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How much does a trip to Kish cost in 1400 in general?

Kish Island has replaced our foreign travel these days. Kish is one of the most beautiful trips that not only Iranians but also foreign tourists can have, both because of its attractive water and non-water attractions, because of its complete facilities and because of its natural charm. Of course, traveling to Kish is not necessarily expensive. If you can pay for your trip to Kish before Travel to Kish , you can have fun Economical but beautiful.

When is the cheapest season to visit Kish?

Winter and autumn are the cheapest seasons to visit Kish because there are fewer tourists and prices are falling.

How much does it cost to travel to Kish by car?

If your car is healthy, you will not have any special expenses up to Kish Island, except for a few gas tanks, and you only have to pay 200,000 Tomans to enter Kish Island.

How much does a tour to Kish cost?

The price of Kish tour for 3 nights is between 500 thousand to 2 million Tomans.

In the following, we will review the cost of traveling to Kish by examining various factors. All prices in this text are for a non-holiday day in the spring of ’98.

Travel expenses to Kish by plane

Before doing anything, you must choose the means of transportation to Kish. Perhaps the best and most logical means is the plane because it is both a distance and part of the way to Kish is by sea. If you are a capitalist, you probably know that flights to Tehran with cheap Kish tickets are done every day. All you have to do is buy a ticket in advance to be sure of your flight. Kish flights are also operated from other cities in the country, the number of flights to Kish is different from other cities. Almost all airlines have Kish flights in their flight schedule.

Kish ticket prices cover a wide range. Under normal circumstances, the lowest price of a plane ticket to Kish (from Tehran) is about 600 thousand tomans. On the other hand, the highest price of a Kish plane ticket eventually reaches 2 million and 200 thousand tomans.

Of course, it is natural that the price of Kish flight tickets increases significantly during the holidays. In this way, the price of a round-trip plane ticket from Tehran to Kish will be at least one million and 200 thousand tomans. This figure reaches the highest amount of two million and 300 thousand tomans.

Strategies for buying cheap Kish tickets

You might think that a plane ticket Kish is expensive and you can afford it If you do not find the price, just join me to introduce you to some solutions to buy cheap tickets to Kish.

Do not think about holidays!

If you want to buy a Kish flight ticket at a reasonable price, do not plan a trip for the holidays. Due to high demand, Kish ticket prices are more expensive during the holidays.

Go to Kish instead of moving house

At the end of the year, when everyone is busy with arrears, Kish flight tickets are cheaper than at other times. With a little flexibility, you can change your plans and go to Kish before the Eid holidays. In fact, it is more likely to find cheap Kish tickets these days.

Travel in the evening

Not only Kish flight tickets but also other flights are cheaper in the evenings. You can find a slightly cheaper ticket by changing the time.

If you are seriously looking for a cheap ticket to Kish, check the price of this ticket regularly. Since you may suddenly find cheap tickets for a recent date, try to be prepared to travel in advance.

Last minute ticket to Kish

You must have heard the term last minute ticket a lot, for a cheap trip to Kish you can last minute ticket to Kish . In this regard, see the last minute ticket page on IRANVIVA’s website.

Travel expenses to Kish by train

Another way to reduce the cost of traveling to Kish is by train. To travel by train to Kish, you have to travel (for example) from Tehran to Bandar Abbas by train. Then go to Kish from Bandar Abbas by special boats. Tehran-Bandar Abbas train ticket price depends on various factors such as the type of train. But normally the price of Tehran-Bandar Abbas train ticket is between 270 to 420 thousand Tomans.

شب های کیش

On the other hand, you can also travel from Bandar Abbas to Kish by boat; The price of a boat ticket on this route is about 45 to 90 thousand tomans. Therefore, all the cost of your trip from Tehran to Kish in the most expensive case for each adult will be less than 600 thousand tomans. In this way, in addition to being less expensive, you also enjoy a different and attractive trip.

