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Improving the road infrastructure of Marnjab desert is essential

IRNA / According to the governor of Aran and Bidgol and the latest news, the improvement of road infrastructure Maranjab Desert is essential.


Ismail Baybordi added: Marnjab desert has been widely welcomed by nature lovers and domestic and foreign tourists in recent years, and the inadequacy of Marnjab road is one of the concerns and criticisms of tourists. It was the entrance to this area.

He continued: “Efforts have been made in the past years to repair and improve the Marnjab road and to place it in the area of ​​the country’s roads, but so far it has not achieved results.” Referring to the four-fold increase in the number of tourists entering the Marnjab desert in the last month compared to the same period in previous years, he said: “Coronary conditions in the last 20 months have reduced the number of tourists entering the Aran and Bidgol deserts Influenced by tourism.

Receive entrance in Marnjab desert in exchange for organizing the road and providing services

The governor of Aran and Bidgol, in response to the criticism of receiving 25 to 80 thousand Toman entrance fees in Marnjab and not organizing the road and providing services to tourists, said: “These criticisms are justified and will be announced if the road is not organized and services are provided in Marnjab.” , Admission of tourists will be canceled soon.

He added: “The current situation is not acceptable for us as officials, tourists and tourism activists, in this regard, the necessary warnings have been given to receive entry in exchange for providing services.

According to him, based on the decision of the Aran and Bidgol district council, the amount of entrance fees for all types of vehicles to the desert has been determined, but of course, the sums received from the entrance have been pledged to organize the road and cultural tourism sector.

Pointing out that مرنجاب کاروانسرای a “ It is on the path to globalization,” he said. “Evaluators of the United Nations Scientific, Cultural and Educational Organization during their visit to Aran and Bidgol last week made final studies for the global registration of this caravanserai.”

He said: “The global registration of the Marnjab Caravanserai makes this caravanserai a target for foreign tourists entering Iran and the tourism boom in Aran and Bidgol more than before.” To be with.

بهسازی زیرساخت جاده ای کویر مرنجاب ضروری است

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