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Indescribable pleasure of shopping in Sarein shopping malls

Indescribable pleasure of shopping in Sarein shopping malls

Almost everything has the fast color and smell of history; Take from these hot springs that have been boiling from the heart of the earth for hundreds of years, to Sarein Sights and its 200-year-old market ; Think about it! One of the fast shopping malls that is 200 years old, in other words, the Qajar people have bought in the same market!

So today in Alibaba Tourism Magazine, let us know the best shopping malls of Sarein, because it is not bad to spend time in Sarein markets after a short bath.

Laleh, Bilesvar, Adena Mall, Manaus and Proma are among the best shopping malls.

Yes. Most malls quickly offer luxury goods that can include home appliances, jewelry and a variety of instruments.

Ardabil, Sarein, Imam Ali Boulevard, next to Sabalan Hydrotherapy, Laleh Shopping Center

Among the best goods offered in Sarein shopping centers, we can mention all kinds of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes, home appliances, jewelry, bags and shoes, and all kinds of instruments.

1- The most popular Sarein shopping centers, Laleh shopping center

Laleh is one of the stylish centers and, of course, one of the fast markets, which has 99 commercial stalls and a part of it, which is located on the upper floors, has formed the administrative unit of this center. Sarein, as a tourist city in Ardabil, has many shopping centers that offer a variety of goods. In Laleh, you can also find a variety of shops from men’s and women’s clothing, bags and shoes to toys for children, jewelry, handicrafts and various tools. Buy.

محبوب‌ترین مراکز خرید سرعین، مرکز خرید لاله

This market will make buying from Sarein an attractive and exciting task for you. This shopping center has a food court section which is located on the upper floor and will receive tourists.

Restaurants around Sarein Shopping Center, Laleh

In addition to the food court located in Laleh Shopping Mall, there are many popular restaurants around these oldest shopping malls that you can visit after shopping for great food. These restaurants include the following:

  • Haghighat Restaurant at a distance of 516 meters
  • Adl Minai Restaurant at a distance of 592 meters
  • Farzad restaurant at a distance of 674 meters
  • Atminan restaurant at a distance of 690 meters

Hotels around Sarein Shopping Center, Laleh

  • Sarein Center Hotel at a distance of 568 meters
  • Peyman Apartment Hotel at a distance of 902 meters
  • Persian Gulf Rezvan Hotel Sarein at a distance of 909 meters
  • Tamasha Sarein Hotel at a distance of 995 meters

Tourist attractions around Laleh Sarein Shopping Center

  • Anahita Hill at a distance of 218 meters
  • Sari Su hot spring at a distance of 775 meters
  • Qarasu Spa at a distance of 775 meters
  • Sarein hot springs at a distance of 881 meters

Laleh Shopping Center Address

Ardabil, Sarein, Imam Ali Boulevard, next to Sabalan hydrotherapy

2- The most affordable fast shopping malls, Proma Shopping Center

Proma Sarein Shopping Center is one of the most affordable, fastest shopping centers and one of the top markets that can provide you with an attractive experience of buying from Sarein. The good price of all goods in this shopping center has made that in addition to high customer satisfaction, the goods are always up-to-date and new. Among the different parts of this shopping center, we can mention the stalls of clothes, jewelry, bags and shoes, sanitary ware and a playroom for children and restaurants.

مرکز خرید پروما

Proma Shopping Center is located on two floors and provides its customers with amenities such as chairs for rest and toilet.

Proma Shopping Center is located next to Shura Center and you can easily see this center after shopping. This branch is in fact the sixth branch of Proma, which was built in the city of Sarein and provides all the daily necessities of Iranian families.

3- Bileswar border market

Bilesvar border market, as its name suggests, is located in the border region of Ardabil and is known as an international market and fast shopping centers in the border region. This market is one of the Ardabil tourist attractions which, in addition to trading and buying and selling various goods, has one of its special capacities. The province is about the presence of foreign travelers.

Bilesvar border market, also known as Bilesvar customs, is located on the border between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran and dates back to at least 200 years ago. Buying it from Sarein from Bilesvar market can be one of your most attractive experiences, because as one of the fast markets in Iran, it is a place for exchanging many foreign goods.

بازار مرزی بیله سوار

This market has undergone many changes throughout its long history, including its closure during the Soviet era. Of course, after the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, this market resumed its activities and became one of the 24-hour border customs on the border between Iran and Azerbaijan.

