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House of Yazd trucks; Where is Lar and where is Yazd!

House of Yazd trucks; Where is Lar and where is Yazd!

If you are a little familiar with the geography of Iran, you will probably hear the name House of Lari and your mind will go to the city of Lar in Fars province and you will expect to read this region. But let me first say that our destination is Yazd and behind the name of this house, lies an interesting story.

In this section of Alibaba Tourism Magazine I intend to unravel the fabric of this house for you and not leave anything unsaid that if Your path fell to the house of the trucks, your fellow travelers should be surprised at your complete knowledge of this house and constantly ask: “Did you say you have not been here before?”

Be sure one of the most fascinating events after trip to Yazd is to hear the sentence that someone He knew Yazd very well!

Where is the truck house?

The Lari House Museum is located in an old neighborhood in Yazd, called Fahadan, which is located on Imam Khomeini Street.

What is the best time to visit a truck home?

In autumn and winter, the number of tourists is higher, the cost of travel is higher, but the weather is more suitable. In the first two seasons of the year, however, the situation is the opposite and the heat increases sharply, resulting in lower travel to Yazd and lower costs.

What sections are there in the truck house?

There are 6 houses, 22 rooms, 3 courtyards, 2 cellars, 1 kitchen, 1 stables and 1 warehouse in the truck house.

General introduction of Lari houses; Negin Qajari Yazd

The Lari House was built in 1248 AD during a period when the Qajars still ruled the country. This house was one of the largest and most luxurious houses of its time with an area of ​​1700 square meters. Now let’s see how this house became known as the “House of Lorries”. One day, a man named Haj Mohammad Ibrahim decided to emigrate from Lar to Yazd with his family. When a Lari family lives among all these local Yazidis, the easiest way to refer to the family is to say the same Lari who have just arrived. When the descendants of Haj Mohammad Ibrahim Lari later built their house and settled there with their families, everyone there used to call it the Lari house and this name has remained on it.

جاهای دیدنی یزد Lari houses 1200 square meters of infrastructure It has 6 houses and 22 rooms and is considered a complete property of nobles in its time.

In addition to the photos of the truck house, I saw a picture of the abandoned house, which really made me sad. It is sad to believe that a house with this historical art and architecture has been ruined in such periods and that thousands of memories have been dumped on its glorious memory.

The adventurous story of the Lari House

The story of Yazd trucks does not end in glory during the Qajar period, and until the time of Reza Shah Pahlavi, the laughter of children and the movement of residents could be heard in the corners of this house. But in the end, again, this adventurous house experienced new events, and due to the differences between the heirs, the house of the lorries became a vacant property.

سرگذشت پرماجرای خانه لاری ها

If you have never wondered what the role of the Cultural Heritage Organization is, now is the time to ask it.

سرگذشت پرماجرای خانه لاری ها Fortunately, the Cultural Heritage Organization in 1984 He finally took action and bought this monument. It was in this year that the Lari House underwent a new birth, and after being renovated, restored and revived, it became the Lari House Museum.

This fate may not have been predictable for the architect of this house, although it was certainly close to his dream.

Who were the trucks?

The Lari were a family of businessmen who migrated 270 years ago from Yazd, a city without alleys, to Yazd, a city of beautiful back alleys, to flourish their business. After this emigration, good job opportunities were provided for this family and they were able to gain credit in the business world, and this issue caused the Larians to settle in Yazd, so that from Lar, only their name and logo remained for them.

With the construction of the Lari house, everything was in the best condition for this family to see themselves as belonging to the new city and to have a small Lar for themselves in the middle of Yazd.

The glory of the architecture of the Lari House

Houses built in desert areas have different architectures and special materials are used in them. Clay, which is dried mud, is one of the most widely used building materials in desert areas, which cools the interior of the building.

Clay alone is very vulnerable to moisture and can not last long. For this reason, in addition to raw clay, baked clay, which is in the form of bricks, has been used in the building of the trucks.

شکوه معماری خانه لاری ها Yazd, as much as it has hot and hot summers It also has harsh winters. Unlike these days, when heating and cooling appliances play a major role in regulating the temperature of the house, in ancient times, the architecture of the house carried a large part of this burden. The windshields of the trucks helped a lot to ventilate and keep the water cool and the interior of the rooms cool.

Mirroring, plastering, painting, the use of stained glass, tall columns and… are the most prominent architectural elements of trucks that can be seen in different parts of the house. In the following, I will talk in more detail about each yard.

Patrols in sections of trucks

The truck house has 3 courtyards with different moods, which can also be seen in the rooms. Let us patiently look at each yard and watch:

first yard; Pleasure in the evening

To reach the main courtyard, you have to enter through the second door of the truck house. The large pond in the middle of the yard attracts attention first and foremost, especially if you are lucky enough to find a pond full of water.

There is a large bed on the pond, which at first you may think has been abandoned due to lack of taste, but I must say that it happens to be one of the most beautiful tastes in spending that counts. This bed, which is called “Sunset”, is considered one of the most attractive parts of the truck house.

