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Introducing Delgosha Garden with all the sights and attractions

There are a thousand types of criteria to understand how prosperous a city is. One of these criteria is the existence of a garden (old) and a park (these days). If we look at Shiraz with the same criteria, we see that it has almost always been one of the prosperous cities of Iran. In the gardens of Shiraz, from the point of view of special architecture to the very suitable climate, everyone joined hands at the top of the list Shiraz sights To be placed. After a little Google search, I found that Delgosha Garden in Shiraz is one of the most beautiful gardens in the city, but does not have complete information.

Where is Delgsha Garden?

Delgosha Garden is located in Shiraz, next to Delgosha Street.

What time is it in Delgosha Garden?

Visiting this garden is easy and unobstructed from 8 am to 11 pm in the first half of the year and from 8 am to 10 pm in the second half of the year.

When is the best time to visit the garden?

Undoubtedly, the feeling of being in the garden of Delgosha in the spring, when the orange blossoms and their perfume fills the sky of Shiraz, is something else.

What are the sights of Delgosha Garden?

Apart from a special space and spectacular nature, Delgosha Garden has an old pergola mansion and two museums that are worth visiting.

What do you know about Delgosha Garden?

From being in the garden of despair, you realize that he is really disappointing. I did not know who chose this name for the garden, but whoever it was had the right choice. Delgosha is a meaningful word for this lovely garden. A garden full of tourist attractions and sights that has a very good feeling.

از باغ دلگشا چه می‌دانید؟

Delgosha Garden Shiraz has a simple but crowded environment. Crowded in terms of variety of situations and simple in its green background color. The garden space is regularly designed to plant thousands of trees. The center of the garden, of course, is the mansion in the middle, but it is the trees of the garden that give the nature of despair to this garden.

Climatically, there is no transmission in the garden (if something does not have “transmission”, it means it is excellent and can not be criticized). An attractive, lovable, enjoyable and dreamy environment where you can enjoy being. One of the prominent features of Delgosha Shiraz Garden, which you can read more about in the following, is its location on the slopes of the high hill of Shiraz.

Starting Delgosha Garden: From Where to Where?

Delgosha has had many ups and downs throughout history. From personal property to government office, it has been established and used. The culmination of Delgosha Garden was when they decided to build it during the Sassanid era. I do not know what your belief in evolution is, but I say that if you create something, it is evolving at every moment, unless it is corrupt. Delgosha Garden has never been corrupted, has not been deserted or has not diminished the interest of others in it, and for this reason it was used even during the Afshari period, when it was a little deserted.

شروع باغ دلگشا: از کجا تا کجا؟ I suggest you to have happy moments for yourself by being in Delgsha Garden Make a number. Good things always belong to everyone. This garden has been breathing since pre-Islamic times and has been responsible for discouraging the people. Many periods have been taken over by certain individuals, but they themselves knew that they could not keep such a gem out of everyone’s sight.

Delgsha Garden Architecture: A Sign of Eternal Originality

When you enter Delgosha Street and walk in front of the garden door, a straight path appears in front of your eyes. The path that is fragrant with moisture mixed with the aroma of the leaves of spring orange trees. This garden is always open for visitors. The straight path that leads to the water atmosphere leads to the middle of the garden, which is a pergola mansion.

معماری باغ دلگشا: نشانی از اصالت همیشگی

The architects of this garden have used the European pergola mansion to design the mansion in the middle of Delgosha Garden, which has given a special beauty and effect to the whole garden.

I suggest that you walk very slowly and carefully from the entrance of the garden to the mansion. The path is full of aroma, smell and good sense of nature. Atmospheric water leads to the pond in front of the building. A large pond with a tall and spectacular fountain. You understand the meaning of “spectacular” when you look down from the balcony in front of the building. Then you will realize how beautiful and attractive this design is.

معماری باغ دلگشا: نشانی از اصالت همیشگی The square pattern developed from the center is also observed in the building. A large hall with a pool in the middle to soften the ambient air is in the middle of the mansion. On the four sides of this pool, four emperors have been built with different facilities. You know, I do not want to go into the artistic description of the architects and the interior image of the building to see them with your own eyes.

I will suffice to the extent that the construction of this mansion is made of quality wood, precise bedding, Islamic designs, mirrors and oval windows.

Let’s look in the garden of despair

Delgosha fascinates you in such a way that I do not think you will see it anywhere else in the coming days. With the moment of presence in this garden, a new space is created with a special aroma and taste. The attractive atmosphere of the garden consists of leaves, bricks and stones. A combination that only Iranian architecture can make a magnificent work from.

در باغ دلگشا بگردیم From the entrance, when you start walking, the best and first way is to follow the water atmosphere. The trail leads to the Pergola Mansion, but the path itself leads to heaven. You will see a step towards paradise when you see the trees of Delgsha Garden. Green trees like (my experimental paradise is under the river), because from above you can see only green except the part of the mansion.

