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Get to know the best Kurdish areas for villa towns

Get to know the best Kurdish areas for villa towns

Tehran is full of areas, each of which can be a beautiful attraction to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Due to their attractive nature, these areas are suitable options for building villas and building beautiful accommodations. Kordan is one of these attractive areas that welcomes travelers to many cities around the year, especially Tehran. Villa settlements are built in the best areas of Kurdistan and in the most pleasant places around Tehran and Karaj, and many Tehranians are fascinated by spending time in these villas.

In this article from Iranviva Tourism Magazine we want to introduce you to the best Kurdish areas and visit the villa towns in this area Let’s go attractive.

Look at the best areas of Kurdistan

The clean climate of Kordan makes this area and other areas close to it an attractive option for relaxing and spending holidays. Tehran is one of the best Kurdish areas in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains and is one of the main options for buying gardens and villas. This area is located near Tehran and Karaj and is one of the most expensive Kurdish areas in Karaj. The attractive weather of Tehran keeps us away from the pollution of Tehran. In hot summers, you can enjoy the cool and temperate climate of Tehran and stay in the villa towns of Kordan. بهترین مناطق کردان

Sorkhab is another of the best areas of Kurdistan, whose heavenly climate has led to the construction of the best villa towns in this region. This area is located at the foot of Alborz mountain range and its greenery will fascinate you.

بهترین مناطق کردان Sorkhab River has given life to this area and the pleasant climate of this area, despite this river, is more desirable. Has been. For this reason, Sorkhab is one of the best and most expensive areas of Karaj Kurds that you can go to to build a villa or buy a garden and land.

Many of Kordan villa towns are located in Sorkhab, and the Karina villa town is one of the most luxurious. Sorkhab is located 85 km northwest of Tehran and 35 km west of Karaj. بهترین مناطق کردان Several Kurdish villa towns have also been built in the climatic region of Soheiliyeh, and the most famous of them are Zafaranieh, Kourosh and Eghbaliyeh. The green area of ​​Soheiliyeh is one of the best options for buying a villa, garden and land, and you can come to this area for a vacation.

The lands of this region are very suitable for horticulture and agriculture, because the soil of this region is very fertile from Kurdistan and its plants are rich in irrigation. For this reason, flower growing is very common in Soheiliyeh, and part of this area is dedicated to seedling planting complexes. Soheilieh is located 96 km northwest of Tehran and 40 km west of Karaj. ویلاسازی در کردان

Villa building in Kordan

Good weather and pleasant nature are the most important reasons that tempt the residents of Tehran and Karaj for short trips on weekends. In addition to the greenery and good weather, the short distance of the best Kurdish areas from Tehran and Karaj and their pleasantness, has made Kordan one of the main options for villa construction.

So many people want to travel and even migrate from Tehran and Karaj to the best areas of Kurdistan. For this reason, in recent years, the demand for villas and gardens in Kordan has increased, and people tend to spend their holidays in smoke-free areas or move their lives from Tehran and Karaj to Kordan. بهترین مناطق کردان The process of villa construction has increased with the expansion of this demand and a variety of luxury villas with facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, barbecue and… in the best areas of Kurdistan are becoming more and more Is increasing. These villas are not just for shopping and you can also book them for a few days trip. بهترین مناطق کردان

Best رک ویلایی کردان

Modern Kurdish villas are among the most expensive villas around Tehran. Due to their attractive views, these villas will take you away from the boring atmosphere of the city for a few days and bring peace to you. The villas are located in the best areas of Kordan, from which we can mention Darakhti Street, Tehran and خیابان. In the following, we will provide you with a list of the best villa towns in Kordan. شهرک سهیلیه

Shahrak Soheiliyeh Kordan

Soheilieh town is one of the best areas of Kurdistan that has good access to Karaj and Tehran. The pleasant climate of this region and the basic construction of villas are other advantages of Soheilieh town in Kordan. In addition to the villas, all the gardens and orchards of this city are beautifully designed and are a very attractive option for spending the weekend. بهترین مناطق کردان The fertile soil of Soheiliyeh and the good condition of this region in terms of water resources provide the greenery of the gardens and orchards. Soheilieh Kordan town is equipped with electricity and gas and most of the villas in this area are sold with ownership documents. The road leading to Soheilieh town is located on Karaj road, between Karaj and Hashtgerd.

