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Get acquainted with some of the most famous restaurants on Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island is one of the Persian Gulf islands and the largest island in Iran and has There are many seafood and local dishes that you can taste in the best restaurants of Qeshm Island. Island food is spicy; Spicy and spicy. Join us in the article of famous restaurants of Qeshm Island to introduce you to some of the most famous restaurants of Qeshm Island.

Rastoran Qaleh on the south side Portuguese Castle is located and has a variety of seafood. One of the great features of this restaurant is being by the sea, and if you sit outside, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea while eating. Qala restaurant does not have any menu, because its food depends on the daily catch. Therefore, if there is no fishing on that day, this case will not be opened from the best restaurants of Qeshm Island. If you want to eat shark, squid and oyster and shrimp, Qala restaurant is the best choice for you.

Take Aunty Restaurant from anyone who will guide you. The owner of this famous restaurant on Qeshm Island, which is located next to Qala restaurant, is a woman who serves dishes with homemade taste. Delicious samosas and spicy falafels are popular all over the island and the best seafood such as sharks, squid or anca can be found here.

Naeem Restaurant is a large and self-service restaurant located in Imam Qoli Khan Qeshm Square. If you crave puffed shrimp, we suggest you visit this restaurant. Puffed shrimp and fish roe of Naeem restaurant in Qeshm Island are famous for everyone, the food variety of this restaurant is very high and you can order a variety of chicken, kebabs and steaks in this restaurant. Unlike other restaurants on the island, Naeem Restaurant does not have much seafood and only shrimp, milk fish, grilled fish and fish roe can be found in its seafood list. This is one of the most famous restaurants on Qeshm Island, which is open at noon and the price of its food is a bit high.

Fish roe, shark dish and seafood are among the best foods Alvand Restaurant . Seafood mix plate is another popular dish of this restaurant, which includes milk fish kebab, fish and shrimp roast and fried fish and is very tasty. This restaurant has self-service and the price of its food is a bit high. Alvand Restaurant previously next to Diplomat Hotel ; A very spectacular environment with a view to the sea.

Goat Kebab

Goat kebab is one of the most popular dishes in Qeshm that you can find in Jagarki. This food is prepared like liver; That is, the meat is skewered and grilled on the fire. This kebab is very tasty and delicious and you can find the best goat kebab near Shohada Square, in front of Sam and Zal Shopping Center.


If you are interested in fast food, do not miss the Qeshm shawarma. This Lebanese dish is the same Turkish kebab that is prepared with chicken. Shawarma can be prepared from Qeshm fast food, which is wrapped in lavash bread and given to the customer. Baguette bread is scarce in Qeshm, so fast foods use lavash bread instead of baguette bread. You can enjoy the best Qeshm Shawarma next to Noosh Jan City Center Shopping Center.

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