حیاط اول؛ خوش‌نشینی در غروب Sitting together or drowning in solitude watching the desert starry sky.

As we enjoy the evening in the courtyard, our eyes fall on the large porch and the windbreak, the porch that can easily accommodate the banquet and reception area, and the windbreak that is responsible for fresh and cool air to this party.

Everywhere we walk in the main courtyard, we see the whole room. The lower rooms of the trucks are equipped with windbreaks and are able to pass through the summer heat. But to keep the cold of the winter cold, one had to think that the rooms facing north were built without a windshield and were ready to keep the inhabitants warm.

Whatever the turn, it is time to head to the rooms of this courtyard. Rooms that are reminiscent of any art and not a minimalist and simple design.

حیاط اول؛ خوش‌نشینی در غروب Before entering the room, chairs They enchant with colorful fantasies and promise to see a room immersed in light and color. As soon as we enter the mirror room, however, we do not find much opportunity to stare at the colors. The walls and ceiling of the room are so full of plaster, mirrors and paintings that we have to keep our eyes peeled so that we do not miss anything.

This space and architecture show that the rooms of the first courtyard were designed for important ceremonies and meetings and were supposed to show off all the art of the architect and the glory of the host.

second yard; Smaller example of main yard

From the main door, we enter the second yard of Yazd trucks. Of course, before entering, it is not bad to take a look at the knockers on the door in the house and knock on both doors.

حیاط دوم؛ نمونه کوچک‌تر حیاط اصلی If you sharpen your ears a little, you will notice the difference in the sound of percussion. The ring-shaped percussion has a thinner sound and was used by women to knock on doors. This was to show the landlord that a female was behind the house. Kobe, however, has a thicker body and produces a murmur, and when it is loud, the locals prepare for the man behind the door.

When you enter the second or middle courtyard, you will not feel any special difference from the main courtyard, except for the smaller space. The most interesting part of this courtyard is the seven-door, five-door and three brightly colored glazed doors, which are decorated with colored glass.

حیاط دوم؛ نمونه کوچک‌تر حیاط اصلی Third Yard; Intimate and quiet backyard

The third yard of the truck house has a completely different atmosphere than the other two yards. This yard is like a backyard, which is much simpler and more intimate and has only one room.

This yard of Yazd trucks is directly connected with the middle yard and has a higher height than this yard. Having a separate door outside the house makes it easier to come and go from this yard, which makes it more independent and keeps the third yard private.

حیاط سوم؛ حیاط خلوتی خودمانی و آرام porches

The game of shadow and sun is the way of salvation in desert houses. The porches play exactly the same role, creating a shady space, a cool place to sit and relax in the heart of the hot desert days.

The main porch of the truck house is so large and spectacular that it has been one of the most important and probably the most widely used parts of the house.

ایوان‌ها A porch that opens directly to the doors and windows of the surrounding rooms and has a large pool in front of it. Porches are one of the most basic architectural parts in the historical houses of Yazd, whose main function is to provide shade during the day.

Halls and Rooms

Painted rooms are an inseparable part of Yazd historical houses. The truck house is no exception to this rule and is full of three-door, five-door and seven-door rooms with stained glass doors lined up behind each other, waiting for the slightest ray of light to settle in and give life to the house.

But in the houses of Yazd trucks, in addition to the windbreak rooms that are prepared for summer living (the southern rooms of the house), there are also rooms without windbreaks in the north of the house that are sunny and there is no wind or windbreak. Due to their warm atmosphere, these rooms were mostly used by the family in winter.

تالارها و اتاق‌ها The eastern rooms of the house in the fall mostly hosted the Larry family. And in the spring, the rooms to the west of the house received more attention because of the spring bed.

Of the rooms, three-door rooms were commonly used by family children and five-door rooms were used by adults.


Undoubtedly, the windbreak was a great invention of its time. On hot days when there was no air conditioning, no fan, not even electricity, something like a windbreak became a lovely miracle of desert homes. The way the windshields work is so fascinating that I definitely have to tell you about it so that you can compliment your fellow travelers!

Tropical or humid regions are hot and dry or hot and humid. In the first case, the historical houses of Yazd are also included in this group. After identifying the permanent wind direction, the wind deflectors are made in the direction of the winds so that the wind enters the wind deflector and moves downwards after hitting the side and upper wood surfaces.

windbreak But what distinguishes windshields from houses such as trucks from houses in hot and humid areas is the presence of a water tank in the windshield; That is, dry wind that does not have enough moisture, passes through the water pan in the windbreak channel in the middle of the road and after cooling and getting enough moisture, reaches the interior of the room or basement.

However, hot and humid air no longer needs a water tank in the wind deflector, and just passing through the interior of the wind deflector helps lower the air temperature.

Did you understand well? Do not forget that you are supposed to be the professional leader of the truck house for your companions!


The crypt is actually a reservoir that was used in ancient times to store water in desert areas. The crypt of the trucks is located in the main courtyard and is 38 steps to reach the depth of the crypt.

