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Get to know some of the most spectacular blue cities in the world

The world we live in is made up of many cities and countries. Each region of this vast world has a different climate and these regions, which are known for their unique vegetation and unique wildlife, have gained a worldwide reputation. Some areas have cities that end in azure waters. These cities, which lead to the sea, rivers and clear waterfalls, have ornaments that give peace to tourists and their residents. Join us in the article The most spectacular water cities in the world to introduce you to some of the most beautiful water cities in the world. It will definitely be interesting for you to get to know the best blue cities in the world.

Just cross the capital Greece to one of the most beautiful blue cities in the world you will arrive. This island, called Hydra, is one of the most pristine and stunning islands in Europe. In this island, the construction of buildings is prohibited, and the reason for the existence of this law is to preserve the main texture of the island. Greek tourism officials are offering a number of water tours to the island of Hydra, allowing tourists to spend a quiet night on the island’s shores and day trips by water taxis on the outskirts of the island.

Although the island of Hydra is historically one of the poorest cities in the world, there are many water sports in this area that fully cover this shortcoming. Water skiing, diving, fishing, as well as coral reefs are some of these activities that happen to have countless fans.

According to the official announcement of the International Tourism Organization, one of the best blue cities in the world, Venice / is. Venice is one of those destinations that can delight you. This city, which is considered one of the most romantic and dazzling cities in the world, with water canals instead of asphalt streets, can make a dream trip for you. You can rent a motorboat and travel to all parts of the world from the best blue cities; Stare at the horizon at sunset or serve your dinner on the deck of your boat and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Shuchimilco at Mexico City built entirely on water Has areas that are unparalleled in terms of beauty. The area, whose architecture and structure seem to have been inspired by the city of Venice, is located next to the clear waters of Lake Schucimilco. In addition to being beautiful and exemplary in terms of tourism, this city is also one of the most important but small canals in the region, which to some extent also covers transportation. There are also small islands in the heart of the lake, prompting UNESCO to try to protect the area with its oversight.

Every day countless tourists travel south to Mexico City, after a distance of 40 km, reach the 9 piers of the city and travel by colorful boats to Shuchimilco to have a unique memory in Figure out this place; Memories that are blue and clear like the waters of a lake. When you get to one of the most spectacular blue cities in the world, you have the opportunity to dress in local Mexico

The city of Bruges is the city with its unique chocolate and drinks in The world is famous. But this is not all that can be said about this one of the most beautiful blue cities in the world. The city has several rivers and waterways that the same number of routes and rivers have caused more than 80 bridges to be built on the waterways of Bruges and give its tourists the privilege to dive into the water from the top of these bridges and benefit Out of an adventurous excitement, they go to the water to improve their body. Although Bruges has many historical, cultural and religious attractions, the city’s water canals and rivers are as attractive to tourists and travelers as the city’s museums, churches and exhibitions.

Travelers and tourists who have chosen this city as their tourist destination, sit on boats from the best blue cities in the world and while listening to the river, look at other attractions of the city.

Bangkok has its own unique story. Located on the Chao Phraya River, the city is a major water sports venue. In this case, all kinds of water parks have been built from the most spectacular water cities in the world, and with the exorbitant costs they have incurred, they have sought to attract more and more tourists. They have tried to cover all tastes by using new recreational facilities as well as traditional wooden boats. In addition to these water parks, it has opened several floating shopping malls in order to generate income in the field of tourism and to satisfy more and more tourists.

Ghana, one of the largest water cities in the world and also known as the largest water city on the African continent, has buildings with wooden bases in the water; As the viewer thinks, these buildings are built on water waves and are floating. This city is completely blue and has no passage made of stone and soil. To cross the back alleys of this city, you are required to rent a boat and walk around the city with guides. As the only means of communication in the city is boating, there are a large number of boats in the city and you will never have trouble finding this means of transportation.

You can sit in the boat and go to the markets of the most beautiful water cities in the world with your guides and buy souvenirs from the water. Do not miss the convenience of buying oysters, pearls, medicinal corals and fish in Ganoi, because you can not easily access products of this quality and originality anywhere else in the world.

within the Paraná Delta Paraná in Argentina , 50 hectares Can be seen. The city, called Tiger, is surrounded by water in the area. The city, which is also home to purebred Argentine tigers, can be seen in blue and green aerial maps. That is why Tiger is also called the city of waters. Most of the tourists and travelers who travel to Tiger, go to the tourist tours of this city and by subscribing to these tours and taking a full-time boat, they go sightseeing in the forests of this region; Forests where trees and plants have roots in water.

Due to the considerable popularity of the world’s most spectacular blue cities, Argentine tourism officials have set up seafood restaurants in the region’s jungle suburbs. These restaurants serve local and seafood dishes to make the holiday more attractive for tourists.

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities and capitals in the world. The city, which is made up of 14 main islands and several small and sub-islands, is located in the middle of running waters. Locals and locals in Stockholm use boats in the city to get around the islands and get from one area to another. These small inner-city boats and ships, which are mostly equipped with decks, give their passengers the opportunity and privilege to have a daily meal on board. This is why most tourists rent these boats and ships for a full day so as not to spend their time in the restaurants of the city.

The number of visits to the city of Stockholm and the recreational and welfare facilities of this city in comparison with other water cities has caused the tourism institutions to choose this city as a place for water festivals. Set your schedule to watch festivals in one of the most beautiful blue cities in the world.

Zhejiang is also known as one of the oldest settlements in China . Among the documents of the city’s antiquity are 14 stone bridges that were built over the waters of Zhejiang in 1976. These strong stone bridges connect two different parts of the city. Two of the fourteen Zhejiang Bridges are located at the entrance to the city. This establishment has caused tourists to be amazed and their eyes to shine as soon as they enter the city. But their astonishment does not end there.

When they visit the best blue cities in the world and their eyes fall on the temples, buildings and floating markets of this city, they fall in love with the city. We assure you that you will be one of those tourists.

One of the most popular areas in Vietnam is the city of Abi Kan Tu. Although Vietnam, like the rest of the world, is developing rapidly, this advancement and the introduction of technology into various sectors has not caused Kun To to lose its prosperity. Cano, one of the world’s floating cities and the fourth most populous city in Vietnam, has numerous buildings, hotels and floating markets. These natural attractions go hand in hand so that many tourists travel to this tourist destination every year. They board local boats and ships and enjoy the local tea of ​​Kan Tu; Delicious tea grown in the heart of the city’s farms.

Newport Beach is one of the most expensive areas in the world. In addition to being notorious for its natural attractions, the area has numerous restaurants and art exhibitions that are very expensive. But this does not mean that some tourists and tourists because of the high cost of watching the Pacific and Indigo color of this region. These tourists are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on the city’s water sports, but to record a perfect memory for themselves. Diving, surfing, boating, swimming with dolphins, ballet dancing in the water as well as diving from single-engine planes are just some of the activities that are of interest to those who are interested in this one of the most spectacular water cities in the world.

south Croatia and near the island of Ciovo, a vast island and There is a history called Tragir. The island, which dates back to 2300 BC, in addition to being adjacent to open waters, also has stunning architecture; A unique architecture that has also been praised by UNESCO and has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. When you are on the deck of small ships, this is one of the best blue cities in the world, you can enjoy the red tiles of the gables while watching the clear waves of the sea. Take a look at the stone palaces of the city or get excited to see the historic clock tower.

If you live in the shadow of one of these buildings, you have the opportunity to see the image of the closed role of the buildings on the clear water bed of the area. If you are lucky and have chosen the right season for your trip, you can play with turtles in this case, one of the most beautiful blue cities in the world.

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