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Harpak Fire Temple; A jewel in the village of Abyaneh

Village Abyaneh has a 1500-year-old architecture and texture, and many of its buildings belong to the Sassanid, Seljuk, Safavid and Qajar periods. Village in the domain is located on Mount Vulture and can be considered as a high altitude habitat. In this ancient village, there are many tourist and historical attractions, one of which is the Harpak Abyaneh fire temple. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to know where the Harpak Fire Temple is and find out its secrets.

Harpak fire temple of Abyaneh is one of the Zoroastrian temples. This temple, which is the oldest building in this village, is located in one of the covered passages. It is said that coal was used to light the fire that was lit in this building, and for this reason, a lot of coal can be found around this village. People had a lot of respect for this fire and it was used practically to light the way of caravans.

There are several opinions about the name of this fire temple: Some say that Harpak was the name of one of the great personalities of the Achaemenid period. The son of Hokhshtar, the king of the Medes, completely lost his father’s inheritance, which was very large. She had a child named Mandana. One night he dreams that Mandana will give birth to a son who will take the kingdom of Media from him. So he got scared and gave his daughter to a man named Cambyses. Cambyses was a calm person so that their child would be calm as well. Mandana’s son was Cyrus, and after his birth Mandana’s father fell asleep again and for this reason, he ordered Harpak, his minister, to destroy Cyrus. However, he did not do so and he was handed over to the court

In Persia, Cyrus decided to revolt against the Medes, and the Medes appointed Harpacus commander of their army. However, Harpacus surrenders the army to Cyrus, and Cyrus exterminates the Medes and conquers his capital. For this great work that Harpak did, Cyrus ordered the construction of many fire temples in his name. Others divide Harpak into two separate words, each and pack, which in the dialect of the people of Abyaneh village mean below and on the stairs, respectively.

Harpak Fire Temple in Abyaneh village, as mentioned, is located in a covered passage of one of the alleys of this village. This alley is the main route of this village, which is stretched from the upper gate to the lower gate. This alley has 4 covered passages, and the fire temple is located in the first Sabat. According to the article, where is the Harpak fire temple, you should know that this building has a view from all sides and the materials used in it are plaster and carcass stone. This building consists of 4 arches and 3 floors and on the last floor there is a small hall.

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