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Get acquainted with the local food of Yazd

Get acquainted with the local food of Yazd
Yazidis are one of the happiest people in Iran. Yazd local food has a high variety and very good taste. From the very beginning, when you enter the city of Yazd, you feel completely that the people of this city have preserved the Iranian originality and tradition; This originality can be seen both in the flavors and in the architecture of the city!Yazd city has local food for every taste. However, during the day you stay in this city, you can try new food. Some of the traditional dishes of Yazd are served in the restaurants of this city and some of them are in the local kitchens. Yazd restaurants are located in the tourist areas of this city. Therefore, tourists can both Yazd sights and enjoy the unique taste of the city’s food.

How is Yazdi chickpea stuffing prepared?

The method of cooking this stuffing is like cob stuffing stew. The difference between these two stews is in their composition. Chickpeas are used instead of chickpeas in the stuffing of chickpeas, and it also has condiments such as lemongrass, cinnamon and cardamom.

How is soup prepared?

This soup is made with umaj (a type of dough made using flour), beets, vegetable soup, lentils and cobs, vinegar, onions and spices.

How is pumpkin stew prepared?

To cook this food, its ingredients are first cooked and mixed. After mixing, you should fry the yeast a little and put it on the heat until the rice boils.

In this issue of Alibaba magazine, we have introduced the traditional and local food of Yazd to get acquainted with the menu of restaurants in this city. Deciding on a food without knowing its ingredients and taste is hard work! We will solve this challenge for you.

Strings; The most famous local food of Yazd

Some of the traditional dishes of the cities have become popular all over Iran and for this reason many people do not know exactly which region this food belongs to. Yazd stews are also usually cooked in many homes. But tasting these stews in Yazd has a different taste!

Chickpea mince, stew with different beans

In traditional Iranian recipes, minced meat is stew that contains meat and beans. Over time, ground beef and mutton or beef became the most popular type of stew. For this reason, many people think that only this type of stuffing is cooked in Iran.

خورش‌ها؛ معروف‌ترین غذاهای محلی یزد

Chickpea stuffing is one of the local foods of Yazd And the difference with ordinary stuffing is that it has chickpeas instead of chickpeas. Seasonings such as cinnamon, cardamom, lemongrass and saffron are also used in the composition of this stew. Yazdi stuffing, like other stews, is served with plain rice or saffron, and fried potatoes are placed next to it.

Yazdi or Manijeh Fosanjan, slightly different from the famous Iranian Fosanjan

Fosanjan is also one of the stews that is cooked in different ways; But only one of its methods is known. Fosanjani, also known as Matanijah, is one of the traditional dishes of Yazd. This food, in addition to meat, walnut kernels, pomegranate paste and other ingredients of ordinary fesnjan, beets, or apples and apricots or plums.

فسنجان یزدی یا متنیجه

Some Yazdi families use spices such as cardamom They are also added to this food. The use of seasoning in Fosanjan Yazdi and its acidity depends on the taste of people. If you like this food sour, you should add more pomegranate paste to it. But if you prefer sweet fennel, less pomegranate paste and a little sugar will give you the taste you want.

Apple stew, a special type of stuffed stew

Apple stew is one of the foods cooked in different cities; But Yazd has registered this food in its name. This stew contains minced ingredients such as cobs, meat, lemongrass, tomato paste and tomatoes. In addition, sweet apples, saffron, cinnamon and other condiments are used in apple stew.

خورش سیب، نوع خاصی از خورش قیمه

The basic steps of cooking apple stew are like regular stuffing. Apples should be cooked in the stew for the last hour and change its taste. The charm of the taste of local food in Yazd is that it is compatible with almost any taste and there are few people who do not like the local food of this city.

Plum stew, Majlisi food in local cuisine of Yazd

It is one of the seasonal fruits of Iran and for this reason stew is usually cooked in autumn. Of course, it can be frozen and cooked in other seasons of the year. But we all know that food with fresh fruits and vegetables has a different taste! Some of the local dishes of Yazd are mostly served in gatherings. Plum stew is also one of these foods.

خورش به آلو، غذای مجلسی در غذاهای محلی یزد

Plum stew is a sweet and sour food. Depending on their taste, the cooks cook this stew with beef, mutton or chicken and turkey. The seasonings for the stew are plums, lemon juice, tomato paste and sugar.

Ashkeneh Yazdi, a unique type of Ashkeneh

One of the characteristics of Yazidis is that they cook many Iranian dishes in their own style. For this reason, the names of many local dishes of Yazd are familiar to us, but we do not know how to cook them. The cooking method of Ashkeneh Yazdi is as simple as other types of Ashkeneh and it is prepared in a short time.

