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Ghavam reservoir or pond of hope for the people of Bushehr

Ghavam reservoir or pond of hope for the people of Bushehr

Each trip has its own charms, and part of the trip is getting used to people who evoke the feeling of living in another city. The people of the South have always been known for their warmth and hospitality. Bushehr sights are so numerous that not all of them can be visited in a few days, So how much better to plan so that you can see some of the beauties of this city on every trip. On my last trip to Bushehr, I traveled mostly west of the city. One of the most attractive sights of this part of the city was Ghavam Reservoir, which was old but still standing.

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In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine We are going to take you on a trip to the westernmost part of Bushehr and visit the reservoir, which is the lake of hope for the people of Bushehr.

آب انبار قوام کجاست؟

Ab Ghavar reservoir is located in Bushehr city and on Saheli street.

What is the best time to visit Anbar?

Due to the hot weather in Bushehr in the first 6 months of the year, the best time to visit the water The consistency warehouse will be in the second half of the year.

How old is the water storage consistency? /

قدمت آب انبار قوام به It dates back more than 170 years.

What is a reservoir?

A reservoir, also called a pond in ancient times, is an indoor pool or pool used to store water. Reservoirs were several meters above the ground, and most of them were filled with rain. Of course, seasonal streams were also one of the water sources that filled the reservoirs.

آب انبار قوام
عکس از: سایت > Googlemap

Reservoirs were built mostly in desert, hot and dry areas and were one of the most important sources of water for the locals. Reservoirs were filled with water during the rainy season, such as autumn and winter, and were used as water storage in other seasons. Water was not piped, the existence of these reservoirs was necessary to supply water to the residents of these areas. Some rivers are seasonal and can not be used as a source of water in hot seasons such as spring and summer.

شگفتانه اپلیکیشن علی بابا – موبایل
آب انبار چیست؟
Photo by: Hamshahrionline

In desert cities, in addition to water reservoirs, aqueducts were built to provide fresh water needed by the inhabitants of these cities. But the main challenge is that if you build an aqueduct in Bushehr, you will get salt water. Salt water is not suitable for drinking, so it is better to use water reservoirs.

Reservoirs are more common in desert cities such as یزد ، لار ، میناب ، Hormozgan , Kashan and south of Shiraz. Several of these reservoirs are still used in Fars province. We all know that the main source of human aggregation in an area is the presence of water.

معماری بسیار متفاوت
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Given that Iran is a country of low rainfall and drought, to supply the required drinking water, various methods were used, one of which was water storage. This large and covered pond was usually built in the basements of cities and villages, caravanserais and forts. So access to water was easier on rainy days or during the siege of the enemy.

One of the important features of reservoirs is keeping the water cool, so you can have access to cool, refreshing water in the summer. Reservoir construction, insulation and water purification are done according to scientific and engineering principles. The waste is precipitated and a certain amount of salt is used for microbicide.

جاهای دیدنی بوشهر
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The oldest reservoir is located next to the Choghaznabil area, which dates back to the second millennium BC. The flourishing of Elamite civilization goes back. Another reservoir, built in the sixth century BC, is located in Constantinople and has 2 reservoirs and 1001 columns, which is called 1001 pillars. The oldest reservoir in Iran is located in one of the three castles of the Persian Pool, which was built in the 4th century AH.

One of the most important sights of Bushehr is Ghavam Reservoir; Because Anbar water is very important for the people of this city. The construction of Ghavam reservoir dates back to more than 170 years ago. This reservoir, which was built during the Qajar period, is still standing and now it is known as the traditional restaurant of Ghavam. The most important source of drinking water was the people of Bushehr, but now it has become a restaurant and welcomes tourists from different cities.

طبیعت زیبای منطقه
Photo by: Sa. Yet Googlemap

Ghavam Reservoir Building is located in a cargo area in the western part of Bushehr, by the sea. The main structure and arch of this reservoir are made of resistant sedimentary rocks and have three columned openings that are covered with four arches. The building of this reservoir is two meters outside the ground and is located 60.2 meters underground. The inside of the reservoir is covered with a very resistant mortar to make it water resistant.

