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Introducing 11 of the most famous shopping centers in Urmia

Introducing 11 of the most famous shopping centers in Urmia

Have you bought air? Purchasing therapy is an unwritten rule that we go to when we are not in place. You will probably buy some days to get better. Sometimes you buy the things you need, and sometimes if you are traveling to another city, you provide souvenirs for those around you. In any case, buying is buying, and in no way can it be simply ignored. In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we are going to discuss the sweet shopping topic in the city of Urmia and introduce the shopping centers of Urmia.

Reza Bag and Shoes Commercial Complex is located in Imam Street of Urmia and one of its entrance doors is located in Besat Street.

Where is the northern market of Urmia?

Urmia North Bazaar is located at the beginning of North Street, southwest of Urmia and is a place to buy from various guilds including textiles, clothing, jewelry and cosmetics.

What is the largest shopping center in Urmia?

Turkmal is the largest shopping center in Urmia, which is located on Daneshkadeh Street.

Where is the Masters Shopping Mall?

Ustad Ostan Street is one of the most important streets in Urmia, which has many shopping malls, shops and boutiques. Masters Shopping Center is also located in this area.

Why is shopping cheap in Urmia?

Urmia is one of the border cities of Iran. In this city, due to its proximity to Turkey, many foreign products and goods with reputable brands are more easily prepared and sold in shopping centers in Urmia. Shopping in Urmia is convenient for all tastes and needs, this city has both luxury مج commercial complexes and old markets. If you are from Urmia or you are a traveler of this city for a few days and you do not know many places to shop, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to introduce 11 of the most famous shopping centers in Urmia to know where to buy quality products and at what price.

Unfortunately, there were no accurate and high quality photos of Urmia shopping centers on various sites so that we could share them with you. We had to use limited photos and count on your cooperation. If you are from Urmia or you are a traveler of this city and you would like to help complete this article, you can contact us via email or comments section.

1- Ahandoust Street Bazaar in Urmia

Anyone from Urmia knows Ahandoust Street well. This street is one of the busiest and oldest streets in the center of Urmia, which has become one of the most important shopping centers in Urmia due to the variety of shops and stores.

مراکز خرید ارومیه Ahandoust Street, which is known as Ahandoust Street Bazaar in Urmia It is full of all kinds of restaurants with delicious traditional food and specialized home appliance stores. If you are planning to buy dowry and buy home appliances such as audio, video system, kitchen utensils, etc., you can definitely get the supplies you need at reasonable prices.

Address of Ahandoust Bazaar in Urmia: West Azerbaijan, Urmia, Ahandoust Street

Ahandoust Street Bazaar in Urmia on Google Map

2- Turkmal Commercial Complex

Turkmal is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Urmia that if you want to shop in Urmia, you must visit it. This commercial and recreational complex was opened in 1397 in an area of ​​40,000 square meters to be a perfect space for the supply of quality foreign products.

Turkmal has 5 floors and includes various sections such as hypermarkets, shops and stores offering reputable Turkish brands, children’s playgrounds, restaurants and food courts.

مجتمع تجاری تورک مال

Of course, due to the newly established collection , A number of Turkmall stores have not been activated yet. Turkmal has a multi-storey car park and you do not have to worry about finding a parking space. This complex is in the category of expensive shopping centers according to the products it offers.

Turkmal Address: West Azerbaijan, Urmia, Daneshkadeh St. (Shahid Beheshti)

Phone: 33479117-044

Turkmall Commercial Complex on Google Map

3- Berlin Commercial Complex of Urmia Shopping Centers

The Berlin Commercial Complex, also known as the Berlin Passage, is one of the oldest shopping malls in Urmia. The complex often has men’s and women’s clothing stores and a variety of bags and shoes. The shops of this passage do not have branded and foreign products, which is why most of the products have a reasonable price and acceptable quality.

The appearance of the Berlin shopping complex may not be like the new and modern luxury passages, but the reasonable prices of the shops and the good quality of the products have made this passage a good place to shop in Urmia.

Two floors of the Berlin Passage are dedicated to clothing stores, one floor is a children’s playhouse and the other floors are for commercial and residential use. Although this complex is not very large, you can find many things you need with a little walk between the shops of the passage.

Address of Berlin Commercial Complex: West Azerbaijan, Urmia, Farhangian Town, North First Street, First Alley

Berlin Commercial Complex on Google Map

Amirkabir Commercial Complex, due to its location in the city center, is located on one of the busiest streets in Urmia and many people buy from it daily.

مجتمع تجاری امیر کبیر The shops of Amirkabir Complex include clothing stores, jewelry, cosmetics and a movie and music store. On the ground floor, there is a large pond with flower and plant decorations that you will surely enjoy seeing.

Due to the fact that Amirkabir Passage is located in the center of the city and on Khayyam Street, which is completely paved, it is very difficult to find a parking space and it is better to use the public parking lots in the surrounding neighborhoods. One of the features of Amirkabir Passage is its convenient access to different areas of the city.

Address of Amirkabir Commercial Complex: West Azerbaijan, Urmia, South Khayyam Street

Amirkabir Commercial Complex on Google Map

مراکز خرید ارومیه

Address of Paco Passage: West Azerbaijan, Urmia, Street North, First Alley

Paco Passage location on Google Map

Touba Commercial Complex, like many shopping malls in Urmia, is located on Imam Street in the city center. Among the newly opened markets in Urmia, this commercial complex is considered to be one of the relatively luxurious passages of the city, which has various commercial units, including the sale of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc.

