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Implementation of sea health plan from the second week of July in Mazandaran province

Implementation of sea health plan from the second week of July in Mazandaran province

Director General of Social and Cultural Affairs of Mazandaran Governorate announced the activation of the sea plan from the second week of July in full compliance with health protocols on the Caspian Sea coast.

Ali Rajabi Vandchali, Director General of Mazandaran Governor’s Office of Social and Cultural Affairs, on the sidelines of the meeting of the Sea Sanitation Project, referring to the continuation of the ban on swimming in the sea due to the outbreak of Corona virus, the need to activate sea projects due to the presence of passengers , Stressed tourists and citizens of Mazandaran on the coast. In this regard, he acknowledged:

It was decided that with the coordination of the governors, from today for a week, mayors and private sector applicants will activate their projects on the shores of the province.

Rajabi Vandchali, referring to the governor’s attention to the danger of corona outbreak and drowning in the coastal waters of Mazandaran, said that the reports indicate the presence of local citizens, travelers and tourists on the shores and even swimming in the Caspian Sea. Activation of sea projects due to the hot weather and the need to create safety on the coast stressed. He also added:

Previously, the governorate, in coordination with the police, the Red Crescent and the province’s lifeguard board, sent 600 rescuers to prevent citizens from entering the sea and swimming. It was stationed on the shores, and the number of survivors increased with the launch of the projects. We hope that by next week, all conditions will be provided for the presence of citizens in accordance with the health protocols in the Caspian coast sanitation projects in Mazandaran province; However, all citizens, including tourists, travelers and natives, are urged never to enter the sea for swimming due to the coronary situation in the country.

It is worth mentioning that the Caspian Sea reorganization plan seeks to increase statistics Deaths due to drowning in the coastal waters of Mazandaran began in 1991 on a trial basis, and in 1992 the presence of lifeguards and the Red Crescent Society of the province, along with the governor’s office and agencies such as law enforcement, physical education and emergency 115, officially Gave; As far as early June of last year, about 100 points of the coast of Mazandaran witnessed the implementation of the sea sanitation project; However, its implementation last year was overshadowed by the outbreak of the Corona virus and the minimal presence of citizens and travelers.

Reports of the Mazandaran Province Lifeguard Board indicate that in the second half of June alone, more than 10 people died as a result of drowning at sea and about 200 people were rescued by rescuers. The cause of death was swimming in restricted areas.

Mazandaran province, about 340 km from the Caspian Sea coast, has 370 identified accident hotspots, which are marked with the sign “Forbidden” to protect the safety of citizens. In previous years, officers were prevented from swimming in these areas; But this year and last year, these areas have become a place for travelers and citizens to swim.

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