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“Hawzdar” historical area

“Hawzdar” historical area

At a distance of 70 km south of Zabol and on the way from Zabol to Zahedan, there is a historical area called Hozdar area. The several hundred-hectare area, which archaeologists consider to be the remains of an ancient city, consists of a large number of historic castles, windmills and other monuments. Historians have attributed the historical background of this region to the Sassanid period and the early Islamic period. What is important is the rich and lasting heritage of this part of Iran, which in the distant past was the seat of the Reisi dynasty. A civilization that has existed in this region thanks to the abundant waters of Lake Hamoon and has been abandoned with the passage of time and environmental influences such as drought and river diversion, as well as political influences. Many of the monuments and historical monuments of the basin area are hidden in the heart of the ravines, and in order to access it and introduce this region to the world as much as possible, many archeological excavations are needed.

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