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Introducing Amameh village of sights around Tehran

Imam village! It is not possible to be from Tehran and have not heard the name of this place. A very beautiful village with a variety of natural tourist attractions, which, of course, is full of historical and incredible stories. If you would like to hear the stories of this village, make a picture of its tourist attractions in your mind and then travel to the end of this article with Alibaba Tourism Magazine.

What is the route from Tehran to Imama village?

From Shahid Babaei Highway, you will reach Lashgarg Road, following the signs of the Imams on this road.

What is the distance from Tehran to Imam village?

Tehran to Imam is about 50 km away from the road.

Is it possible to rent a house in Imama village?

Yes, there are all kinds of villas and rental suites in this village.

Where is the village of Imame?

The village of Imama may not be interesting for those who are from this city, but surely if you are a traveler and a nature lover, it does not matter which city is an attractive destination for travel. Imameh is a part of the central paradise of Iran, which is located on the north side of Tehran. Shemiranat, which is not less than Golestan and Gilan, is not a village in the heart where there is a needle.

I suggest you read this article to the end to get to know the village of Imama better and get acquainted with its tourist attractions. Getting to know the Imam means getting to know the destination of ten trips in a row, none of which are the same.

Paradise weather in different seasons

Among all the factors that can make or break a trip to a destination, the weather is the first and most important option. It is better to relax your mind about this first, because the village of Imameh is one of the most pleasant climate areas of Shemiranat in Tehran. Walking in the garden alley of this village is like walking among the trees of the northern forests. Very clean weather, which I am sure will relax your lung filters for a few days, because there is no need for an oxygen filter in this area.

Season ‌ Season This village has different conditions. Autumn, the great autumn of the village of Imama, takes place. The trees adorn the street with orange and yellow, and the red carpet is spread out to greet. Autumn is the season of lovers in this village, so if you are in love, arrange a trip for two.

آب و هوای بهشت در فصل های مختلف If from your grandparents Ask, they must know that the absence of winter means the overgrowth of bacteria and soil diseases. Winter in Imam is just like a doctor who wears white clothes and goes to the earth’s diseases to cure everyone. This village is covered in white from head to toe, the ground from snow and the sky from fog.

A soil free of disease and fungus brings blossoms to fruit trees. The smell of pink blossoms, the cool mountain breeze blowing over the rivers of the region, practically does not let you do anything. I suggest you experience the nature that you dream of in your dreams by being in this area.

آب و هوای بهشت در فصل های مختلف Which tourist attraction replaces relaxation in Imam? ?

Imams seem to be made to entertain you. One of the largest villages around Tehran, where the more you go sightseeing, the less tired you become. Although the village is in good spirits, if you are having fun and adventure, lying in a corner under the pretext of resting in the good weather may upset you. So be sure to change the mood by visiting its tourist attractions.

1- 1000 years old castle of Maziar

Unfortunately, our social networks have trained us to have a positive view of only good quality and image. I do not think we should always look at things this way. In the world of history, it is antiquity that plays the first role. One of the most historical places around Imam Khomeini Castle is Maziar or Imam Castle. A not very healthy building that is about 1000 years old. Yes, for a thousand years, respecting its antiquity, like Moses, we should not walk in his shoes with our shoes.

قلعه 1000 ساله مازیار Maziar Castle is a remnant of stone and mortar and At present, only rooms, towers, stone defensive walls, treasures, the royal part and a few caves remain, however I do not think it will need more to stabilize its great power.

2- Pir Hamzeh big spring

The most vital point for the whole Imam area is Cheshmeh Pir Hamzeh. Sometimes the most vital points are the dumbest. In this case, the spring of Pir Hamzeh, this statement is correct. This spring is located in the peaks of Mehrchal. One of the hard, unknown and of course high peaks of the central Alborz that the lion wants to be and go to.

