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Haft Tanan Garden from sights to pictures and addresses

Many treasures lined up until Shiraz and Bagh Haft Tanan were mentioned. If you are not from Shiraz and want to travel to Shiraz during a trip Visit the sights of Shiraz To tell the truth, you have to live under the sky of Shiraz for a month to see every single beauty of the Persian land. One of the most important historical attractions of Shiraz that you should visit is the garden of Shiraz Stone Museum.

When I started talking to the people of this city about the Garden of the Seven Tones, I realized the interest and respect of the local people for the Garden of the Museum of the Seven. During this attraction, I learned about other amazing events that I would like to share with you, dear ones, one by one. Join me for a tour of the Alibaba Tourism Magazine to explore the garden of the Haft Ton Museum during the reign of Karim Khan Zand.

Where is Haft Tanan Garden?

Fars Province, Shiraz, at the end of Haft Tanan Boulevard, north of Hafezieh Tomb, in front of Chehel Magham, Haft Tanan Garden

What is the access route to Haft Tanan Garden?

You can use the taxis and buses in the city to reach the garden of seven people. If you are going to go to Shiraz Stone Museum by private car, the access route is completely stated in the article.

What is the other name of Haft Tanan Garden in Shiraz?

Other names of this attraction include Haft Tanan Museum Garden, Haft Ton Mansion, Sang Museum Garden and Haft Tanan Leaning Garden.

A look at the past of the Garden of the Seven

Haft Tanan Museum Garden is known as one of the oldest Shirazis that most of the young and old Shirazis know this garden. The museum garden in the pre-Zandieh period and the mansion in it were born in the time of Karim Khan Zand by the skilled and capable hands of Iranian architects. This handsome Iranian mansion has an area of ​​about 3388 square meters and 988 square meters of infrastructure. This structure is one of the most magnificent architectures built during the reign of Karim Khan Zand.

نگاهی به گذشته باغ هفت تنان Until a few years ago, this garden was a place of worship for dervishes and ascetics, and now this monastery Today’s stone museum has changed its use. The special interest and devotion of the Shirazis to the Haft Tanan Garden is not related to the last few years, but it is a long story!

From time immemorial to the present day, indigenous peoples go to the Garden of the Seven to fulfill their prayers and ask for rain; It is as if they believe that this garden asks God for the fulfillment of their wishes. Every time you go to this museum garden, you reach out to seven people to answer your prayers; What did you see of God? Perhaps the Lord did not reject the garden of the seven and fulfill your heartfelt intentions.

The name of the garden relies on seven people

If this is the first time you have heard of the Haft Tanan Museum Garden, I have no doubt you are curious to know the reason for naming this Haft Tanan Garden. The meaning of the seven bodies is due to the existence of seven graves that are buried in this garden; These seven tombs belong to seven famous Iranian mystics who were buried at the foot of Chehel Magham Mountain.

وجه تسمیه باغ تکیه هفت تنان Karim Khan, who had a special respect for the great elders in this area, placed a large stone on each of the tombs by his order, but due to their anonymity, their tombstones without The name and inscription remained. The stones are 360 ​​by 78 cm in size and no inscriptions on the stones have been hacked; The stones are exactly the same size and appearance, and 6 tombs of seven people are located in a row and parallel to each other, and the seventh tomb is located just below the sixth tomb.

Now, after a lifetime, the value and grandeur of these tombs are increasing day by day, to the point that this area is one of the most visited parts of the museum garden.

Why is Haft Tanan Garden called the Stone Museum?

This garden has been named the Stone Museum since it came under the auspices of the Cultural Heritage Organization. In the stone museum, valuable and rare samples of ancient inscriptions and historical stones are kept. These inscriptions belong to the 3rd to 11th centuries AH and are considered to be one of the oldest works in the Shiraz Stone Museum.