Travel expenses to Kish by car

If you have the patience and time and you are a good traveler, you can travel to Kish by car. You travel from Tehran to Bandar Abbas by your own car. Up to this point, if your car is safe, you will not cost much other than a few gas tanks. Then you can go to Kish from Bandar Charak with Landigraph while riding in your own car. The cost of a Landigraph ticket from Bandar Charak to Kish is 700,000 to 1,300,000 Tomans for passengers and drivers. In addition, you have to pay 350 thousand tomans as entrance fees to Kish Island.

Travel to Kish by car is really cheap. In addition to not paying the high cost of a plane ticket, you will also experience a long and different journey. You also have your own car to move around Kish Island.

Of course, instead of a personal car, you can also think of renting a car in Kish, which of course will cost you a lot. You can not try this when traveling with Kish tour, because when traveling with tour, most of your traffic is accompanied by tour. These cars are often luxurious and increase the pleasure of traveling to the island for you.

Cost of living in Kish

There are many hotels in Kish. You can stay in any of these hotels to stay on the island. It just depends on which one you prefer. In fact, according to your needs, conditions and budget, you should book Kish Hotel among the many accommodations. By reading what follows, you will get general information about the price of Kish hotels.

Prices of 5-star hotels in Kish

The issue of accommodation has a great impact on the cost of travel to Kish. The most famous and important 5-star hotels in Kish are Marina Park Hotel, Toranj Hotel, Dariush Hotel, Kish International Hotel and Shaygan Hotel. These hotels from are the best hotels in Kish in terms of travelers .

بهترین رستوران های کیش و تجربه طعم اصیل بهترین غذاهای جنوبی

5 star hotels in Kish have very high standards due to the tourist nature of the region. So by staying in these hotels, you will enjoy very comfortable and luxurious rooms and suites, abundant and varied entertainment facilities and services, and stylish restaurants with delicious food. The cost of one night stay in 5-star hotels in Kish will be at least one million and 800 thousand tomans and a maximum of five million tomans per person.

Prices of 4-star hotels in Kish

If you want to have a great stay but the cost of your hotel does not make the cost of traveling to Kish astronomical, consider 4-star hotels. 4-star hotels make up the bulk of the facilities of 5-star hotels, and at the same time, they generally cost less. Flamingo Hotel, Sadaf Hotel and Sorento Maryam Hotel are the most well-known 4-star hotels in Kish.

هتل 5 ستاره علی بابا It is unlikely that you can stay in 4-star hotels overnight for less than one million and 300 thousand tomans. On the other hand, the maximum cost of 4-star hotels for one person will be approximately two million and 400 thousand tomans.

Prices of 3-star hotels in Kish

Accommodation in three-star hotels in Kish can keep the cost of Kish travel very low. As mentioned, the standard of hotels in Kish is high; So staying in a 3-star hotel will not hurt you. The cost of each night in 3-star hotels in Kish is between 770 thousand to one million and 800 thousand tomans. Among the 3-star hotels in Kish, we can mention Parsian Hotel, Jamjam Hotel and Grand Hotel.

Prices of 2 and 1 star hotels in Kish

And finally, to reduce the cost of travel to Kish, you can stay in 2 or 1 star hotels. The cost of each night stay in these hotels is 720 thousand tomans.

Non-hotel accommodation in Kish

You do not have to stay in a hotel to stay in Kish. We offer accommodation in apartments, suites, eco-lodges, villas and houses. The price of these accommodations depends on their size, facilities and location and can have a great impact on the cost of travel to Kish. Due to the significant capacity of this residence, the cost of each night stay in them is between 450 thousand to two million and 200 thousand tomans.

هزینه سفر به کیش و هتل 3 ستاره You are independent in these non-hotel accommodations and therefore you can reduce many costs such as food. Give. To see the types of accommodation in Kish, you can visit the accommodation page on the Jabama website.

Kish tour cost

If you are one of those people who do not want to take on any of the travel tasks such as buying tickets and booking a hotel, you can buy a Kish tour. The number of Kish tours is very high; The price of these tours depends on their duration, type of service, flight, hotel, etc., and you can calculate the cost of traveling to Kish more accurately by purchasing the tour.

هزینه سفر به کیش

The price of Kish tour for 3 nights is between two million and 200 thousand to eight million and 700 thousand tomans. Finding a cheap Kish tour during the holidays, especially during the warmer months of the year, is not unexpected. To view Kish tours on Iranviva site click here .