اشکنه یزدی، نوع منحصر به فرد اشکنه potato, onion, Dried or wet fenugreek, flour and spices are the ingredients needed to cook Ashkeni Yazdi. Some chefs recommend adding tomato paste and some lentils to the recipe for better taste.

Yazd Bread Foods

Yazd local food is served with rice, bread or alone. After trip to Yazd , you can choose a unique food for each meal. Yazidis are not limited to rice and their variety of bread and rice-free foods is very high.

Yazdi broth; Sour-tasting broth

Almost all of us know how to make broth, and when we hear its name, we subconsciously think of peas, beans, potatoes, and tomatoes and meat. Ordinary broth is also served in Yazd restaurants. But sour broth is one of the local dishes of Yazd that has its own fans.

آبگوشت یزدی؛ آبگوشتی با طعم ترش

The presence of Amani plum or lemon in Yazdi broth makes it taste sour. Some cooks even use lavashka to cook this dish. Dried aromatic vegetables such as fenugreek or tarragon are also present in the composition of this food. Yazidis serve desserts such as Shirazi salad, yogurt, cucumber and vegetables along with broth.

Chickpea meatballs, delicious traditional food of Yazd

Kufta is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes that is cooked in a unique way in each city. Among different types of meatballs, Tabriz and Yazd meatballs are more famous. To cook traditional Yazd chickpea dumplings, you need minced meat, chickpea flour, fragrant vegetables (usually fresh) and spices.

کوفته نخودچی

The meatballs should be of medium size so that they are both cooked to the core and easier to serve. Cooking this traditional Yazd food requires special skills. Because if it is not kneaded well or its water is too much, it will disappear and lose its round shape. So it is better to taste Yazdi chickpea meatballs in the best traditional restaurants of Yazd.

Rice meatballs, a combination of Turkish and Yazidi cuisine

We have already said that the main source of meatballs is Tabriz and the Turkish-speaking region of Iran. But Yazidis cook this food in their own way and for this reason, rice dumplings are known as one of the traditional foods of Yazd.

کوفته برنجی در غذاهای محلی یزد

To prepare Yazdi rice dumplings with minced meat, chickpea flour, rice, fragrant vegetables, cobs We need walnuts, barberry, prunes and spices. Cooking Majlisi rice dumplings is not an easy task and only skilled chefs can maintain the desired taste and appearance of the food. But if you eat rice dumplings cooked by a professional chef, you will experience one of the most enjoyable flavors.

The ingredients of this food include minced meat, rice, dumplings, chickpeas, chickpea flour, walnuts, raisins, prunes and spices. The method of cooking Yazdi rice dumplings is no different from other dumplings.

Carrot meatballs, a joint dish of Yazd and Kermanshah

Yazd has food in common with many cities in Iran. Kermanshah carrot meatballs are more famous than Yazdi meatballs. But the method of cooking this type of meatball in the style of the Yazidis also gives a good taste to the food. Carrot meatballs do not require rice and its ingredients include chickpea flour, carrots, minced meat, eggs and spices. The sauce for this type of meatball is also cooked using paste, sugar, lemon juice and spices.

کوفته هویج در غذاهای سنتی یزد

Some traditional Yazd dishes such as carrot meatballs can be served alone or with bread. These foods are also used for parliament. Of course, since it is difficult to cook meatballs with a proper appearance, it is served only in special gatherings. Many traditional restaurants have a variety of local meatballs on the menu.

Cucumber curd, summer days lunch in Yazd

It is interesting to know that the people of Yazd do not get along well with us! For this reason, what we know as cucumber juice is made with curd in Yazd and its name is cucumber curd. Cucumber curd is also a famous food that has become Yazdi style and is known as the local food of Yazd.

کشک خیار

To prepare curd and cucumber to ground curd, water, cucumber, walnuts, raisins and vegetables (usually dried mint ) we need. Curd and cucumber are the best choice for hot summer days in Yazd. It is better to keep it in the refrigerator for one to two hours before serving curd and cucumber, or to add a few pieces of ice when serving.

Yazdi dice kebab, Yazd traditional bread

The method of cooking Yazdi dill is not much different from the dill that is cooked in other cities. Some people use stewed meat to cook this food and others use minced meat.

تاس کباب یزدی

Yazdi dice kebab ingredients including meat, potatoes, Onions and paste or tomatoes. Some people add cinnamon to their food according to their taste. Tas kebab can be found alongside other local Yazdi dishes such as sour broth and… in restaurant menus.