چرا به باغ هفت تنان موزه سنگ گفته می‌شود؟ The lines written on historical inscriptions and stones are of the type Nasta’liq, Kufi, Naskh, Thals and Taqiyya. The stone museum is not limited to a few inscriptions, and if you go there, your eyes will blossom with stones from Pasargadae, Persepolis, pre-Islamic stone coffins, the house of Zinat al-Muluk, ancient tombstones and stone artifacts from the Sassanid period to the Qajar period. Becomes.

Do not simply skip the Stone Museum and delve deeper into history when visiting any of the works. Let me also say this, I am in your place. When I leave this museum garden, I take a thousand photos home with me. So if you are good at photography as far as the eye can see, there are many beautiful and historical subjects in the garden of the Haft Tanan Museum.

چرا به باغ هفت تنان موزه سنگ گفته می‌شود؟ A look at Haft Tanan Garden in Shiraz

My favorite part of touring is exploring the building from an architectural point of view. I’m sure you are also interested in this part of the attraction, so we will put architectural glasses on our eyes without delay. When you enter the garden of seven people, you will see several hundred years old lush trees of cedar, pine and orange, which are considered to be the elders of Shiraz. The farther you go, the more the scent of orange spring fills your nostrils.

نگاهی به باغ هفت تنان شیراز If you like garden trees, you can get to the main building through two pebble paths. . Along these paths, all the walls are decorated with brick arches and inside them there is a special place for placing stones and historical inscriptions. There are also a number of chairs on these paths where you can both relax and sit and watch the historical stones on the wall. Take the path to the garden to reach the large mansion of Haft Tanan; I bet seeing this mansion will make you forget the scent of orange spring and your existence will be full of excitement.

نگاهی به باغ هفت تنان شیراز Right in front of the garden building, the presence of a large turquoise pool of water draws attention to itself. The same famous pools of stories or the same to which the childhood memories of many of us are tied. I suggest you take a photo of the mansion and its beautiful pool to relive your childhood memories.

I was so blown away by the beauty of the garden that I almost forgot about the historical inscriptions in this section. Next to the pond and in front of the mansion, large inscriptions and inscriptions have been placed on special places, the sight of which will amaze any tourist with their grandeur.

نگاهی به باغ هفت تنان شیراز Beautiful and flawless architecture.

Watching the building with all its charming decorations shows the original Iranian architecture. This mansion is divided into two parts, each of which has a world of art and glory of the Iranian land. What amazes visitors the most with its beauty and grandeur are the two tall pillars of the mansion. You will only realize the greatness of these pillars when you stand next to them. Another element of historical buildings is the large arched windows that can be seen in most parts of the mansion.

معماری زیبا و بی‌عیب‌ونقص باغ تکیه هفت تن These windows are made of wood in different sizes and shapes. The upper space of these arches has been tiled and bricked in the most beautiful way possible with the art of the architects of Zandieh period. The largest window of the mansion, which is located almost in front of the pool, has a very dazzling effect. Especially at night, when the garden lights are turned on, the beauty of the mansion and the windows is doubled.

Five famous designs of garden hall porch walls

In the northern part of the second floor, a very large hall with two stone pillars can be seen. If you use the stairs to the porch, you will be stunned for a few seconds by the splendor and paintings on the wall. The original Iranian architecture can be clearly seen in the place of the porch. Conceptual drawings are drawn on two columns using oil paint; Due to the high height of the columns and the fading of these works due to the passage of time, the paintings are not clearly visible.

On the windowsills of the porch, the plan of five houses can be seen; These works are the remnants of one of the most experienced painters of Zandieh era, Agha Sadegh, which was painted by him in complete beauty. On both sides of the hall, there are very large rooms that are worth watching. It is interesting to know that the paintings on the wall were repaired by the painter Mohammad Baqer Jahanmiri between 1336 and 1337.


Among the works painted on the walls, I can mention the role of the dervish. In this picture, you see an old dervishes with a white hat on his white hair. The relatively sad face of the dervish with an ax in his hand catches his eye.