Delgsha Garden Tour Museum

The first floor of the Pergola Mansion is the Delgosha Garden Museum. Of course, the whole building has been filled with old and spectacular monuments due to the cultural heritage of Shiraz, but the first floor is different from the second floor. The first floor is full of antiques such as coins, banknotes and relics of past kings. Spectacular and of course culturally valuable works. Apart from the museum and its works, stained glass windows and windows, murals on the wall and ‌ have also given a special beauty to the environment of the building.

Radio Museum

Going up from the first floor of the building, you will gradually encounter newer but nostalgic works. Radio, gramophone, antique and visual media related to the old media are kept on the second floor of the museum.

موزه رادیو I suggest you feel good from now on in the garden of Delgosha Museum. When you can step into an old building, see and enjoy old artifacts there, it is wrong to step back.

Shiraz Green Palace and its other attractions

In my opinion, language fails to describe and describe the lovely atmosphere of this garden. It is not an exaggeration to consider Delgosha Garden in Shiraz as the best pavilion in Iran. Being in a good position on the slopes of the foothills of Khandaj, original architecture, special order in the growth of trees, very beautiful and attractive pergola mansion are all reasons that this garden can be considered one of the most original pavilions. Its distinctive feature, while having a special beauty and eye-catching, is the simplicity that has been used with the artist.

کوشک سبز شیراز و دیگر جاذبه‌هایش Many of those who are waiting to see a mansion like Saadabad Palace may not like to see this garden, but I am sure if you are a man of literature and poetry, have a little sense of art and enjoy nature, by attending this garden and sitting under the orange spring trees. And you will be happy to smell the scent of its flowers.

Pergola Mansion

The Pergola Mansion is basically the only building in this garden and the best pergola built in Iran. A mansion that is larger, wider than the exterior and interior models, with beautiful emperors and very spectacular decorations. This building is built exactly at the center of gravity of the garden, trees and plants grow around it and in front of it is a large and old pond.

Water that flows from the atmosphere flows into the pools in the middle of life. In the past, this pond was used for washing and softening the ambient air. Around the pool is the Pergola Mansion Hall, and its emperors are built on four sides of the hall. The whole building has two floors, the upper floor has a balcony overlooking the large courtyard pond. If you want to see the best possible view of Delgosha Garden, this is the best way to be here.

عمارت کلاه فرنگی It can be concluded that the reason for the tall and thick windows that have been used around the building is to watch the pleasant atmosphere created for the yard. These windows are usually made of solid wood with burnt brown color and stained glass. It is rounded on top of each window, which is placed in a rectangle perpendicular to the ground, and has given them a special shape.

The most beautiful part of the pergola mansion is the mirror room on the second floor. This room is one of the main points of the building and is decorated with precise and prominent mirrors. It is not an exaggeration to compare the masterpiece of mirror work of this mansion with Saadabad Palace or the artists of Imam Reza shrine.

Beautiful yard of Delgosha Garden

The first thing that catches the eye of visitors in the Delgosha Garden is the soaring palm trees that only God knows have seen several periods of life in this place. The palms of this garden are like the pillars of the sky, because their heads are really high and high. Around each palm is a lawn that is beautifully watered and adjusted to have the best appearance.

حیاط زیبا باغ دلگشا

In addition to the items mentioned in the green space of this garden, cypress, seasonal flowers and even fruit trees have been used in many places.

yard pond

One of the special points of the garden is the place where the pond was built. The garden pond of this garden is located in front of the main entrance of the pergola mansion and irrigates the whole garden with the water of the aqueduct that comes from Saadiyeh to here. This pond has large dimensions and is rectangular in shape. Of course, this type of pond has been built in other parts of the garden to store and supply water to the trees. All ponds and ponds are in the color of Neishabour turquoise to show the originality of the first letter in the architecture of the garden.

When and where do we promise to meet?

If you think that you should go to Delgosha Garden and Shiraz in general except spring, you are sorely mistaken. In general, I believe that one of the reasons that made Saadi and Hafez rise above this land was nothing but the poetic atmosphere of its gardens in spring. The scent of spring orange and white flowers, a cool breeze that gives your skin nothing but freshness and can be felt in the spring clothes of this garden.

Who and where promised to meet We? The door of Delgosha Garden is open to all Iranians from morning till night. Of course, it is better to know that the garden management closes the garden at 23:00 in the first half of the year and at 22:00 in the second half of the year. This garden is located exactly between Delgsha and Narenjestan streets in Shiraz. At the foot of the mountain and about one kilometer south of Saadieh Shiraz. I do not know if you are a navigator or like me you can not navigate at all, so I attach a Google Map map so you can easily find the location of the garden.

Delgosha Garden on Google Map

Problems like Delgsha Garden

Perhaps the most beautiful appointments are not always in its famous place. Although many travelers like to read the poems of Hafez and Saadi in their tombs, I strongly believe that Bagh-e Delgosha is the best place to talk to Hafez and hear advice from Saadi Shirin Bayan.

A cozy and safe place, especially on spring nights for those who want to sit on a bench and read a poem, maybe talk to someone or think at all. We are happy for you to write to us about the good mood you had in this garden. The joy of travel always appears in the long and long definitions after that.

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