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Inauguration of 526 cultural heritage and tourism projects with the presence of the President

Inauguration of 526 cultural heritage and tourism projects with the presence of the President

The inauguration ceremony of 526 cultural heritage and tourism projects in the country was held in the presence of the President. The opening of these projects has cost 2537 billion tomans.

The 60th opening ceremony and operation of the national projects of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage , Tourism and handicrafts with the opening of 526 projects in the provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Isfahan, Alborz, Ilam, Tehran, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan, South Khorasan, Khuzestan, Zanjan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Fars, Qazvin, Yazd, Kurdistan, Kerman, Kermanshah, Gilan, Lorestan, Hormozgan and Hamedan were held.

President Hassan Rouhani also attended the opening of these projects as a video conference. Before issuing the order to inaugurate tourism projects, he acknowledged the proper functioning of the 11th and 12th governments in the field of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, acknowledging:

When the number of hotel beds and Our accommodation across the country will increase from 219,000 to 465,000, which means that we are seeing a boom in domestic and foreign tourism.

Rouhani expressed hope for a resurgence in the tourism industry By vaccinating and observing the protocols, he described the green province of Gilan as one of the most important tourist areas and said:

The connection point of Ardabil and Gilan provinces is one of the most beautiful regions of the country and one It is one of the rare tourist attractions and the plan to build artificial lakes in the Ardabil heights, which will eventually connect to East Azerbaijan and Lake Urmia and use the water of the Caspian Sea, is one of the plans for this region, which if implemented can be a transformation. It created a very important tourism in this region.

He also referred to South Khorasan and Lorestan N enumerated the historical attractions and agars of these provinces and emphasized:

Historical monuments and buildings show what our civilization was like in the past and the artists, architects and designers of the buildings. How well they have done in the past.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also expressed his hope that the tourism industry will be compensated for the outbreak of the Corona virus:

We hope to overcome this problem by expanding vaccinations and implementing the plans made by the end of 1400, and God willing, in Nowruz 1401, and of course by observing the necessary protocols and health instructions, the damages to the tourism industry will be partially eliminated and prosperity will return to this field.

Hassan Rouhani, while pointing to the opening of various projects across the country in the coming weeks and months, described the tourism industry as a booming economy and a source of renewable income for the country. Expressing satisfaction with the measures and development in the field of tourism industry, he announced the return of 2723 Iranian historical monuments, which had been in other countries for many years, with the government’s legal efforts.

Ali Asghar The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Monsan, who visited the port of Chamkhaleh on Friday, also acknowledged the return of historical objects to the country: In the government of prudence and hope, the highest record of the return of historical objects We were able to return 2,700 artifacts to the country, it was in the face of tough sanctions that we returned 1,700 artifacts from the United States under Trump in just one step. These objects have been out of the country for more than 84 years.

It is noteworthy that 2537 billion Tomans have been invested in the opening of cultural heritage and tourism projects, followed by 2697 Tomans. Employment will be created.

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