History of the consistency

This water Anbar was built in 1234 AH, during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, by a person named Behnam Ali Akbar Qawam al-Molk Shirazi. Ali Akbar Qawam al-Molk Shirazi was one of the rulers of the Qajar period who became the sheriff of Shiraz in 1226 AH.

آب انبار کجاست؟
Photo from: Boushehririb site

During his visit to Bushehr, Ghavam al-Molk realized that the people of this city are facing the problem of drinking water; So he decided to do something about it. At that time, there was a large abandoned reservoir on the west side of Bushehr port and near the sea tower that could not be used.

Ghavam al-Mulk ordered the reservoir to be dredged and rebuilt. All this was done at Qavam al-Mulk’s own expense. Finally, a stream was dug next to Ghavam Reservoir to collect rainwater and pour it into the reservoir.

رستوران آب انبار
Photo from: Boushehririb

Ghavam Reservoir Architecture

Ghavam One Reservoir It is one of the sights of Bushehr that has an interesting architecture. From the construction of this reservoir, only a small part of it is located on the ground, which is about 2 meters. But the main part of Ghavam reservoir is located underground, which is about 60.2 meters deep. In ancient times, this reservoir had 29 rooms, all of which were filled with rain water, and the volume of water was enough to provide the drinking water needed by the people of Bushehr for the first 6 months of the year.

جاهای دیدنی بوشهر
Photo from: Boushehririb site

The main skeleton and arch of the reservoir are made of sedimentary rocks and the inner part is made of very resistant mortar to prevent water leakage. Around the reservoir of consistency are 120 by 90 cm windows that are covered with stone from the inside.

Visit the beautiful reservoir of Bushehr

You do not need to pay to visit the exterior of Ghavam Reservoir; But to visit its interior, according to the current use of the reservoir, you must order food; Because this reservoir is currently operating as a restaurant.

بنای رستوران
Photo from: Boushehririb site

If you want to go to Ghavam restaurant at noon on holidays, you must Be aware that the restaurant is very crowded and you may not be able to see the inside of the Ghavam Reservoir. One of the attractive points of this reservoir is decorating the walls with old furniture and different paintings.

The best time to visit the reservoir

Bushehr It is a hot city, so visiting the sights of Bushehr in summer will be difficult for some tourists. I suggest you to visit this historical reservoir in autumn or winter, when the weather in Bushehr is pleasant and cool.

بنای قدیمی آب انبار
Photo from: Boushehririb

Ghavam restaurant’s holidays are very busy and you may not be able to enter and visit the restaurant do. You do not need to pay to visit the foreign building of Ghavam Reservoir; But to visit its interior, according to the current type of use, you must order food.

Where is Abbar?

This monument Ziba is located in the city of Bushehr, on Saheli Street. ; ” src = “https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d55840.40447450927!2d50.79264777910156!3d28.986621900000006!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f1! 2i768! 4f13.1! 3m3! 1m2! 1s0x3fb448168f2117af% 3A0x8af7d2e548b7689f! 2sGhavam% 20Restaurant! 5e0! 3m2! 1sen! 2s! 4v1646213640263! /Ful “=” height! >

The best way to access the reservoir

The best way to see the reservoir is the consistency of moving west to Bushehr. This reservoir is located on Saheli Street, near the Bird Park. If you drive your car, you can use the Google Map location I mentioned in the previous section. If you want to go by taxi or public transport, you have to take the taxis of Bushehr coastal street.

آب انبار قوام
Photo from: YJCnews

Bushehr historical reservoir, from pond to restaurant

Ghavam reservoir is one of the sights of Bushehr that has been used for some time and has become Ghavam restaurant. This reservoir has a vital role in supplying drinking water to the warm-hearted people of Bushehr and dates back to more than 170 years ago, the Qajar period.

منظره زیبای شهر
Photo from: Mehrnews site

Ghavam reservoir, which was built by the efforts and at the personal expense of one of the Qajar rulers, is an important factor in the development of the district. It was west of Bushehr. This time when you travel to Bushehr, plan to visit this old reservoir in your travel plan and enjoy seeing this historical place and eating traditional Bushehr food in Ghavam restaurant.

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