Cost of food in Kish

Do not miss seafood when traveling to Kish, Qeshm or other islands and coastal cities. Fresh fish and shrimp of the best type can be found in these islands. So try Kish restaurants with seafood.

Breakfast is served free of charge in hotels. As a result, you only have to pay for lunch and dinner.

There are many restaurants in Kish where you can find a variety of Persian, French and seafood dishes. The lowest price for each food press in Kish restaurants is about 45 thousand tomans. Now if you want to taste more delicious food with a variety of drinks, desserts and salads in luxury restaurants, you have to pay more. This figure sometimes reaches 310 thousand tomans for each food press.

Taxi price in Kish

You should mainly use a taxi to get around Kish. Kish taxis are distinguished by two colors, yellow and white. According to the recently announced rates, the entrance fee for yellow and white taxis in Kish is about 13,000 Tomans. The rate of Kish taxis varies according to the destination. If you go to Kish Airport by taxi, you have to pay about 32 thousand tomans. The route is calculated up to seven kilometers for each kilometer of one thousand and 300 tomans. For routes longer than seven kilometers, this rate reaches 1,500 tomans.

If you want to reduce the cost of transportation in Kish, you can achieve this goal with careful planning. You can set goals and find the ones that are closest to you. When you take a taxi, go to one of these destinations and then walk to another route that is nearby.

Cost of minibus in Kish

There are no buses on the island to transport people; But minibuses are provided for this purpose. These minibuses are active from six in the morning until midnight. Kish minibuses operate in two routes, line one and two. Using Line 1 minibuses, you can experience shopping in Kish.

The line of two Kish minibuses will take you to Kish tourist attractions. These minibuses will be cheaper to use than island taxis.

Cost of Kish entertainment centers

Undoubtedly, one of the most important reasons for most people to travel to Kish is to enjoy the modern entertainment of the island. So you have to consider the cost of these entertainments as well. To experience Kish entertainment, you have to spend from 40 thousand tomans and above. For example, you have to pay 45,000 tomans for each hour of cycling. The entrance of the pleasure boat is between 220 to 430 thousand tomans.

Safari is also one of the most enjoyable pastimes of Kish; The price of the safari tour is set between 120 and 210 thousand tomans. If you are interested in water and diving, you have to pay 300 thousand tomans for diving. The cost of jet skiing is 380 thousand tomans.

نگاهی به ساکنین جزیره کیش از قبل میلاد تا قرن ۲۱

Other water sports include shuttles and bananas; For this entertainment, you have to consider 100 thousand tomans per person. Flying enthusiasts will also have their favorite pastimes on the island; Flyboard and Paracel cost 400 thousand and 280 thousand Tomans, respectively.

Other interesting attractions of Kish include karting, paintball, bigball, horror castle, 4D cinema and mummy spell.

In addition to recreation centers, you also have to pay for historic and tourism centers. For example, the entrance to the underground city of Kariz is 80,000 Tomans. You have to buy a ticket for the Kish Anthropology House for 25,000 Tomans. The entrance to Ocean Water Park is 570 thousand tomans for half a day. Finally, to visit the Dolphin Park, the Bird Garden and the classic Kish Show, you have to pay 280,000 Tomans per person.

Shopping in Kish

Since Kish flourished, many people have traveled to the island solely for shopping. With the passage of time and the development of shopping malls, this issue became even more important.

It is natural that you also like to go shopping in Kish shopping malls and passages. So consider the cost of your purchases separately. How much you buy and how much it costs depends on you, your options and your choices. The important thing is to know your needs when shopping and make the best decision so that you do not miss the cost of traveling to Kish. Really do not forget, do not expect cheap prices in Kish anymore. Today, the prices of Kish goods are not much different from other cities.

The most important shopping centers in Kish are Morvarid, Maryam, Venus, Zaytoun, Paniz, Pardis, Marjan and خرید shopping centers.

In general, the cost of a trip to Kish can be very variable, and it is up to you to adjust the actual cost of the trip according to your interests and priorities.

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