Pir Hamzeh spring, but its conditions are a little better and you can reach it with a relatively long walk. This spring, which supplies all the water of the village and its rivers, is of great importance and, of course, sacred to the people of Imam.

چشمه آب 3- Imamzadeh Ziba Shah Shah Hossein

If you want to sit in a well-prepared place, make a pilgrimage or think about preparing food, the environment of Shah Hussein Imamzadeh is irrelevant. This Imamzadeh, who is a descendant of Imam Musa Kazem, has a small but complete tomb that surrounds him for a few hours of sleep under the shade of a tree.

Its main tomb is related to the Qajar period and its story goes back to the women of Nasser al-Din Shah’s court. It seems that Anis al-Dawla, the wife of Nasser Khan Qajar, sees a special miracle from that and this issue causes the order to build a tomb to be erected on the grave of the deceased after coming to power.

4- Imamzadeh and the old tree of light

There are two famous imams between the upper and lower imams. The name of Imamzadeh Bala Imamzadeh is Shah Hussein and Imamzadeh Imameh Pa’in is Noor. Both are good options for sitting and shading in a small village, but the environment of Noor Imamzadeh has another feature.

A 400-year-old tree called cypress sempervirens lives here, which many believe can survive for years to come.

امامزاده و درخت قدیمی نور روستای امامه 5- Fruit-rich area of ​​Strait Garden

Slightly divert your steps upwards, your eyes will get used to the divine miracles between the mountains of Central Alborz. The Bagh Tangeh area really has gardens that have been planted in the middle of the mountain and downhill towards the village of Imameh Bala towards Rahatabad. If you want to go to this castle, you have to have the patience to walk. However, the space is so green that you can never lose your greenery.

منطقه میوه خیز باغ تنگه روستای امامه 6- Imam’s professional mountaineering camp

One of the most prominent features of the Imamah area is its various officially registered parts for mountaineering. For many Iranians, the Central Alborz Mountains may be a vague name, but if a name comes up from Damavand, the situation will be different.

The highest peak of Central Alborz is Damavand, which is a short distance from Imam, but its siblings such as Mehrchal, Pirzan, Klum and all are near the village of Imam. This means that if you are a mountaineer, you can easily place the Imam in your resting place or starting point and move towards the high peaks of the region.

امامه کمپ کوهنوردهای حرفه‌ای 7- What is the story of Fatima and Nasser in the Imam’s shrine?

There are always people who uniquely carry the success and reputation of a region. Although the Imamate region was known as one of the royal hunting grounds, it was not so famous that the Nasserite court sent many services and facilities to it.

One of the good spring days when Naser al-Din Shah comes to Imam to hunt, he hunts a girl named Fatima with an unseen arrow. A licorice and pleasant girl who completely changes the spirit of the king. Fatemeh gradually takes the king’s sleeping vein and marries him. This is the turning point in the story of Imam and Fatima.

داستان فاطمه و ناصر در شکرگاه امامه چیست؟ روستای امامه As he grows in the king’s court, facilities, services and constructions Imams are also increasing. The closer Fatima gets to Anisa al-Dawla, the closer the Imam gets to the center of the region. This relationship continued until the death of Nasser al-Din Shah, and this is the reason for the growth of the village of Imam and his reputation as a minor of the Qajar court.

Which tourist attraction should we go from to Imam?

If you go to Google Maps, you will see a different route around the village of Imam. A mountainous route that should not be considered as a path considering the high peaks of that area, but the area of ​​Imam Kam village is not a miracle in Austin.

Either search a bit or join me to find out what this route is? A high wall has been erected from the peaks of Central Alborz between the two villages of Imam and Glukan. Ironically, this wall is very smooth and looks more like a hill than a difficult mountain. This has created a way to walk and visit the surrounding tourist attractions.

