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Get acquainted with the most famous sights of Serbia

Serbia , a country that has been through many wars and many times, He has witnessed many destructions. Serbia is located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula and its capital is Belgrade It is considered as the first destination for most tourists in this region. Serbia has been welcomed by many tourists due to its beautiful natural and historical attractions and is known as a cheap tourist destination. With us in the article Views Famous Serbia Come along to get acquainted with some of Serbia’s best tourist attractions. Definitely, getting acquainted with the most famous sights of Serbia will help you in your trip.

The castle includes a very large park covered with perennial trees as well as a war museum. One side of the castle faces the Sava River and the great Danube River and has wonderful and very attractive views. From the short remaining walls of this castle, you can easily cross the Sava River and Danube River . One of the most famous sculptures in Belgrade is located in the area of ​​Kale Magdan Castle. The 14-meter-high statue of a naked man is one of Belgrade’s most recognizable symbols, and is home to some of Serbia’s most famous landmarks.

The largest Orthodox cathedral in the world is St. Sava Church. The church is 79 meters high and a cross hangs 12 meters high from the roof. The church has beautiful blue domes with golden crosses on top of them and walls made of white marble and is surrounded by a large collection of sidewalks, ponds and gardens. The interior walls of this church are covered with very beautiful and dazzling tiles and paintings and tourists can only visit a part of it.

Keynes Mihailova is one of the most attractive and longest streets in Belgrade. In this case, one of the best tourist attractions in Serbia is the most unique restaurants and luxurious shopping centers in the city. In addition, during the night, different people, in groups and individually, give this area a double charm with their instruments and songs. It is interesting to know that no vehicles pass on this street and people can easily go sightseeing.

Skardalija Street is another attractive street in Belgrade that It is located close to Keynes Mihailova Street. This street is full of attractive restaurants where most Serbs go to eat and have a good time. It should be noted that the length of this is one of the most famous sights of Serbia is much shorter than that of Kanz Mihailova. In each restaurant, there is a group with special costumes playing instruments and singing and dancing, and there is a sincere and happy atmosphere in each of the restaurants.

If you want to get acquainted with a corner of the history of Yugoslavia and Serbia, do not miss to see this famous landmark of Serbia. Located next to the War Museum, the House of Flowers is the tomb of one of history’s most important figures, Joseph Broz Tito, the founding president and leader of the former Yugoslavia. Their tomb is surrounded by abundant and rare flowers and has received nearly 17.5 million visitors since its reopening in 1982.

The old town of Zamon is now part of Belgrade. Until the early 1930s, it was a border town under the rule of the Austrian Empire, and the architecture of the building in this city is more in the style of architecture in Austria. Beautiful houses have made Zamon an important tourist destination in Belgrade. Gardoš Tower is one of the most spectacular ancient symbols of the city. Take an attractive route to the tower and for about 200 dinars you can go to the top of the tower and enjoy the city of Zamon with its beautiful houses and the Danube River.

Undoubtedly, Tesla is one of the greatest and most valuable scientists of all time. With his various, numerous and important inventions, he revolutionized human life and was once considered one of Edison’s fiercest rivals. Nikola Tesla Museum is one of the most visited and famous museums in Belgrade, where some of Nikola’s personal belongings such as clothes, glasses, gloves, manuscripts, formula His works as well as some of his first inventions are preserved.

By providing facilities and beautification, convert It has become a pristine area for the leisure of the people of Belgrade as well as tourists. You can enjoy swimming in this area without worries, sunbathing, pedal boating and jet skiing and dine in its small and attractive restaurants.

Republic Square is one of the most suspicious areas in Belgrade and a number of the most important buildings in Belgrade are located next to it. The famous Kanzemihailova Street is also a short distance from this square. The National Museum of Serbia has been closed for some time, but the National Theater is still working and many art lovers go there to see the performances of various theaters.

Avala Telecommunication Tower is located in the Avala Mountains and from there you can easily see the view of Belgrade. Currently, it is one of the tallest towers in the Balkans and is visited by many tourists. The 205-meter-high telecommunication tower had 38 floors and was demolished by NATO in 1999 and renovated in 2009.

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