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Introducing Afifabad Garden in Shiraz and all its beauties

In this article, I want to show you the Green Garden door, which is located in Shiraz. Like many people, you probably do not have happy memories with (showing them in the green garden), but believe me, I have no false promises, and this article is really about the door behind the Afifabad garden in Shiraz with a sea of ​​tall green trees and flowers. Colorful awaits you. If you still do not trust me, you can turn the article around a bit to see its pictures, then a new meaning of green garden will come to your mind, which is completely beautiful.

In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we will give you complete information about Afifabad Garden in Shiraz, which of course many people give it to The name of Golshan Garden in Shiraz is known. This garden was built during the Safavid period, which has undergone many changes in the following years, and now it has become a military museum and a unique garden for sightseeing in Travel to Shiraz and tourists. Read a little about the history of Afifabad garden in Shiraz and then get acquainted with the details of different parts of the mansion, this way you will find a way to walk in the garden very quickly and before you reach Shiraz, you will find yourself in the path of Afifabad garden.

What is the best time to visit Afifabad Garden?

The best time to visit Afifabad Garden in Shiraz is spring, but this garden has its own charms in other seasons of the year.

Where is the address of Afifabad Garden?

Fars province, Shiraz, end of Afifabad street

What are the sights in this garden?

Afifabad Garden in Shiraz includes various sections such as the Royal Palace, the Military Museum, the Museum of Lessons, the Persian Garden and the traditional bath and coffee house, which are open to the public.

How old is the garden and how much is it?

Afifabad Garden in Shiraz was built during the Safavid period in an area of ​​nearly 127 thousand square meters, which was later changed and reconstructed during different historical periods.

History of Afifabad Garden in Shiraz

Afifabad Garden of Shiraz, with an area of ​​nearly 127,000 meters, is one of the historical gardens of Iran, which has emerged from the heart of the ups and downs of history and still stands. During the Safavid period, this garden was known as one of the personal properties of the ruler of Persia, Yaqub Khan Zolghadr, and a promenade for the Safavid kings. In the center of the garden, a huge stone castle called Golshan Castle was built.

تاریخچه باغ عفیف آباد شیراز During the Qajar period, the garden was bought by one of the powerful families of Shiraz, Mirza Ali Khan Ghavam-ol-Molk. Qawam al-Mulk issued orders to renovate the garden and purchased an aqueduct 15 km away to irrigate the garden. Due to the fact that a large part of Golshan Castle was worn out and destroyed, in 1284 AH, a beautiful two-story mansion was replaced by a worn castle. This mansion is the same beautiful building that you still see in the chaste garden of Ayad Shiraz. At the end of the Qajar period, the garden was entrusted to a person named Afifa Khanum, the niece of the garden’s founder. Ms. Afifa made many changes in different parts of the garden, so since then the name of the garden was changed to Afifabad Garden.

During the Pahlavi era, the heirs of the garden gave it as a gift to Farah Pahlavi, but in the end, the Afifabad garden was bought by the army during an auction in 1340. After this incident, Afifabad was repaired and rebuilt in seven years, following the example of the Palace of Versailles.

تاریخچه باغ عفیف آباد شیراز Even after the revolution of the Islamic Republic, this garden remained in the possession of the army and on April 20, 1991, Army Day, The title of Military Museum No. 2 was reopened and is open to the public. The Afifabad Garden Collection in Shiraz was registered in the list of national monuments in 1351.

Different parts of Afifabad garden in Shiraz

Afifabad Garden of Shiraz, as one of the sights of Shiraz that has a historical and recreational aspect, has different sections. The whole garden is a complex of the royal palace with two military museums and a museum of lessons, a bath, a traditional coffee house and an Iranian garden that is open to the public. In the following, I will introduce these sections.

Main Royal Palace

The main royal palace of Afifabad Garden in Shiraz is a two-story mansion that is very similar in architecture and structure to Eram Garden in Shiraz. This mansion with 30 halls and nested rooms is a pleasant combination of Achaemenid, Sassanid and Qajar architecture.

