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Golpayegan Citadel Hotel and experience spending a night in a legendary building

Golgaye Golpayegan Citadel Hotel has it. The citadel of Gogd was used as a caravanserai in times of peace and as a military fortress in times of war or attack by villains. Currently, Arg-e Gogd is used as a three-star hotel, and you can create very memorable moments for yourself and your family by staying in this monument. Join us in this readable and interesting article to learn about the history of Golpayegan Citadel and the contact number of Golpayegan Citadel.

Golpayegan Citadel Hotel is one of the largest mud-brick buildings. There were two floors in the building, which indicates the system and class arrangement in the society of those days. In this building, Esther and Estherban were on the lower floor and next to each other, and merchants and prominent people were stationed on the upper floors. There are holes in the high walls of the citadel that were used as a security alarm system; In this way, pigeons were housed in these holes, and when these pigeons were restless and noisy, the residents noticed the entry of the attackers by hooks or ladders. There is a water basin in Shahneshin that in the past, whenever the door was set on fire by the invaders, they tried to extinguish it with the water of this basin.

On the other hand, in the southeastern part of the Golpayegan Citadel Hotel, there is a water well, which shows that the people of that period thought of dehydration for the days of their resistance in the citadel. On the entrance door, there are two doors, one for women and the other for men, which is on the right, unlike other parts of Iran. The citadel has now become a quiet guest house and you can hear the pleasant sound of birds and the atmosphere of the water in it. The citadel is square and its area is six thousand four hundred square meters. In the four corners of the citadel, symmetrical towers with a height of 12 meters can be seen. In the courtyard of the citadel you can watch tall trees and also the turquoise pool in the middle of the courtyard has a unique effect.

The date of construction of the building dates back to about four hundred years ago and the only written document that exists from this building belongs to about one hundred and forty years ago. The same document has an inscription which shows that Alikhan Bakhtiari left half of the citadel building to his wife as a dowry. This historical monument is numbered 2574 in the list of national monuments of Iran.

This three-star hotel has 19 large and clean rooms, a large living room and a reception hall for 200 people that can be used for various parties. The rooms are decorated with a variety of musks and jars, and the sense of historicity of this place is completely conveyed to humans. However, in this traditional residence you can also find signs of modern life, because in this hotel you can easily access and use the Internet. The citadel has a stylish and traditional restaurant, a cafeteria, a shop and a coffee shop. The restaurant has traditional and Persian dishes along with baking fresh bread and Western dishes with live music. You can buy handicrafts for souvenirs from the hotel shop. The hotel is excellent in terms of access to other historical sites and is well located.

The hotel facilities include heating and cooling system, central satellite, internet, bathroom and toilet, and children under the age of two stay with the family for free. The hotel car park is open and has a security guard. If you want to spend the night in a historic citadel away from the hustle and bustle, visit the citadel; An organ that is almost 4 centuries old and is located in a 7,000-year-old city Golpayegan Is located. Staying at Gogd Citadel will surely excite you. When you lie down in your resort, be sure to think that you are resting in a place that is centuries old and the history of Golpayegan citadel is full of memories of people who spent the night in the morning.

Address of Golpayegan Citadel: Golpayegan, Gogad, Cultural and Historical Complex of Arg Gogd

Golpayegan Citadel Contact Number: 03157330095

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