Saffron Town; One of the best areas of Kurdistan

Zafaranieh town is one of the best areas of Kurdistan, which is located in Savojbolagh city of Alborz province. This town is one of the most expensive areas of Karaj Kurds and is located between Karaj and Hashtgerd in the Soheiliyeh area of ​​Kurdistan. The end of Soheilieh Road takes you to this town and this area has good access to Tehran. بهترین مناطق کردان

Saffron Town of Kordan on Google Map

Peacock villa area of ​​Kordan

Tavousieh is one of the best areas of Kurdistan, which is located near the town of Afshariyeh. The entrance of the road leading to this town is located on the old road from Karaj to Qazvin. You can also go to Tavousieh from Tehran to Karaj highway and in this whole area of ​​Kordan, there is good access to Tehran. Of course, Tavousieh is actually located in Karaj, but due to its proximity to the Kurds, it is also known as the Kurdish Tavousieh. منطقه ویلایی طاووسیه This area, in addition to being pleasant, has wonderful nature and climate. For this reason, it is one of the main options for investing and buying property. Access to water, electricity and gas resources, as well as having single-page documents, are other benefits of buying a villa in the Tavousieh area. بهترین مناطق کردان

Peacock on Google Map

Afsharieh Kordan town on Google Map

Safaieh Kordan villa area

Safaieh is one of the best areas of Kurdistan that has a pleasant mountainous climate and the modern architecture of this town is very remarkable. To go to this town, you must enter the road from Tehran to Karaj and then move towards Qazvin. Continue your way until you reach the exit of Pol-e Kordan so that you can enter the path leading to Safaieh. بهترین مناطق کردان ویلایی صفاییه از ویژگی‌های شهرک صفاییه می‌توان به نگهبانی 24 ساعته و امنیت بالای آن اشاره کرد. همچنین این منطقه دسترسی خوبی به بزرگراه دارد و رفت‌وآمد به این شهرک سخت نخواهد بود. دسترسی به آب، برق، گاز و تلفن و ارائه سند تک‌برگ از دیگر مزایای خرید ملک از این منطقه است.

صفاییه کردان روی گوگل مپ

Carina Village

Karina is one of the most beautiful villa towns in Kordan, which is located in Tehran region. This town is very well built and is located in the main street of this area called Tehran Street. The luxury villas of this town are very impressive despite their modern amenities. In this town, duplex and triplex villas are beautifully designed and in addition to beauty, importance is easily one of the other architectural advantages of these villas. شهرک ویلایی کارینا The villas of this city are built with lush and beautiful landscapes, and this has made Karina more attractive. So if you want to buy a luxury villa with modern amenities, you should go to Tehran and become one of the owners of Karina town.

Karina Kordan town on Google Map

Cyrus villa area

The town of Kourosh is one of the best areas of Kurdistan, which is located in Soheiliyeh. To go to Soheilieh, enter the old road of Karaj and continue your way. After passing the town of Zafaranieh, you will reach the town of Cyrus. منطقه ویلایی کوروش The favorable climate of this town invites you to nature for four seasons and you will enjoy your trip whenever you go to this area. In addition to the villa, the gardens and orchards of this town are also attractive and spending time in it is accompanied by attractive relaxation. منطقه ویلایی کوروش

Cyrus Kordan town on Google Map

Eghbaliyeh villa area; One of the best areas of Kurdistan

The old road from Karaj to Qazvin takes you to Eghbaliyeh. After seeing the Soheilieh sign, you have to change direction to the right to finally reach Eghbaliyeh after passing a few villages. Eghbaliyeh climate is very pleasant. Spring is very spectacular in Eghbaliyeh and you will enjoy watching the blossoming trees and the lush greenery of the earth.

Its summers are mild and cool, and its winters are very rainy. Autumn is also spectacular and colorful in this region and has a pleasant climate. منظقه ویلایی اقبالیه

Good luck on Google Map

Village or town of Jahan Villa (Masoudiyeh) near Kordan and Hashtgerd

Jahan Villa or Masoudiyeh is one of the best options to buy a villa around Tehran. This area is located in the southern part of the old Karaj road and is located near Kordan and Hashtgerd. The design of this town is very beautiful and in the corner, the greenery of sycamore trees can be seen. The pleasant climate of this region will fascinate you and you will enjoy a trip to this cozy and relaxing town. شهرک جهان ویلا The well-built villas in the world of villas have significant amenities. This town is very pleasant for the people of Tehran and has good access. Just move to the south of the old Karaj road or the 32nd road. This road is located one kilometer from Tehran gas station.

Jahan Kordan Villa Town on Google Map

Do not miss the pleasure of traveling to Kurdistan

The best areas of Kurdistan with luxurious and spectacular villa towns are attractive options for a few days trip around Tehran. If you are planning to buy a villa in one of the areas around Tehran, without a doubt, the best villa towns in Kordan are a good choice.دهکده یا همان شهرک جهان ویلا

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