After descending the stairs, we come to two suns (a patterned design that is circular in shape and depicts the image of the sun in the mind), which for me, paying attention to these details, even in the cold-blooded house, is an interesting subject. It was attention. I will leave you a picture of a sample of the sun so that its image can be better imagined in your mind; However, this design is not the sun you see in the basement.

خانه لاری ها Although the Lari house has another crypt in addition to this main crypt, it was used as a spring bed and relied only on this main crypt to store water. Cool basement, good conditions for storing special food; Like meat, it provided that the Larry family seized the opportunity and made use of the crypt for multiple uses.

Other parts of the house

The Lari house was one of the most noble houses of its time and it was not enough to build four rooms and a cellar. This house has other important parts. Areas such as the kitchen, which is the most detailed example of our modern kitchen, a warehouse for storing food and other things, and a stable for storing horses, which was actually a parking lot for vehicles at the time.

The barn, kitchen, and stables all had a door to the entrance and exit of the house, which helped to separate the passage of the house and the crew and to preserve the privacy.

Museum of historical documents in the truck house

The history, history and architecture of the Lari house are so fascinating that it is one of our choices on our trip to Yazd, but the presence of a museum in the heart of this house gives us another excuse to visit more urgently.

According to the decision of the Cultural Heritage Organization, the Yazd Museum of Historical Documents has been set up inside the Lari House Museum and houses about 110 paintings of historical documents. Documents that narrate the days of the discovery of hijab, the manner of ownership of aqueducts, government decrees, marriage, advertisements, and so on.

Museum of Historical Documents at Home Lorries Although the location of the Museum of Historical Documents next to the Lari House Museum has created an interesting combination and one can find more opportunities to get acquainted with the past; But we must also admit that these two museums have no special connection with each other and the only thing they have in common is that they are historical!

The best time to visit the truckers’ house

If I want to talk about the best time to visit this house, I have to talk about the best seasons for traveling to Yazd in general.

As I said before, Yazd province is located in a desert region and for this reason, from around June to October, it leaves behind very hot days. But as we get closer to mid-autumn and winter, the weather becomes milder and travel to the area becomes more popular.

Best time to visit home Lorries Of course, keep in mind that with the temperate weather and the bustle of Yazd, the cost of your trip from the ticket to the accommodation will increase. If you are planning to stay, I suggest you know a little about the traditional hotels of Yazd; You may like it.

The other choice is with you: enduring the heat, cheaper and more secluded travel or pleasant weather, more tourists and finally a little more pocket money?

Visit time to Lari House Museum

The House of Yazd Trucks Museum welcomes Iranian and foreign tourists every day of the week. With the difference that like many other historical places, it welcomes compatriots with cheaper tickets (3 thousand Tomans) and slightly more expensive foreign travelers (20 thousand Tomans).

The working hours of this house are in spring and summer from 8:30 AM to 9 PM and in autumn and winter from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM, which leaves you very free to plan to see the sights of Yazd.

Where is the home address of the trucks?

This museum is located in an old neighborhood in Yazd, called Fahadan, which is located on Imam Khomeini Street. This house is near the Pergola Mansion and can be a good opportunity to visit both mansions. I also leave the location of the house for you to find the route more easily.

House of trucks on Google Map

From what routes can the trucks be reached?

If you want to go to the Museum of Yazd Trucks among the sights of Yazd, you can get to this place in two ways:

  1. Private car: Well, if you drive to this house, you can go to Fahadan neighborhood by car and after reaching this neighborhood, the same distance and Park the car. From there to the house of the trucks is not a long way forward and it is enough to walk a little in the spectacular alleys of Yazd to reach the destination.
  2. Public transport: The next way is to use the bus. All you have to do is get to Seyed Mostafa Khomeini station and from there walk to the lari house. The distance between the station and the museum is short, do not worry about getting tired.
  3. Taxi: The last resort is to use street or online taxis, which still take you to the same neighborhood of Fahadan, and then you have to count on your feet again.

 From which routes can the trucks be reached? Pure Photos خ

In addition to the photos of the house of the lorries, I saw a picture of the abandoned house of this house, which really upset my heart. It is sad to believe that a house with this historical art and architecture has been ruined in such a period and that thousands of memories of its glorious memory have been dumped.

However, I was pleased with his recent photos and I am happy that this house, which once dazzled the eyes of many people in Yazd, is still standing and we have the chance to see it up close.

Honestly, I thought a lot about whether I should have this request or not, but in the end I decided to write my request to you and I hope that someone with a heart will be found and will say lip service!

While writing this text, I wanted more original and detailed photographs to complete my report and the photographs themselves to narrate the atmosphere of Yazd trucks. Unfortunately, the photos were not of high quality, nor was there much taste for recording them.

empty picture space. .. Summary I decided to ask you if you went to Yazd and the house of the trucks was one of your destinations, take a few photos to your taste and as a souvenir of Yazd, for

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