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Get acquainted with the scariest tourist attractions in Iran

Get acquainted with the scariest tourist attractions in Iran

Scary places all over the world have their own enthusiasts and even though they are mysterious, they are always visited. In Iran, there are some of these scary places that over time have not yet taken off their mysterious clothes. Join us in the article The Scariest Tourist Attractions in Iran to introduce you to a number of scary places in Iran. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the scariest attractions in Iran.

Citadel of Bam It is the most magnificent and oldest brick structure in the world and every year many tourists go to see its remains, but few people know the horrible secret that this citadel carries with it. Not long ago, before the devastating earthquake in Bam, archaeologists and experts found the mummified bodies of several children and the skeletons of infants in the high walls of this case, one of the scariest attractions in Iran. Archaeologists have unearthed the skeletons of 68 children and infants buried upright in brick and mud walls. Archaeologists disagree as to why the children’s bodies were buried standing between the walls. There are popular stories that say that the reason for burying these children was the attack of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar on Bam and the one-year siege of the citadel by him.

ارگ بم

Scary tones about the existence of strange creatures and the way they kill children are also common. Based on the evidence and documents in this field, the burial of children was done in three ways; Children who were very small, in other words, babies, were buried in the wall and their bodies were so covered in clay that they could no longer be separated. The other type is buried in such a way that it seems that some of the bricks of the wall have been removed to create a space and then the child has been placed next to the bricks. The third type of burial of these children is as if they were buried in the pits after the destruction of this scary place in Iran. This type of burial is probably related to the post-abandonment period. This is one of the scariest tourist attractions in Iran.

There are engravings on the shrouds of these children that are against the laws of Islam and according to Sharia, no Muslim should have a engraving on his shroud. In ancient times, people with different religions lived together in Bam Citadel. Given that non-Muslims are not allowed to bury their dead with Muslims, this may be the reason why these children are buried in the walls of this scary place in Iran. One researcher states that the age of the children was related to the period after the restoration of the fence due to the Afghan invasion until the time of the citadel in the Qajar period.

ارگ بم 2
غار پرآو
غار پرآو 2

There is an aqueduct in Gonabad called Qanat The town where many legends flow through its doors and walls. According to a legend, this was one of the most terrifying attractions in Iran, built by Bahman, one of the ancient kings of Iran, to atone for a great sin. According to the famous story of the twelve faces in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, the construction of this aqueduct dates back to before the reign of Kaykhosrow. Apart from these myths and legends, archeological studies show that this aqueduct belongs to the Achaemenid period. So far, no one can imagine the end of this aqueduct, because no one has gone to the end of the aqueduct yet, but experts have estimated its length to be 35 km.

قنات قصبه
قنات قصبه 2

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, this is a great nightmare in Tabas Called Cal Jenny , it is one of the most unique valleys in Iran and has caves in the heart of the walls and strange and heterogeneous shapes. The locals consider this valley to be the home of elves and ghosts, and they will tell you stories of young girls being abducted by goblins in this valley. The ancients believed that no one should even approach this valley, let alone step into it. If a woman gave birth to a defective child in the past, she was associated with goblins, one of the scariest tourist attractions in Iran.

کال جنی
کال جنی 2

Forests have always been one of the most mysterious places in the world. In Mashhad there is a forest that screams and screams from sunset to sunrise The trees have caused terror in the hearts of the people of Sarbarj village. According to some, in this place, the sound of screaming is similar to the voice of a woman who is burning alive in the fire and asks for help. In addition to the screams that are heard from this forest, the shape and awesomeness of the trees in this forest are also terrifying. Investigations revealed that these sounds and cries were related to crickets or locusts that nestled in the heart of the trees.

But some people still believe that these sounds heard from the forest bear no resemblance to the sound of crickets or locusts, and that the forest is cursed and is home to goblins. Some believe that demons and cursed and wandering spirits roam the village at night, making these disturbing sounds. Another noteworthy thing about this forest is that the river that flows in this forest was previously dry in some seasons of the year, but at the same time as the sounds started in 1390, this river is one of the scariest places in Iran in this regard. .

