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Ini village; A unique village in the green region of Ardabil

Ini village is the largest village located in Moghan plain and consists of three parts: upper ini, middle ini and lower ini. Attractions of Ini village include Ini Qalasi, fire temple, ancient hills, another old town and Ghariban Mosque. Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where this village is and get to know its sights more than before.

The geographical coordinates of this region are 38 degrees and 59 minutes latitude and 48 degrees and 9 minutes east longitude and it borders Azerbaijan from the north. The attractions of Ini village are from the east to Alaileh and Bereh villages, from the south to Quzlu Moghan village and from the west to Chalak village. According to the article, “Where is the village of Ini?”

The original inhabitants of this region were nomads who migrated every year from the pastures and mountain slopes of Ini to a village called Shoor Daragh. According to the article, where is the village of Ini? You should know that the closest village to the winter of the people of Ini is Hachakand. The lands of this winter village were barren a hundred years ago, but have been purchased and settled by landlords over the past century.

At the top of the peak, which also has a steep slope, there is a wall around three basins and a ground full of lime, which the locals know as the castle; A castle whose construction time is unknown to anyone. According to the elders of the village, there were many settlements on the slopes of the castle and the village of Ini, to which the castle belonged. One of these settlements is the other, which is still like an ancient city of scenic areas. The pools inside the castle are 2 to 4 and a half meters deep. There are many historical tombs, mortar and broken pottery around the castle, which, unfortunately, have been looted many times by illegal diggers.

It is located in the northwest of the village of Ini Ardabil, which is located at the foot of Mount Shin Avar. These sections are now called Digar, Bolani, Jin Lou Darreh and Qarghadolanmaz. Although this place is currently agricultural land, but locals talk a lot about the existence of stone walls in this area. There is no information about this ancient region of Ardabil province in the official sources, but word of mouth has shown the high security of this city and apparently, its name has been registered in some books in the former Soviet Union.

The northern part of the village is attached to a mountain peak called Aydin Chalan. Aydin was a name in the past for storing livestock and livestock. The grassless part of the mountain was black and was remembered from the time of the Russian invasion or, as the locals called it, the invasion of Newkhov. The area is said to have lost its vegetation due to artillery shelling by Najaf Qoli Khan. The Bash Yol section or the upper part of the mountain, which consists of rocks, has no way to Gozrun and Bozdagh mountains. The Ortaul or the middle path has a short path 30 to 40 cm wide to reach Gozron and Bozdagh, and Qaraqush Ochen is located on the left side of this huge 40 meter rock.

Ini Glacier has a cave in the north of the village, which is about one kilometer from Ini. One of the features of this refrigerator is that on a normal hot day, by entering this refrigerator, you will experience a temperature of zero degrees. Unfortunately, in the last 10 years, the entrance to this area has become very narrow due to numerous earthquakes. In the past, the existence of this glacier was considered a miracle, its ice was used in summer and to thank, when a piece of bread or a dear object arrived, it was believed that two black and white snakes were responsible for protecting this divine miracle. And the people protected themselves from the bites of these two snakes by giving them bread.

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