کاخ سلطنتی اصلی At first glance, your eyes fell on a huge mansion with a large and open porch surrounded by tall columns. It is interesting to know that all the rooms on the second floor have access to the porch. In the porch space, the moment of coronation of one of the Sassanid kings has become tiled and immortal.

The main building is located on the north side of the palace, which leads to a few stone steps to the main hall. The entrance has four columns with capitals similar to the capitals of Persepolis. In this section, the most attractive point is the wooden roof and oil paintings that cover the entire interior of the roof.

کاخ سلطنتی اصلی

The eastern view of Afifabad Palace in Shiraz is a large porch that is the main part of the exterior of the mansion. On both sides of the building, there are two terraces with eight columns. Remember to walk around the mansion and be sure to take a souvenir photo with it.

Military Museum

When you walk to the first floor of the Afifabad Garden mansion in Shiraz, the architecture and interior decorations with colorful lights that shine through the window give the space a pleasant feeling, as if this floor is not a military museum.

موزه نظامی Perhaps one of the interesting paradoxes of the Military Museum is that all these dangerous and rude weapons are arranged in such a delicate atmosphere. have became. In the middle of the hall, a beautiful fountain reflects the beautiful design of the ceiling and walls in the water, and all the walls are designed with a wheat stone design (a design and pattern similar to wheat, in a cream background).

In the military museum of Bagh Afifabad, all the weapons related to different periods of history are exhibited. This museum is one of the largest weapons museums. The Military Museum displays a large number of firearms, swords, armor, rifles, pistols and more. This museum includes a valuable and spectacular collection of weapons of important people in history such as Fath Ali Shah, Nasser al-Din Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah, Reza Shah and Muzaffar al-Din Shah.

موزه نظامی Ebrat museum

The first floor of the mansion is connected to the second floor through three steps. This floor has a long corridor with nested rooms on either side. The corridor leads you to the center of the floor, which is the large and luxurious hall of Afifabad Garden in Shiraz. At first glance, you can see the sunlight coming from the glass windows to the halls and bedspreads of the hall.

موزه عبرت It is true that the beauty of the door and the wall of the main hall is impressive, but lift your head and look at the ceiling. The roof of the hall is made of wood, which is elegantly painted all over with floral and plant designs, feasts and joy. Another sight of the hall is the two marble stoves which are located in the north and south of the hall.

موزه عبرت باغ عفیف آباد I said so much about the beauty of the hall that I forgot to talk about the Museum of Lessons. This floor is known as the Museum of Lessons, which is a place to store and display the personal belongings of the Pahlavi family.

The museum consists of several sections, including a conference room, living room, dressing room, study room, reception and casino. The original and precious carpets of the rooms and Farah Pahlavi’s personal piano are among the most important accessories that are exhibited in the Museum of Ebrat.

موزه عبرت باغ عفیف آباد Persian Garden

Afifabad Garden in Shiraz is one of the most beautiful traditional gardens in Iran, with its tall trees and beautiful flowers that caress the eyes of every tourist. Due to its green space, this garden is one of the most popular places in Shiraz, which is a good place for hiking and friendly appointments.

Persian garden with the sound of birds, the sound of the wind among the leaves of trees, in spring with orange blossoms, in summer with orange fragrance and in autumn and winter with its white and orange color all five senses Employs man. Unfortunately, at present, paying attention to the garden’s flowers is not as important as the time of its construction and it does not have the former settlement, but Shiraz Golshan Garden is still the first choice of Shiraz residents for fun and a fresh breath.

باغ ایرانی traditional bath

This traditional bath is located in the western part of Afifabad Garden in Shiraz. The structure of the bath is similar to other traditional Iranian baths, but its traditional Iranian architecture has created a spectacular atmosphere. The interior walls of the bath are decorated with reliefs of famous old stories such as Farhad’s role in Biston Mountain, people’s meeting with Khosro Parviz Sassanid, Yusuf’s entrance stage to the Egyptian women.

