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Get to know some of Scotland’s most famous attractions

Most Iranians do not know much about Scotland . From the moment we set foot on the earth, we can easily see the landscape and the most famous attractions of Scotland. Another advantage of traveling to this country, which does not exist anywhere else on the planet, is the creation of dreamy moments. With us in the article Join us for a look at some of Scotland’s top tourist attractions. This virtual tour will definitely appeal to you.

The tools needed to get to this famous Scottish landmark include a compass to find your way and a lot of courage and determination. A cottage there will attract your attention, which will welcome you only with a roof to be safe from the outside environment and a stove ready for heating. Considering that strong and cold winds are blowing in this country, your endurance and perseverance to spend the night in the morning in this deserted cottage, depends on your courage. It is worth noting that if you do not know enough about this area, you can get the necessary information about this crumbling place by referring to the book of Scottish cottages.

Rock out of reach inaccessible pinnacle

The presence of a shark-like view made of hard and solid rocks that is up to 50 meters high, attracts our attention. In fact, this scene is about a rock called the inaccessible pinnacle. Its geographical position is at the top of Sardarg Mountain and it is located at an altitude of 986 meters. On Mount Sardarg and at its highest point, the rocks and lowlands create a terrifying view that will test you as you climb one of Scotland’s top tourist attractions.

The second largest and deepest bay is called Loch Ness, giving you unrepeatable and dreamy moments and views on a trip to Scotland’s most famous attractions.

True climbers like breathtaking, challenging mountains. Mountains that are more than 300 feet or 914 meters high are called munro. You can boost your adrenaline by exploring breathtaking obstacles such as the weather, bad weather and bipolar terrain by exploring Scotland’s famous landmarks.

If you decide to go to Kelly’s party, you can use clothes with a beautiful design of four Scottish houses with bare feet. Use this old Scottish tradition, popularly known as Kelly, to enliven your travels and entertainment. The beautiful and ancient instruments and songs of the natives of this place in the celebration of Kili, make you free from any sorrow and grief in this world.

It is no exaggeration to say that the beautiful sea cave called Fingal`s cave, creates a world different from the world outside the cave with the help of symmetry, amazing sounds, dazzling colors and hexagonal cliffs. Celebrities such as Pink Floyd, JMW Turner, Queen Victoria, and Felix Mendelssohn, the creator of Romance and Whispers, bring to the fore Scotland’s most iconic landscapes. Have put themselves.

Scotland, like other countries, celebrates the New Year with a special celebration called Hogmanay. The sky of this land during this celebration is like a sweet and far from reality dream full of attractive and captivating colors that immerse every human being in its beauty. The streets will be dressed by people from all over the world, you can hear a kind of music and get intoxicated everywhere in the city, the colorful and varied food of every human being will satisfy you and the magnificent banquets in the corner next to each neighborhood, a beautiful atmosphere Give to that area Eid.

If you are tired of land sightseeing, we recommend the Scottish Blue Balloon Ride. With the rise of balloons and the experience of flying in the favorable weather of this region, we see the unique beauties and landscapes of this land. Landscapes of this attraction in this aerial position include mansions such as Arthur`s seat and a historic castle.

An island called Barra, in the southernmost tip of the inhabited Hebridean Islands, has created a beautiful painting canvas. In the diary of adventurers who have traveled to this dream region, outdoor entertainment is of particular importance. A unique and breathtaking landing on the beautiful beach of Trigh mhor was one of the first things you had to do to get to this area. Walking on this beach, we will understand that this beach is reminiscent of fairy tales for tourists. Landing on this beach was reported to be the most attractive landing on the planet.

The services of Marcus McAdam, winner of the British Photographer of the Year Award, include photography workshops, a sacred land of photography enthusiasts. Imagine landscapes such as natural pools, terrifying grooves and depressions with Scotland’s diverse flora and fauna, dreamy beaches, lands that no human has ever felt, along with mesmerizing deserts and proud mountains, the soul It makes man. Most people who travel to Scotland believe that Skye Island is a paradise on earth that holds the best memories of any tourist.

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