Pumpkin roe, Yazd winter nights dinner

Some local foods of Yazd have a special time to eat. Pumpkin is a product of winter nights and eating pumpkin roe is only popular on long nights of this season. Pumpkin pie is one of the local dishes of Yazd, Gilan and Mazandaran. The method of cooking squash roe is similar in all these areas. Only the beans used to cook the roe may be different.

قلیه کدو

For Yazdi squash to red pumpkin, red beans, Mung bean, rice and onion are needed. Some chefs also suggest condiments such as cardamom and cinnamon in the recipe. The raw materials of the roe are cooked and mixed. After mixing, you should fry the ingredients a little and brew it until the rice is cooked.

Ash Yazd

Ash is one of the main snacks of Yazidis. There are various vegetables and legumes and even fruits in the dishes of Yazd. Variety in compositions creates a different taste for each of the Yazdi dishes.

In many theaters and cafes of Yazd, different types of local dishes of this city are also served. Ash is one of the most popular local dishes in Yazd for the people of this city and is a staple of most periods.

Ash Shuli; Yazdi authentic food

Ash Shouli is one of the local dishes of Yazd that can not be found in any other city. The first time I traveled to this city, my friend Yazdi invited me to eat Sholi soup and I started Yazdgerdi with this delicious dish! We ate Shuli as dinner; But my friend said this soup is usually served as a snack between breakfast and lunch.

آش های یزد

Wheat soup; Persian food in Yazd

Most Iranian families have wheat soup in their diet. The cooking method and raw materials of wheat soup make it one of the local dishes of Yazd. Of course, this dish is cooked in the same way in many other cities. But according to the history of cooking in Yazd, the originality of wheat soup goes back to this city.

آش گندم در غذاهای محلی یزد

Peeled wheat, legumes such as peas, pinto beans and lentils, vegetables, onions and mint And hot garlic, curd and spices are the main ingredients of wheat soup. People who like sour soup use vinegar instead of curd in wheat soup.

Beef barley soup; Ardakan Asil

The cities of Yazd province also have their own food, and if we do not talk about them, we have been unkind! Beef soup is one of the traditional dishes of Yazd and Ardakan. The method of cooking this dish and its ingredients is unique. By eating this soup, you will taste a taste that you have never experienced before.

This soup is cooked in layers. That is, they first spread a layer of dough on the bottom of the pot and cover it with a mixture of meat, vegetables and beans. Then another layer of dough is placed on it. Continue this process until the pot is full. Beef barley soup should be brewed over a gentle heat for a relatively long time.

Pomegranate soup; Food with pomegranate

Aqda is one of the villages of Ardakan city that has famous pomegranates. It is interesting to know that pomegranate soup is one of the local dishes of Yazd for Yalda night. Pomegranate soup is also cooked in Shiraz and the north; But the cooking method is different in Yazd.

آش انار

To prepare Yazdi pomegranate soup, we need pomegranate seeds, chickpeas, rice, vegetables, minced meat, onions, angelica and spices. Some cooks use pomegranate paste instead of pomegranate seeds. Meat is also a by-product of this soup and can be eliminated.

Plum soup; Yazd fruit food

If you pay attention, you will notice that all the agricultural and horticultural products of the province are among the local food ingredients of Yazd. Yazdi plum soup is one of the relatively sour foods of this city. Its ingredients include vegetables, plums, chickpeas, rice, mint and hot onions and spices. To decorate plum soup, a few pomegranate seeds are added to it after cooking.

آش آلو

The method of preparing plum soup is not much different from other Iranian dishes. First the beans are cooked and then the required ingredients are added to the pot one by one. Plum soup is consistent and is not a watery soup.

Mung bean soup; Yazdi breakfast

Mung bean soup is shared between the cities of Isfahan, Yazd and Gorgan. But its main fame goes back to Mehriz city of Yazd. Yazidis serve this soup as breakfast. In the Manshad area, after the death of a person, relatives cook mung bean soup and take it to the mourner’s house for breakfast.

آش ماش

The main ingredients of this soup include mung bean, vegetable soup, rice, tomato paste, hot onion and mint and spices. Some cooks also cook mung bean soup with curd. In this case, spinach should be among the vegetables. Curd is also added to the soup in the last stage of cooking.

Cabbage soup; Roast local food

Cabbage soup is less popular than other local foods in Yazd. Many people confuse this soup with Turkish kale soup. Yazdi cabbage soup is cooked with kale and the traditional food of this province. There are different types of vegetables in cabbage soup and it is one of the most vitamin-rich local dishes of Yazd!

