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Get acquainted with some of the most famous natural attractions of Nowshahr

Nowshahr is the city that beautiful nature has made so popular Is. Join us in the article of the most famous natural attractions of Nowshahr to introduce you to some of the best natural attractions of Nowshahr. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the most famous natural sights of Nowshahr.

When you reach the village of Angas, the image that will appear before your eyes are the houses that have adorned the village at the foot of the mountain and stand out in front of the eyes of the viewers. In this case, you have set foot in a clean land with a healthy climate, one of the most famous natural attractions of Nowshahr; A village leading to the Alborz and Kangloo Mountains; Mountain ranges that have a height of 3600 meters. Shah Kuh, like a high wall with a height of 2974 meters from the northwest, invited Angus to his arms and seemed to be in conflict with Verdashtan, which is 2913 meters high. Fountains that seem to give life back to you and unique waterfalls also play an important role in beautifying the village of Angas.

When it comes to ghosts and lagoons, you may also experience an unknown fear. But why Wetland of Spirits? Unless you are on your way to Nowshahr and do not overturn the lagoon with your own eyes, what you have heard may not have an effect on your understanding of the space. So, when you go to Nowshahr, remember, this lagoon is one of the best natural attractions in Nowshahr and you should not miss seeing it. To visit this wetland, remember this name: Chalandar village .

Dear tourists, you have to drive on a road that is light from Nowshahr. You have to leave Vanush Road behind. Be aware that the villages of Chalandar and Salahuddin Kalay Sofla are exactly where you should enter the side road. Now that you have seen the village of Chalandar, your path still continues. You will see Bani environment after the village. You have to stop in the sponsor environment until some administrative work has to be done for you to enter the area. Now the next route you have to follow is that you have to go 10 km on the north road. When you see the plain and border sign, you should continue on the side road. You will see Ghost Lagoon soon.

About Avidar Dam It is good to know that in terms of affiliation, it belongs to the regional irrigation department. The water behind the dam has been used to irrigate the fields of the northern compatriots, and the green vegetation at the edge of the dam is undoubtedly suitable for having a good time and capturing the best images. To see this dam, take a road 30 km east of Nowshahr. This dam with Park Sangan Forest Park Not too far away, and you can even aim at two targets with a single arrow. When you watch to see the dam, know that you are in a guest area of ​​nature, which is a long distance from the sea in terms of distance. So, too much humidity will not change your mood. If you do not like the sultry weather, this is the right place for you.

If you are a tourist, you must have heard the name of Si Sangan Forest Park. This park with its pristine nature, various plant species and green cover is one of the most famous natural sights of Nowshahr. Si Sangan with an area of ​​602 hectares is a good host for tourists and is a good place to preserve and maintain boxwoods; Plants that are vulnerable to extinction. Dear friends, be sure to visit Si Sangan and take the best and most beautiful photos with a frame of pristine nature.

Thirty Sangans are a short distance from the north to the Caspian Sea, and on the other hand, the soaring Alborz mountain range invites it from the south. This is one of the best natural attractions of Nowshahr, just 27 km from Nowshahr road to Noor, and its vegetation can be divided into coastal, southern and western parts, each of which is really spectacular and special.

You must be saying to yourself: Why was the demon named after this spring? Do not confuse your mind too much with something scary. This name has been chosen by the locals for this spring, which of course is also called the big spring. The title of demon may have been chosen for him under the pretext of greatness and refreshing water, not to cause terror. In short, it is a pity to miss the view that the painter has painted on the north of the country with its paved stairs. Dave Cheshmeh is not very deep and is one of the most famous natural attractions in Nowshahr for domestic and foreign tourists.

Khezr Nabi Lake has fresh water, pristine nature, depth of 5 meters and an area of ​​one hectare And tourists can easily visit this protected area in Central Alborz and reflect a little more on the beauty of the universe.

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