This customs market operates in 3 separate phases and is a place for the exchange of goods between the two countries. In this market, you can buy all kinds of clothes and home appliances at very reasonable prices. Among the tourist attractions near the border market of Bilesvar, we can mention Shorgol Lake and Narges Hill Forest Park.

Bilesvar Border Market Address

Ardabil, Bilesvar

4- Ora Park Sarein Center

Orapark Shopping Center is one of the most attractive fast shopping centers where you can buy everything from clothes to jewelry and bags and shoes. This center is for buying quick souvenirs and Ardabil Souvenir Ardabil will be one of the best choices. Unfortunately, no other detailed information is available from this mall, but if you have traveled quickly and seen this mall, share your experiences with us so that others can use it for their next trips.

5- The most modern Sarein shopping centers, Manaus shopping center

This shopping center is very close to the city of Sarein and is practically one of the largest office and commercial buildings in the city and one of the largest and most modern Sarein markets. Manaus, one of the most popular shopping malls in the world, is named after a Brazilian city. This shopping center has a very good geographical location and as a result has access to many of the main centers of Sarein city.

مدرن‌ترین مراکز خرید سرعین، مرکز خرید مانائوس

Manaus is one of the largest shopping malls in the city of Sarein, where you can find all kinds of items you need from clothes, bags and shoes to Buy jewelry and consumables. Manaus is the best choice for shopping in Sarein because in this shopping center, souvenirs of Sarein city and Ardabil province are also sold. It should be noted that Manaus Shopping Center is also known as one of the most modern shopping centers in Sarein.

6- Adenamal Sarein Shopping Center

Adenamal Shopping Center has been built at the entrance of Sarein city and has 3 commercial floors. It is located on the third floor of the food court and after shopping you can go with your family to eat. One of the attractions of this shopping center is Zoo Fan, where you can see and pet different animals. The game city and billiard hall are other attractions of this shopping center. Adenamal Sarein Shopping and Entertainment Center is a great choice for a day of shopping along with fun and eating with the family.

مرکز خرید آدنامال سرعین

Restaurants around Adenamal Sarein Shopping Center

  • Honorable food court at a distance of 6 meters
  • Truth Restaurant 1.2 km away
  • Adl Minai Restaurant at a distance of 1.3 km
  • Farzad Restaurant at a distance of 1.3 km

Hotels around Adenamal Shopping Mall

  • Arsh Apartment Hotel at a distance of 604 meters
  • Sarein Persian Gulf Rezvan Hotel at a distance of 636 meters
  • Peyman Apartment Hotel at a distance of 820 meters
  • Pedram Hotel 1.2 km away

Tourist Attractions Around Adenamal Sarein Shopping Mall

  • Zoo Fan Sarein at a distance of 7 meters
  • Iranian water treatment complex at a distance of 347 meters
  • Royal Park Hotel water treatment complex at a distance of 1.2 km
  • Anahita Hill 1.3 km away

Address of Adenamal Sarein Shopping Center

Ardabil, Sarein, Simorgh Sarein Square

7- The oldest rapid shopping malls: Atlas Laleh Bazaar

Laleh Atlas Bazaar is located in Valiasr Sarein neighborhood on Danesh Boulevard and in terms of geographical location to many famous hotels in Sarein, ie Ershad Hotel , Kourosh Sarein Hotel and Laleh Hotel are close . Other hotels near the Laleh Atlas Bazaar include the Royal Park Sarein Hotel. One of the most famous and popular restaurants near this bazaar is the big enamel pavilion restaurant.

بازار اطلس لاله

Other attractions around this market include the modern Darreh Lor Sui water treatment complex, Ceylan Sarein Ardabil hydrotherapy complex and Gavmish Goli mineral spa. High variety, excellent quality and reasonable prices are some of the things that have made this shopping center one of the most popular shopping malls.

Laleh Sarein Atlas Market Address

Ardabil, Sarein, Danesh Blvd., Valiasr St., between Shirzad and Gavmish Goli Square

Shopping is not just a hobby if …

Shopping from Sarein Shopping Malls will not be just a few hours of entertainment for tourists, because despite the high variety of goods in all these complexes, shopping from Sarein will become a tourist tour for you with the possibility of buying essentials. As you have read in this article, we have introduced the fast-paced markets that are very popular among tourists and locals alike.

If you are looking for a shopping experience from a border market, the cocoon market on the border of Iran and Azerbaijan will be one of the best choices for you. From which of the above markets do you buy Sarein city souvenirs?

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