شوربا کلم در غذاهای محلی یزد

The ingredients of this soup include kale, onion, carrot, vegetable soup, peas, beans and lentils. Some people add a few plums to make this soup sour or add vinegar when serving. Cabbage soup is served with curd, hot onion and hot mint.

Coriander soup; Yazidi treatment for colds

Coriander soup or soup is the local food of Yazd for autumn and winter evenings. The tonic ingredients of coriander soup have made it one of the most useful foods for colds.

آش گشنیز

In this food, in addition to special vegetables such as leeks, spinach, parsley and… must also contain coriander and dill. Other ingredients of Yazdi coriander soup include half-grain rice, minced meat, turnips, onions and hot mint (of course, if you do not have a cold).

Abghoreh soup; Turkish food in Yazd

The origin of Ash Abgoreh dates back to the Turkish-populated areas of Iran. But the popularity of this food in Yazd has made it known as one of the local dishes of Yazd. Ghora and Abghoreh are thirst-quenching and zero-burning. For this reason, juice soup can be a good meal for a hot summer afternoon.

آش آبغوره؛ غذای ترکی در یزد

To prepare this soup, we need vegetable soup, wheat semolina, cowpea beans, lentils, half-grain rice, juice, and spices. Some chefs use broth or chicken broth instead of regular water to make the broth taste better. Also, wheat semolina thickens enough and there is no need to use flour.

Other foods in local food of Yazd

The list of delicious foods in Yazd continues. Some of the traditional foods of Yazd do not fit into any of the categories we mentioned earlier. These foods can be served as light meals or even as a snack.

Gipa head; Yazd National Food

Different foods can be cooked by watering. Since some people do not like medium water, this food may not be to their liking. Kale Gipa is one of the local dishes of Yazd and Ardakan that is registered in the cultural heritage. To cook gipa head, you need mutton, mutton, chickpeas, onions, rice, mung bean, mutton and spices. Yazidi chefs also use spices such as cumin and orange powder to make food taste better.

کله گیپا

In Gipa head, ‌ water is served in the form of a full belly. That is, they fill it with a mixture of meat, mung bean, rice and onion. Then it is sewn with string and cooked. Some people put it next to the stubborn water. But others serve the drink on their own. You can also add a tablespoon of turmeric paste for better food color.

Fale; The simplest food of Yazd

Fale is not only one of the simplest local dishes of Yazd, but also one of the simplest traditional dishes of Iran! Of course, it is mostly served as a snack or breakfast. In the past, bulk was the constant foot of the table of the seven Yazidis. Sheep or cow colostrum milk is needed to prepare the bulk. Colostrum is the first milk that is milked from a cow or a sheep after giving birth. To prepare the bulk, just boil this milk and then put it in the refrigerator to cool. Colostrum is made in such a way that after cooling, it thickens and acquires a porridge-like texture.

فله در غذاهای سنتی یزد

Since rural life is no longer practiced in Yazd, colostrum is not as abundant as in the past. For this reason, bulk is not as popular among Yazidis as before.

Maqvt; Yazd traditional dessert

The taste of saffron is similar to Yazdi faloodeh. But it does not look like faluda and is more like jelly and caramel. To prepare this delicious Yazdi dessert, you need starch, dried flowers, rose, saffron and sliced nuts (almonds and pistachios). This dessert is also served in the traditional cafes of Yazd.


For different flavors of macaroons, other herbal essences such as mint, burdock or spring orange can be used instead of rose. Also, some people use milk instead of water when making saffron. This doubles the quality of the ruby.

Nan Sorok; Traditional Nazr in local food of Yazd

It is interesting to know that the Yazidis make vows in addition to minced meat and common foods for vows. If you travel to Yazd province during Muharram, you will probably see Sorouk among the vows of the religious people of this city. Sorok is also one of the most popular iftars among Yazidis. If you ask me about the best local food in Yazd, Sorouk is undoubtedly one of the first things I mention.

نان سوروک

Sangak bread flour, sugar, salt, coriander seeds, colored flowers, yeast and sesame oil are used to make sorok bread. This bread is usually served alone and does not require cheese, butter or..

Yazd, the city of good tastes

In this article, we have introduced 25 local foods of Yazd to you, and this issue is enough to prove the variety of flavors in Yazd. Yazd souvenirs, along with the local food of this city, show the good taste of Yazidis. In short, by traveling to the city of Yazd, every expectation you have of a desirable trip will be met.

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