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Get acquainted with some of the most spectacular cave villages in the world

In the distant past, people dug caves to make a living. These caves were places of residence or places for prayer and worship. The life of the people in the heart of the caves and mountains gathered a community of people in these places and led them to call these places stone cities. Although many of these places are no longer inhabited today, the construction of houses in the most famous cave villages in the world is still of interest to many tourists. Join us in the article of the most famous cave villages in the world to introduce you to some of the most spectacular cave villages in the world.

Excavations in the heart of the Guayaquil Mountains, once the largest thousand in China were. There is no exact information about the date and construction of these caves and cave dwellers. There are more than 110 stone rooms in this mountain and this has led to the introduction of Goyaju as one of the most spectacular cave villages in the world.

There was a small village in the south Tunisia called Matma, one of the most famous It is the most cave village in the world. Residents were digging their homes deep in the ground. These people first dug a large area of ​​land and then began to build houses and rooms inside it.

Bamyan used to be famous for having two large Buddha statues carved into the rocks. The statues date back to the sixth century and have long been considered the largest standing Buddha statue. However, it was destroyed by the Taliban and its forces in 2001, and today, only their vacancies can be seen on the mountain walls. Along the bottom of these statues, rooms were dug that were once the place of monks. However, after the area fell to the Taliban, they used the chambers to store weapons and ammunition. Now that Bamyan has been liberated from the Taliban, it is possible to visit some of the world’s most spectacular cave villages.

The history of these caves and cave dwellers dates back to prehistoric times and according to history, including the first human settlements in Italy are considered. The structure of these houses in the heart of the rocks is such that each house is built on top of another house and it can be said that the street in front of each house is the roof of the next house. Until recently, until 1950, these caves were still inhabited until many residents moved to more modern areas around the village.

Mesavardeh is located in southwestern Colorado and is a collection of stone caves that were inhabited by Anasazi people in ancient times. These settlements can be considered among the best American antiquities. In the 12th century, the Anasazi began to build houses inside caves. Some of these houses were built to a size of 150 rooms and the most famous of them were named Rock Palace. By 1300, almost all of the Anasas had left Mesa Wardeh, but the ruins and ruins of this residential area remained well.

These houses are financial 500 meters above the ground and These sandstone cliffs have been a place for the people of Thelem. These people dug caves in the heart of the sandstone cliffs to bury their dead in them. The reason for this was that they wanted to protect their dead from destruction by floods and strong sea waves.

Vardzia is located in the southern part of Georgia and its caves date back to the 12th century. . These caves have been dug and dug towards the river. Vardzia is one of the most important historical and ancient structures of Georgia, and these interconnected caves were built during the reign of Queen Tamar to protect against Mongol invasion.

Background Kandovan belongs to the thirteenth century. In the heart of the mountains, I can see cone-shaped houses created by the volcanic interactions of the Sahand Mountains. It is speculated that the Mongol invasion led the people to this rocky village. The type of architecture of Kandovan village and the flow of people’s lives in this old context is an exception in modern times, because other such villages have become uninhabited, but in Kandovan life is still flowing.

This is one of the most famous cave villages in the world at a height of 86 meters above the ground. In the past, these caves were used and people lived in them, but today these caves are uninhabited. Visitors and tourists can enter and see the caves through the stone stairs and climb the stairs.

Ochihisar is located at the highest point, 7 km from Noshir. Due to their high altitude, these rocks can be easily seen from miles away. Due to the risk of erosion and collapse in this area, the residents of these cave houses have evacuated these houses. Its last inhabitants reportedly moved out of the area in 1950.

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