پاساژ طوبی

Among the facilities of Touba Commercial Complex is its multi-storey car park Which is a great blessing in a crowded street of Imam Street. The geographical location of Touba Commercial Complex is such that if you visit it with the intention of sightseeing and shopping, you can easily visit the passages and markets of Urmia, coffee shops and restaurants around Touba Complex.

Address of Touba Commercial Complex: West Azerbaijan, Urmia, Imam Street, after the 8th Alley

Touba Commercial Complex on Google Map

8- Tanakura Passage from Urmia Shopping Centers

Tanakura of Urmia is one of the shopping centers of Urmia that has long had many fans and has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Urmia. Tanakura Passage is one of the largest markets for second-hand foreign clothing in the country, which has changed a lot over the years depending on the circumstances.

Goods available in Tanakura, Urmia are all kinds of clothes for women, men, children, sports equipment, bags and shoes, second-hand or stock with prominent foreign brands that are sold at reasonable prices.

پاساژهای ارومیه بورس کفش از مراکز خرید ارومیه

It is true that we with We will introduce the name of Tanakura Passage to this shopping center, but the fact is that Tanakura of Urmia is more like a market with several different rows and shops than the common idea that we all have of the passage.

The first few orders are for the sale of clothing or apparel, and the last few are for the sale of bags, shoes, and sports equipment. Of course, today a number of Tanakura shops also offer first-hand and new foreign products to customers.

Tanakura Passage has been rebuilt after several different fires in different periods, and considering that it will take you a few hours to get to Tanakura Bazaar, it is better to know that Tanakura Urmia has a bathroom and parking. It is open.

Tanakura address of Urmia: West Azerbaijan, Urmia, at the beginning of Urmia-Oshnoyeh road

Tanakura Passage on Google Map

9- Azerbaijan Passage

Azerbaijan Passage or Azerbaijan Shopping Center is one of the shopping centers in Urmia, which has commercial units such as selling clothes, rhinestones, mobile accessories and parts, and so on. It can be said that the first and ground floors of this passage are active and the upper floors are not very prosperous.

The price of the goods sold in the shopping center of Azerbaijan is reasonable and its access to Khayyam Pavement Street and the surrounding shops has created a good location for this passage. Azerbaijan Passage does not have a parking lot, but you can park your car in the surrounding streets at convenient times.

پاساژ آذربایحان

Address of Azerbaijan Passage: West Azerbaijan, Urmia, Khayyam Street , Khayyam Square

Access: The location of the shopping center of Azerbaijan is such that it can be accessed from several different streets, including South Khayyam Street, Jihad Square and Bakri.

Azerbaijan Passage on Google Map

10- Servo Border Bazaar

Border markets are shopping malls that operate in areas close to the border and provide imported goods at a more reasonable price to buyers. Sarv border bazaar is one of the markets in Urmia, which is located on Sarv city road in Urmia.

This bazaar is one of the shopping centers in Urmia, which consists of several shops next to each other. This bazaar is a place for selling Turkish men’s and women’s clothing, cosmetics, and food packaged with reputable brands.

Sarv border bazaar has an open space as an open parking lot and with quality products and reasonable prices, it has many fans among the people of Urmia and tourists.

Sarv border market address: West Azerbaijan, Sarv, 55 km to Sarv customs

Turkish market on Google Map

11- Urmia shopping centers in Ostadan street

Ustadan Street in Urmia is one of the most luxurious and famous neighborhoods of Urmia. Many shopping centers in Urmia are located in the area of Daneshkadeh and Ostadan Street, and many residents of Urmia visit these shopping centers and boutiques of Ostadan Street every day.

Due to the fact that the number of masters’ commercial complexes is very large, instead of introducing them one by one, we provide you with a complete list of the names of commercial complexes so that you can dedicate a full day of your program to walking on this street.

مرکز خرید میلاد از مراکز خرید ارومیه

It is better to inform you about the price category of the goods of these centers in advance, that due to the location and foreignness of the goods, the prices will be higher than other markets in Urmia.

The large number of boutiques and shops on Ostadan Street will catch your eye at first glance. Among the commercial complexes of this region, we can mention Milad Noor Commercial Complex, Jabiz Shopping Center, Azemi Commercial Complex, Pardis Shopping Center and Ostadan تجاری Commercial Complex. Each of these local centers are for buying all kinds of clothes with foreign brands, home decoration accessories, bags, bags, cosmetics and..

Of course, it should be noted that some of the shops in some shopping centers are still inactive, so it is better not to be surprised to see them.

To buy, you must have an accountant!

According to the explanations we have given in this article, arithmetic work has been done so far. Buying from Urmia is not a difficult task, you just need to know exactly what is better to go and where to go, which of course you now know by reading this article. In general, the concentration of shopping centers in Urmia is more in some areas and streets of the city, such as Ostadan Street, Daneshkadeh area or Imam Street. Depending on the region and the type of goods, the price range of products is different, it is better to know that the price classification in the upper areas of the city, such as Ostadan Street, is higher than the downtown areas.

مراکز خرید ارومیه

Finally, due to the concentration of shopping malls, if you decide to visit one of the malls, you will probably have the opportunity to visit the surrounding shopping malls or markets. Urmia is a pleasant city with warm-hearted and friendly people, wherever you have a serious problem, you can count on their hospitality.

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