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Get acquainted with various breakfasts in Iranian cities

In different parts of Iran, different types of breakfast are placed on the tables. People who travel usually tend to become more familiar with and taste local and traditional food when they travel to a city or region. Join us in the article What do people eat breakfast in different parts of Iran to introduce you to various breakfasts in Iranian cities. Definitely, it will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the type of breakfast in different cities of Iran.

The scenic cities of western Iran, in addition to their spectacular and unique attractions, are also known for their traditional cuisine and local breakfasts. For example, in Hamedan people eat a variety of cream breads and sweets for breakfast They use it and on their table, along with cheese and dates, I also taste Tuyserkan walnuts. Another breakfast served in this city is pollen bread, which you can enjoy with honey, cream and buttermilk.

in Kurdistan Babuleh is one of the most popular breakfasts It comes from the main ingredients of Babouleh, we can mention eggs, vegetables, potatoes, pickles, melted butter and tomatoes. The people of Kurdistan also use kalaneh on their table, which tastes great in a variety of breakfasts in Iranian cities, and in its preparation, Kermanshahi oil, dough and a special vegetable are used.

one of the most famous breakfasts South Khorasan And Gonabad Becomes. In North Khorasan , one of the most popular breakfasts was They make yogurt. In these areas, kameh is also offered, which is a combination of fresh sheep’s milk, mint and barley flour. Maskeh is the title of one of the local Esfarayen breakfasts They use yogurt abstract. Musk can be served with dry bread and tomatoes.

According to the article What do people eat for breakfast in different parts of Iran? You should know that breakfasts served in northern cities are very popular and have a wonderful taste. For example, Vavij cheese is one of the local breakfasts in the north of the country, which is made of dill, eggs, butter and cheese. Eger به Turkmen Sahara You have traveled, be sure to try the taste of pretzels, a buttery bread. Sugar, yogurt and eggs are used to make pretzels and they are put in oil like okra.

Another delicious breakfast in this area is burqa, some of which contain spinach and some cheese and even meat. At Masuleh , breakfast is served and you can dine while traveling to the city. Eat also. On the Rudsar-Ramsar route, you can buy this local bread from local women who sell class bread. Kanalki is also served in these areas, which is very nutritious and its price is not very expensive. For Kanalaki, cheese and chopped vegetables are placed in the dough that is to be baked.

Shiraz vegetable soup is one of the breakfasts that can be found in most of the central cities and its taste is unique. In Semnan Archeh or Arusheh is one of the dishes served at breakfast and In preparing it, a special type of cheese is used.

in Isfahan Halim Adas is very popular and Breakfast is served. In preparing this breakfast, they use simple halim and minced lentils. In fact, the minced lentils are poured over a simple sauce like sauce and then served. Fatir bread is a local bread in Qazvin and Arak , which is even registered in the National Heritage List and is served as breakfast in these areas. Cold bread and Barbari bread is one of the breakfasts that you can travel to Shahroud Try it. At Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad enjoy Shala Majki as breakfast They take it, which of course is also called almond soup. One of the traditional breakfasts in Jahrom is dried sardines if you travel to You can order this city to prepare this type of breakfast for you in different cities of Iran.

in East Azerbaijan Most breakfasts are Tabriz cheese. In the villages of this province, Doimaj is a delicious food that is used for breakfast. Duimaj is a combination of dry lavash bread, cucumber, doug, vegetables, walnuts, cheese and cream. In the northwest of the country, a combination of walnuts, dates and eggs is used to make a delicious breakfast called Qisawa. You can also buy buttermilk butter, which is a delicious breakfast, at Sarein . West Azerbaijan Many local breads are cooked, including We can mention Tanur Chere, Yaghli Chorak, Somon, Nan Ardeh, Jazla Chere, Tava Chere and Vikha Chere. Gozalmeh is one of the delicious breakfasts Urmia and garlic and yogurt are enough to prepare it Add to the fried halves.

Chamcham is a sweet bread that is used with grape juice and cheese. Balalit, cooked with saffron and sugar, is one of the foods used in breakfast. Tomoushi bread is one of the most popular breakfasts in Hormozgan province Put this bread in the oven, pour some flour and eggs on it. In Ahvaz .

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