از امامه به کدام جاذبه گردشگری برویم؟ The village of Glukan has many tourist attractions that, like Imam, you have to walk to see. This route shows you all the attractions of Glukan village. Waterfalls, plains, rivers and the entire route of the Glukan River, which goes from Imam to this village, is your guide, so by following the water route, which is always the shortest route, you will reach the village of Glukan.

Although the path is a bit flat, you still have to be careful and do not leave the road empty-handed. To cross this route, as the mountaineering federation always recommends, you must first have the right shoes. After shoes, backpacks and essentials are of secondary importance. If you want your heart to be a pill, you have to patiently climb the cane with a cane and a guide.

1- Long and clean glucan waterfall

By traveling in the area of ​​Imama towards Glukan, you have marked thousands with almost one arrow. You see the path, you walk, you climb. Along the way you will see many natural attractions and after all of them you will reach Glukan waterfall.

آبشار بلند و پاک گلوکان This waterfall is made of the same river that the whole route follows you. A very beautiful and spectacular waterfall with small and large pools that store spring water for you. Although the people of Glukan are not hospitable and do not like travelers at all, the waterfall itself welcomes you, so give the villagers the beauty of the waterfall.

2- The vast valley of Klogan

Every scene that comes to mind is not wrong. There are so many natural features on the way to Glucan Falls that sometimes your eyes get used to it and many of them are overlooked. After going from the plains of the path to Glukan waterfall, you will enter a valley of the same name. The bottom of the valley is crossed by the river and it is you who goes up the opposite direction of the water.

دره وسیع کلوگان The beauties of this region are not complete. If you close your eyes, I will explain the path to you right now. Be careful that your left foot does not touch the rock, as water has washed away the dirt beneath it. From now on, you have to lift the hem of the pants, because sometimes the water rises to the knees. If you turn your head to the right, you will see bitter almond and barberry mountain shrubs, a little further on are wild chamomiles with blooming flowers, and just before there are wild anemones that you must have seen.

I suggest you create a unique experience for yourself by traveling to the Glukan area of ​​Imam.

What is the rent like in Imam village?

As mentioned, Imam is the center of all the villages around him. It has features and services that are not available in most of them, and of course there are various reasons for this that we do not address. Fortunately, there are villas or rental suites in this village that are temporarily rented to travelers.

If you go to this area on a travel peak such as a weekend or a holiday, you will naturally encounter high prices, otherwise the prices are closer to reality.

When will we become imams?

As I explained, the journey to the Imam does not know time. Everyone chooses a time according to their own interests, but I do not think we have a better time on our travel list than summer or late spring. Imam is located in a mountainous area. Whether or not the rainy season is dangerous on the roads leading to it, so check your weather maps if you are traveling during the winter.

What time do we get to Imam? ? Imam's Village Although my suggestion is the same as spring trip, but Imam’s autumns are also very beautiful and lovely. Autumn with warm colors, but cold weather; With a land full of dry, celestial leaves more than the pattern of night rains.

Where for Imams? Where? until where? Shall we go?

The total number of routes leading to Imam is two very simple and accessible routes. The first route from Tehran to Imameh is for private cars. Very simple route from Babaei Highway to Lashgarak Road and Imameh village. I suggest you go to Imam Khomeini by car and from this route, because it will save you less time and money.

The second route is by taxi. For this style of travel from Tehran to Imam, you have to go to the taxi station in the east of Tehran. From these stations, any taxi that goes to Fashm will take you to Imam’s, you just have to pay more.

Tehran to Imamate closed?

Tehran is about 50 km away from Imam. A very short distance that also provides this destination for day trips.

Rural imams on the scale of globalization

I do not know why you have not been to Imama before or you have gone and you would like your memories to be refreshed in this regard, but I know that right now you do not care to go to Imama village, eat air, pick seasonal fruits (with permission, of course) and skewer chickens. In any case, we are happy to get acquainted with your experiences from this trip. Zirozbar has identified Imam Khomeini with great care and attention, so share it with other users of Alibaba Tourism Magazine so that we can all be informed.

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