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Identification of overdue tourism projects in the capital

ISNA / According to the latest published news, the delayed tourism projects of the capital were identified.

A symposium was held between Seyed Ahmad Alavi, Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Sixth Council of Tehran, and experts in the field of tourism in the capital.

In this meeting, Professor Nasrollah Haddadi, a specialist in the field of Tehranology, Dr. Ahmad Abu Hamzeh, Professor of History of Rey and Tehran, Reza Dabirinejad, director of the Malek Museum, Alireza Alamnejad, a specialist in the field of Tehran tourism and Mohammad Yazdani, President of the Tourist Guides Association Tehran expressed their views and opinions on tourism in Tehran.

Tehran buildings do not have Iranian-Islamic identity

Nasrullah Haddadi, a Tehranologist, said at the meeting that the tourism situation in Tehran should be taken out of the confusion: “Tehran is a city of lost identity, which is being insisted on moment by moment.”

He attributed this loss of identity to social change and said: “Unfortunately, there is a strange insistence on forgetting Tehran’s identity. For example, no building in Tehran with Iranian-Islamic architecture has been built in the last 40 years.”

This Tehranologist continued about identifying the backlog of tourism projects in the capital: All the work that has been done to create Tehran’s identity until today has been for some people to say “I am”. In the past years, two main activities were carried out for the identity of Tehran. In the first, they gave money to a person to introduce the neighborhoods. He looked for people instead. Prepare the neighborhood; Finally, it turned out that Nusrat al-Dawla was a gentleman. In the second attempt, a 6-volume book was prepared, the contents of which did not correspond to reality.

He further criticized Tehran’s uncontrolled development and added: How long is Tehran going to develop? Is it thought to supply water to this city? It is true that the level of development has stopped, but we are still witnessing the development of the capital in terms of height.

The tourism trustee in Tehran is not a specific device

Regarding the identification of the capital’s delayed tourism projects in the capital, Haddadi said: “As long as the tourism trustee in Tehran is not a specific device and we continue to witness this current multiple management, the problems will not be solved.” Also, the issue of easy access of people to tourist places in Tehran should be facilitated. The next point is the issue of people leaving Tehran on holidays. It is a tragedy that the love and affection of the people of Tehran has been defined outside this city. “Many of Tehran’s valuable works are not yet known,” he said. “Tehran tourism needs a caring expert who works for the development of tourism in the capital, regardless of political, superficial or slogan views.” For example, Abdul Wahab Khan’s house next to Shahid Modarres’s house is a masterpiece of architecture; But no one pays attention to it and it is being destroyed. Or exterior Mushir al-Dawla Pirnia ‘s house in Lalehzar, whose paintings and plasters have been stolen and are no longer in use.

Museum turnover for the city is a forgotten point

Dabirinejad, the director of the Malek Museum, also criticized the poor condition of museums related to the capital and said: out of 700 museums that we have in the country, 150 are located in Tehran; But except for one or two cases, the rest have nothing to do with the history of Tehran.

He stated that Tehran needs several museums to narrate the history of this city in a proposal: We can take museums to the heart of the city. For example, place  Baharestan Square has a historical identity and important events have taken place in it . We can turn this square into a museum of Tehranology so that every citizen can get acquainted with the history and events that took place in this square.

“Unfortunately, many of these people only pay attention to the museum’s income, profits and losses, while we have to consider the turnover that a museum brings to its neighborhood or city,” Dabirinejad also criticized the economic outlook. Let’s take. For example, when important events in Niavaran, The number of restaurants and delicatessens in the area has increased dramatically and businesses have flourished.

Rashkan Fortress and Cheshmeh Ali have not been registered in the world yet

In the continuation of the meeting, Abu Hamzeh, professor of history of Rey and Tehran, also expressed his views and added: “Unfortunately, the main problem is the lack of a single trustee for the field of tourism in Tehran.” On the other hand, unlike other countries, unfortunately, the municipality in Iran does not have much authority and can not take many measures.

“Mr. Dabirinejad said that Tehran does not have more than two museums for itself. I want to say that Tehran has two museums, which are 470 years old, but Ray is one museum, which is 7000 years old,” he said. It does not have for itself.

This professor of Rey history pointed to the valuable and historical buildings of Rey and stated: دژ رشکان قدمت 3000 سالهای است; But where is it after about 20 years of its discovery? In Tehran, more than 200 cultural houses have been purchased by the municipality; But how many of these houses are in Ray? All these actions lead to our question, why is the crime in Ray so high?