The traditional bath of Golshan Garden in Shiraz has two reservoirs of cold water and hot water. The hot water of the reservoir is supplied by a large copper pot on the bottom of the reservoir. The minaret over the roof of the bathroom came out. The roof of the traditional bath has a minaret and a dome (small dome). This bathroom has been renovated over the years and can be said to be a little far from its former originality.

حمام سنتی باغ عفیف آباد coffee shop

The traditional coffee house of Afifabad Garden in Shiraz is located right next to the traditional bath in the western part of the garden. In the past, the coffee house was a place for the Qajar princes to rest, have fun and smoke hookah. The brick walls and Iranian architecture of the coffee house have given a completely traditional feeling to the space. Of course, we should not forget that a small pond in the middle of the coffee house is charming.

The coffee house has six rooms with designed tiles. The design of the tiles is a visual description of the important stories of Shahnameh, such as the story of Zahak and Kaveh Ahangar, Zal and Simorgh, the battle of Rostam and Sohrab, the battle of Tahman and the white demon. And it is the battle of Rostam and Esfandiar. Of course, the space of the coffee house does not have the beauty of its old days due to the commercialization of the building, but it is still one of the sights of Shiraz and seeing colorful and attractive images of Shahnameh on the wall is not without grace.

قهوه‌خانه باغ عفیف آباد Various garden amenities for tourists

Due to the fact that Afifabad Garden in Shiraz is one of the most important tourist destinations in Shiraz, various amenities and recreational facilities have been provided for tourists and visitors. The amenities of Golshan Garden in Shiraz include a wedding hall and a guest house, a bathroom, a swimming pool, a traditional coffee house, a bathroom, a bookstore, a handicraft shop, a tennis and volleyball court, and a booth for renting traditional clothes for photography.

امکانات رفاهی مختلف باغ برای گردشگران Sports facilities, halls and guesthouses are at the disposal of the army, the use of these facilities is open to the public. And to use them you must make the necessary arrangements to make a reservation.

Afifabad Garden Visiting Hours

Visiting Afifabad Garden in Shiraz is possible in the first half of the year from 8 am to 7 pm and in the second half of the year from 8 am to 5 pm. The price of an entrance ticket is 5,000 Tomans for domestic tourists and 50,000 Tomans for foreign tourists.

ساعات بازدید باغ شیراز Best time to visit the garden

You must have heard a lot about Shiraz and its unique description in spring, especially in May. Spring is the best season to visit Shiraz, but Afifabad Shiraz Garden is also attractive in other seasons of the year and visiting it will be a pleasant experience.

Where is the garden of Afifabad in Shiraz?

Address of Afifabad Garden in Shiraz: Fars Province, Shiraz, at the end of Afifabad Street

Access to Golshan Garden in Shiraz is possible by bus, metro, taxi and private car. If you plan to travel by bus, you must board the buses on Esteghlal Boulevard and get off at the armored station. From this station, walk to the garden for a few minutes.

باغ عفیف آباد شیراز کجاست؟

If you use the subway, you have to get off at Avini station and then take a taxi on Afifabad Street and get off at the end of the street.

If you are with a personal car, easily find your way with the help of Afifabad Garden location in Shiraz on Google Map.

Afifabad Garden of Shiraz on Google Map

A place for good days and bad days

If you had a bad day that your heart wants to forget, if you had a good day that you want to keep the taste in your heart for a few more hours, it is better to visit Afifabad Garden in Shiraz. From the entrance, the beauty of the garden with palm trees around the pond will make you feel good.

جایی برای روزهای خوب و روزهای بد

If you are visiting Golshan Garden in Shiraz for the first time, spend a few hours exploring the mansion, visit the museums and look at the beautiful wooden roof of the mansion, which you will not see anywhere else with such taste and elegance.

جایی برای روزهای خوب و روزهای بد

Given that spring is the best season to visit this garden, you may encounter crowds and crowds in the park during this period, which of course is quite natural. But if you want to visit the garden in private, it is better to consider this issue.

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