri Hotel Boutique

Manouchehri Hotel Boutique which belongs to the Safavid era Is located in Kashan and in 1778 a large part of it was destroyed by an earthquake. This old house was one of the few houses in that time that had a water reservoir.

boutique hotel surijan

This building is located in Surijan neighborhood and is more than 250 years old. The boutique of Surijan Hotel consists of 4 suites and eight accommodation spaces and has unprecedented tours for the entertainment of tourists.

Prince Door Hotel Boutique

This boutique of Shiraz Hotel has 8 rooms with two, three and four beds and belongs to the Qajar period. Winning the first place of Trip Advisor website in 2019 is one of the greatest honors of this hotel boutique.

Military Boutique

This boutique hotel has a very beautiful interior decoration and a combination of Iranian tradition and Western modernity, and the building belongs to the first Pahlavi period. Important note about Military Hotel Boutique This is what you should Check in before check-in, as only check-in will take place after check-in and there is no check-in section.

Maseria San Dominico Hotel boutique

This boutique hotel is located in the city of Puglia, dating back to the 15th century and was used as a watchtower at that time. Also, this boutique hotel was able to win the award of the most unparalleled spa treatment.

Dunky Bay Inn

This boutique hotel is one of the most environmentally friendly boutique hotels and is located in New Zealand.

Byblos Art Hotel boutique

This hotel boutique, which won the most inspiring design award, dates back to the 16th century and was renovated in Verona, inspired by the tradition of the Veneto region.

Riyad Khairuddin Boutique Hotel

One of the things that distinguishes this hotel boutique from other boutique hotels is that its accessories and furniture are a combination of Moroccan and Italian art. This boutique hotel is located in Morocco and in 2019 it won the award for the best tourist in the city.

Heritage Hotel Boutique

Heritage Hotel boutique in 2019 won the award of the classic and most magnificent hotel. This boutique hotel is an aristocratic house in Belgium that has a long history.

Bali Hanging Gardens Hotel Boutique

In 2019, this boutique hotel was able to win the award for the most stunning scenery. This boutique hotel is located on the edge of a beautiful valley between the ancient temple of Dalm Segara and the Ayung River.

Maseria Sosafa Hotel boutique

In 2019, the Masria Sosafa Hotel boutique won the award for a hotel that produces its own food from the farm to the table. This hotel is located in Sicily.

Drake Biggate Resort Boutique Hotel

There is a famous hotel boutique near the Croquado National Park in the Gulf of Drake, Costa Rica, which won the award for the best hiding place for the honeymoon. Extremely beautiful views of the rooms and adventure tours are important features of this boutique hotel.

Villa Island Private Boutique Hotel

This boutique hotel has a very special natural location and is located in the Maldives. Features of this hotel boutique include unique design, delicious food, rooms overlooking the sea and the unique nature of the island.

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