Criticizing the wrong plans in the field of tourism, he said: “Recently, a plan for Cheshmeh Ali 7000 years old brought to walk there. In this plan, the whole cultural identity of Cheshmeh Ali was ignored. Finally, it was discovered that the plan was written by a 20-year-old woman who had not even seen Ray once.

Abu Hamza, stating that Ray alone can become a tourism hub, continued: “Unfortunately, our friends have sought the world registration of Valiasr Street, but to register Rashkan Fortress and Cheshmeh Ali with a history of several thousand years, no They did nothing.

He also criticized the views of the members of the Fifth Council on the subject of Ray and said: “Everything was ready for the opening of this museum, but in April 1400 I was told” because we are not to open “they did not do the work.

Tehran’s historic mosques can become the most important destination for foreign tourists

Alireza Alamnejad, a specialist in Tehran tourism, said that Tehran is attractive enough to keep tourists busy for 2 weeks. “I can take tourists back to Tehran for 2 weeks and show them different places without To enter any palace or museum. Criticizing the lack of integrated management in the field of tourism in Tehran, he added: “One of the important places of tourism in Tehran is the historical mosques of this city, such as the mosque of Shahid Motahari High School and Sepahsalar Mosque which unfortunately The reason for their uses is that tourists can not visit them.

He emphasized: Tehran is the capital of an Islamic country and it is not beautiful that we can not show mosques, which are our Islamic and historical cultural symbol, to foreign tourists.

At the end of his speech, Alamnejad referred to the condition of Abolhassan Khan Saba’s house and criticized the administrative view of tourist places, saying: “Go to this house one day intrusively to understand the depth of the tragedy in management.” My other point is that, unfortunately, the custodians of historical and cultural houses have an administrative view of these places, and they close the holidays at home and go on vacation. With these conditions, this is why Tehrani people prefer to leave the city on weekends.

Holidays, a good time to attract tourists to Tehran

In his speech, Mohammad Yazdani, President of the Tehran Province Tourist Guides Association, also mentioned the lack of specialized training for Tehran tour guides and said: “We need planning for this.”

He called Tehran the largest first tourist city in the country and said: “Why do not we use this capacity and all the citizens who leave Tehran as tourists as money to introduce Tehran and its attractions to others.” In a proposal for the development of tourism in Tehran, Yazdani said: “For example, we can attract tourists from other cities by holding important events during the holidays when Tehran is deserted, so that all guilds have a turnover and it does not happen that Tehran in the days Shut down and be blind.

Why do Tehranians spend their free time outside the city?

At the end and after expressing the views of experts and specialists in the field of tourism, Seyed Ahmad Alavi, Chairman of the Tourism Committee of Tehran City Council, also stated that these meetings should be held in connection, said: to start these meetings to continue in a professional manner And other expert friends to be added at the suggestion of the loved ones who were our guests today.

Referring to the issue of multiple management in Tehran’s tourism and the concerns expressed by the guests, he added: “I suggest that we first prioritize organizing the management of the departments that are related to the municipality, and then move on to other devices.” Apavi, noting that being the capital has hindered the realization of Tehran’s tourism goals, said: “I ask you experts to prepare your specialized and comprehensive programs for the realization of tourism in the capital.” This is the reason why citizens leave the city to spend their free time and do not visit the tourist places of the capital. Referring to his previous activities in the Cultural Space Development Company and the Cultural Deputy of Region One, he said: “Since then, we have been concerned with resolving the issues raised today, and God willing, we will be able to Let the city council do that. The head of the Tourism Committee of Tehran City Council pointed out that one of the main programs of the Tourism Committee of this period of the City Council is to identify semi-finished, ongoing or suspended projects in the field of cultural heritage and tourism in Tehran, he added. By following up, we will do our best to get them done and exploited. Apavi continued: Pursuing the revival and introduction of Tehran’s tourist attractions and potentials by using specialized software in this field, as a guide to Tehran tourism by the relevant groups in Tehran Municipality from the short-term and current programs of this committee Is.

Another topic raised by the Chairman of the Tourism Committee of Tehran City Council was the special attention paid to urban beautification and maintenance of cultural heritage, houses of fame, museums, palaces and other buildings of historical and cultural value. Plans for the city of Tehran as a tourist destination is considered.

He called the increase in GDP, attracting foreign capital, reducing unemployment, reducing poverty and helping to distribute income among the economic benefits of urban tourism boom and stressed: “Paying attention to these issues is very important in solving and reducing problems.”

Alavi also called the integration of tourist guide signs, the integration of ticket prices for Tehran municipal museums among other actions of the tourism committee and said: this issue should be followed up and approved by the Tehran City Council and urban management in this period so that Achieved a steady income from the tourism industry.

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