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Get to know the best Kurdish restaurants in Karaj!

Get to know the best Kurdish restaurants in Karaj!

Kordan seems to be a piece of the northern green line that was mistakenly separated from the Caspian coast and fell into the foothills of Savojbolagh. That is, the people of Tehran and Karaji are happy that they can easily and in a short time reach this green paradise. You should watch the roaring river of this village in the four seasons of the year so that you do not miss any of its beautiful scenes of God. From the seven seasons of autumn and the period of winter whitening to the spring weather and the fertile summer season, God willing, they all come to Kurdistan. That is, Kordan is really beautiful in all these seasons. In this weather, bloating in the best Kurdish restaurant has its own purity.

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If you have traveled to Kordan village, you will surely have a memorable memory of this pleasant region. If you’ve only heard its name, now we’re wandering among the delicious places of Kurdistan to both fortune-telling and watching. We are going to visit some of the Kurdish restaurants in Karaj with a tour of the Alibaba Tourism Magazine .

Kordan River Restaurants

To have fun in Kordan Paradise and enjoy its fragrant and delicious nature, I suggest you step into nature instead of staying home and ordering food. Take your warm and friendly crowd to the Kordan River for a meal.

رستوران های کنار رودخانه
Photo from: Seeiran site

Believe it or not, Kurds also like it It echoes for your periods and the sound of your laughter. In short, do not deprive yourself of greenery and Kurdish nature from the warmth of your being. In order to complete your enjoyment and tune your instrument, I will introduce you to some of the restaurants along the Kordan River.

Kuhsar Dream Nights Restaurant

When one of the best restaurants in Kordan Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Of course, the restaurant of dream nights is outside the Kordan region and in the village of Kuhsar. But it is so close to the Kurds and so hospitable that it has no Kurdish travelers or mountains at all! Satisfies everyone.

شگفتانه اپلیکیشن علی بابا – موبایل
رستوران شب های رویایی کوهسار

This restaurant is actually a hall with a capacity of 300 to 700 people. The hall of dream nights is reserved for various ceremonies such as weddings. Even if you do not have a wedding outside the city, there are still reasons to be tempted about the dream nightclub of Kuhsar. In fact, good service at a reasonable price is enough to convince us in any field. You can experience high quality food and luxury environment of Kuhsar dream nights at a good and non-astronomical price.

Kuhsar Dream Nights Hall offers special services for weddings. Services such as bridal car decorations, wedding cards, memorabilia, flower arrangements at reception tables and… that make your dream night more memorable. Add to all the good things that Kuhsar’s dream nights do for brides and grooms, discounts on bridal and groom makeup and installment dowry and honeymoon tours.

بهترین رستوران های کردان
Photo by: Abu Rihaneh

If enough to persuade you to choose Kuhsar Dreamy Nights as a good restaurant in Kordan Yes, now it’s time for the address. Continue the path of Kurdish Martyrs Boulevard to the end. After Velayat Square, enter the second exit from the west. After Kordan river, you will find Kuhsar dream night hall.

Chenaran restaurant in Kordan restaurants

When searching among Kordan restaurants in Karaj, you will get acquainted with Chenaran restaurant. Chenaran is usually ready to receive Kurdish travelers seven days a week from 9 am to 12 pm. To reach the garden of Chenaran restaurant, you can move from Savojbolagh to Velayat Square, and from there enter Kordan Road. At the Berghan-Kordan intersection near Eram Restaurant, you will see Chenaran Restaurant.

بهترین رستوران های کردان
عکس از: سایت Cafechenaran

I recommend Chenaran Restaurant to those who are not fed up with breathing fresh air. Because it is actually a beautiful garden with a view of the green slopes. Watching cypress and sycamore trees in the garden will change your mood. If you are lucky, the fruits of garden trees may be your share. Summary Now that you are looking for a good restaurant in Kordan, miss the wooden pavilions and the Chenaran River.

رستوران چناران
Photo from: Cafechenaran site figca

Eram Kordan Garden Restaurant

Eating in Eram Kordan Garden Restaurant is one of those experiences that will not be erased from one’s mind so soon. Traditional interiors, pavilions with plastic shields that prevent the cold from penetrating into the pavilion like a tent, a pond surrounded by pots of yellow and red flowers, all of which are recorded in your visual memory as a memory of the logo.

رستوران باغ ارم کردان
عکس From: Seeira site n

Eram may be further away from other Kurdish restaurants in Karaj, but a good and relaxing environment is worth burning a few liters of gasoline. Continue the Kurdish Martyrs Boulevard until the end to leave Kordan. As I said, it is a little further away from the rest of the restaurant garden.

Now go the same way and show yourself the head of the emblem until you reach the village of Chalangdar. . You may be tired of the long distance, but finding a parking space is not like that. Eram’s private car park usually has enough space for all its guests.

Photo from: Gashtool site

Garden of Kurdish restaurants

In general, there are many good restaurants in Kordan and a list of the best restaurants Kurds are not short either. But if I were you, I would prefer the kind and generous nature of the Kurds to roofed places away from the open air.

All my words can be summed up in one sentence; Do not neglect to breathe under the shade of fruitful trees and Kurdish green space at any cost. Even at the cost of filling your stomach! The solution is to spread the tablecloth on the floral and colorful skirt of nature, which, thank God, has been made possible by the garden of Kurdish restaurants. Wait for me to introduce some of these garden restaurants.

رستوران باغ ارم کردان
Photo from: Orkidehrestaurant

Alma Restaurant; One of the best restaurants in Kurdistan

Alma restaurant is one of those popular options. It has a good place, good architecture, a good feel and, in short, many other good things. First of all, you do not need to drive long. One kilometer after the Crystal of the Martyrs of Kurdistan, east of Chenaran Street, the traditional Alma restaurant illuminates your eyes. If you are not busy on busy days, the parking lot can be easily found.

رستوران کردان
Photo from: SQI site

Mai inside the restaurant has a really old and traditional atmosphere. Dome and colored windows, boards with colorful carpets and pillows, columns and brick walls all bring to life the feeling of old coffee houses. With the arrival of food in large trays, the nostalgic aroma of the space becomes more colorful.

Now that you have reached this point, head to the delicious Alma menu. The menu of this restaurant is full of food that most travelers, or maybe just me, crave. Sour chicken, pilaf, meatballs, vegetable pilaf with salmon and fennel chicken are some of my choices. But if you are a fan of other foods such as Ghimeh Nesar, Ghimeh, Fasanjan, Kebab food, a bite of saffron and نیست, it is not boring. Alma satisfies all tastes.

رستوران آلما
Photo from: SQI site

Kordan Restaurant

Kordan Restaurant as its name It is a village, there are other similarities with the village of Kordan. For example, it is green and tempts the soul to photograph in its corners. I do not know you, but for me the wooden pavilions and the roof look good. There are tall and old trees, shrubs in pots, short base lights by the garden and a whole other beauty in Kordan restaurant that makes you feel good. Of course, the menu of grilled and stewed foods also have a big share in this case.

بهترین رستوران های کردان

For lunch and dinner, you can visit the garden of the best Kurdish restaurant. It is pleasant and there are vitamin shops next to it. To digest food and record a happy ending in Kordan restaurant, trying the desserts of these shops is not without merit.

The address of this restaurant, like many Kurdish restaurants in Karaj, starts from Shohada Boulevard in Kordan. At the end of the boulevard, go around Velayat Square to enter the other side of the boulevard. Approximately 200 meters in front you will find the wooden sign of Kordan restaurant.

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