جنگل جیغ
جنگل جیغ 2

The ancient area of ​​the city of Yeri is located northwest of the village of Pirazmian and consists of three parts: a military fortress, a temple and Qosha Tappeh. The castle and temple date back to 1450 BC and Qosha Tappeh to 7 thousand BC. The Yeri area was first identified and surveyed by Charles Bernie in 1978 BC. He believed that some works date back to the third millennium BC, the Iron Age, gray pottery, and pea and orange. Some archaeologists date the site to 9,000 years ago and believe that human-shaped chips dating to 7,000 BC are present in the area.

Near this area, there are tombstones with uniform patterns of human faces that do not have mouths, whose dimensions vary from 40 cm to 2 meters and their approximate number reaches more than 100 cases. In this case, one of the scariest tourist attractions in Iran, you can see a large castle with a stone defense wall of the Chinese dry type next to a place for religious ceremonies and numerous ancient tombs. So far, about 450 graves have been identified in this area, the smallest of which is 2 by 3 meters and the largest of which is 2 by 8 meters.

محوطه شهر یری

Most tourists and archaeologists when visiting They enter the ancient site of Shahriri and face a volume of historical monuments and buildings that look very interesting in their kind. Shahriri archeological and historical site, which was registered in the list of national monuments in 1981, is one of the magnificent historical monuments and buildings of Ardabil. If its historical and archeological dimensions are taken into account, various excavations will continue and historical studies will be carried out. , A large part of the history of this region will be revealed and a lasting movement will take place.

محوطه شهر یری 2

Elm Chimney is one of the scariest places in Iran. This phenomenon is a large rock in a plain with several large columns on it, each of which has a fungal shape and like a human hat. The genie chimney is also called Hudo in geological terms, and in fact, it is a type of erosion that leaves long minarets of sediment and rocks from the primary layers. The fort under this phenomenon is also remembered from the Sassanid era, which is called the throne of the demon or the castle of Behestan. The locals know the location of this large rock where the elves live and believe that living beings can not spend the night next to it.

دودکش جن
دودکش جن 2

Valley of Ghosts, is a wonderful and mysterious valley that is difficult and scary to navigate It will bring you excitement and surprise. Springs gush from the walls of this amazing valley, and almond trees, palms and wild grape trees create imaginative images. On the way to cross this amazing valley, sometimes the huge walls of 200 meters close together, the road becomes narrower and the sky disappears, and that is when you will be terrified in this eerie and breathtaking space. Maybe that’s why another name for this one of the scariest attractions in Iran has been called the Valley of Ghosts.

کول خرسون
کول خرسون 2
The forested and mysterious area of ​​Haft Daghnan in Gilan has been a destination for many adventurers and tourists for many years. Locals have heard a lot of noise from this forest and say it is better to leave this area before nightfall. But if you have traveled to this area to experience terror, go to the eastern part of the village; Where the weather suddenly gets heavier and the presence of an abandoned and adventurous cottage adds to the horror of this heavy space. According to locals, if you can only last one night in this cottage, your spirits will get rich.

Despite these superstitions, for years none of the natives and locals have been willing to even come close to this house to get rich. The reason for the fear of this forest hut is the sinister fate of those who have spent a night in this mysterious and cursed hut to prove their courage. It is narrated that some people also fell victim and lost their lives in this hut. From then until now, no one is allowed to enter this forest hut and you can only see this hut from a distance.

منطقه جنگلی هفت دغنان
Sefid Chah Cemetery is different from other cemeteries in the country in terms of appearance. The soil of this cemetery is white, its tombstones are all vertical, and after the name of the father, the jobs of the people who died were symbolically carved on these stones. According to experts and archaeologists, this cemetery is the oldest Muslim cemetery in Iran and dates back to the Timurid period. Many local and indigenous legends are narrated from this cemetery.

The natives consider the white soil of this cemetery magical and believe that because of this white soil, the corpses of the dead will not be destroyed. Some locals also say that goblins travel in this cemetery. The fog around the cemetery at night becomes very scary and it is said that you may get lost in the cemetery at night because of the fog. There is a very old wooden box in this cemetery that is kept and protected by the people. The locals believe that this box is enchanted and protected by goblins, and if this box is taken out of the cemetery, it will bring evil.

گورستان سفید چاه
گورستان سفید چاه 2

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