درویش Ismail Ghorbani Scene

We have all heard the story of Abraham’s trial by sacrificing his son at God’s command. It is interesting to know that one of these five plans is related to this story. The peak of Mr. Sadegh’s art and creativity can be seen in the drawing of this event on the wall of the garden of seven people. In this image, Abraham, holding a sword, is determined to sacrifice his son Ishmael, who informs the angel of Abraham of God’s decision.

صحنه قربانی اسماعیلSheikh Sanan and the daughter of Tersa

You may have heard the famous story of Sheikh Sanan and Tersa’s daughter. On the porch, one of the paintings on the wall of the Haft Tanan Garden in Shiraz depicts the legendary love story of Sheikh Sanan to the daughter of Tersa. In this painting, the sheikh is surrounded by his followers and the eyes of Sheikh Sanan and Tersa are staring at each other.

باغ هفت تنان علی بابا Hazrat Musa

In the next artwork, you see a young man dressed in white. This person, surrounded by a halo of light, has a number of sheep next to him. This painting shows the shepherding story of Prophet Moses.

Shah Abbas

The last painting belongs to Shah Abbas Safavid. Shah Abbas was one of the kings who wore the clothes of a dervish to help or know the demands of the people. The image left on the garden wall of the Haft Tanan Museum in Shiraz also informs about this event.

شاه عباس Garden Pergola Mansion

After visiting the Takiyeh Haft Tanan Garden, be sure to visit the Shiraz Pergola Mansion. This mansion is one of the oldest and most important historical attractions of Shiraz, which is located near Haft Tanan Garden. If I say that the pergola mansion has dozens of names, I have not lied; Among the names of the pergola, I can mention the museum garden, garden view, prince garden, four-season mansion, lawyer’s tomb, government garden and octagonal mansion.

This mansion was built in Bagh-e Nazar by order of Karim Khan Zand and was used to receive and entertain elders, foreign ambassadors, hold official ceremonies and other important occasions. Now, after many years, it is still, the different and impressive style of architecture of Shiraz Pergola Mansion is one of the main reasons that attract tourists to the garden.

عمارت کلاه فرنگی باغ

The mansion of Bagh-e Nazar was built in an octagonal shape and is decorated with tiles in the style of the houses of that time. Who would have thought that Karim Khan could not rest in the mansion he ordered to be built! According to his will, Karim Khan Zand fell into an eternal sleep after his death in the eastern part of the mansion.

After Agham Mohammad Khan Qajar came to power, because of his hatred for Karim Khan, he ordered the exhumation of Karim Khan Zand and his bones were transferred to Golestan Palace. During the reign of Reza Shah, the tomb of Karim Khan Zand was exhumed again and the bones of Shah Zandieh were moved back to the Pergola Mansion so that after these conflicts, Karim Khan could achieve eternal peace.

Address of Shiraz Pergola Mansion

Shiraz, Zand Street, between Vakil Bazaar and Karim Khan Citadel

Shiraz Nazar Garden Mansion on Google Map

The tomb of forty people

Two steps away from Haft Tanan Garden in Shiraz, a historical cemetery is located in the heart of a lush and beautiful garden. The story of the tomb of forty people begins where in the time of Zandieh, 40 dervishes lived in this garden. These dervishes spent their days and nights in worship as long as they were alive. It is interesting to know that whenever one of these forty people died, another dervishes buried the body of the deceased on the east side of the garden.

بقعه چهل تنان This continued until all forty people died. After many years, in 1220 AH, by the order of the ruler of Shiraz, Motamed Doleh Farhad Mirza, 40 tombstones of the same size and shape were built and placed on their graves. These tombstones are without any inscriptions and the reason for this may be due to the anonymity of these forty people.

Apart from a historical attraction, the tomb of Cheheltanan has an enjoyable and spectacular recreational atmosphere. The trees soar and shine brightly in the garden like emeralds in the sunlight.

Address of the tomb of Chehel Tanan Shiraz

Shiraz, south of Haft Tanan Boulevard, east of Jahannama Garden, Chehel Magham Garden

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