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Introducing Jahannama Garden with all its facilities and beauties

Surely, once upon a time, your passage to Shiraz was beautiful. The fact is that when you experience a trip to Shiraz , choosing between the gardens of Shiraz is very difficult. It is really difficult to see which garden to visit first and spend your limited time in which garden in Shiraz, and we introduce Jahannama Garden as one of these options.

For this reason, this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine will help you to get more acquainted with the angles of Shiraz World Garden and exactly Know what awaits you in this beautiful and charming garden.

Where is the World Garden?

Jahan Nama Garden is located at the end of Hafezieh Street, and after visiting the tomb of Hazrat Hafez, you can also see this garden.

How can you access the World Garden?

To reach Jahan Nama Garden, you have to go to Hafezieh Street. A personal car is one of the ways you can access memory. Taxis and buses are other ways to access the World Garden.

What are the garden visiting hours?

In the first six months of the year, you can visit the Jahan Nama Garden from 8:30 AM to 8 PM. But in the fall and winter months, these hours may be different.

World Garden Background

Shiraz World View Garden also existed in the eighth century AH. This beautiful garden was located in the path of the blue sky at that time and for this reason its development has always been guaranteed. In all these centuries, the trees of the garden have been extremely green and fresh, and that is why it has been called the ornament of the world.

باغ جهان نما

But Karima Khan Zand gave the ultimate glory to Jahan Nama Garden. Karim Khan ordered a fence around the garden and trees on both sides of the street leading to the garden. The mansion in the middle of the garden was also built by his order. This mansion has a polygonal roof and is considered one of the best examples of architecture of its time.

The outline of the world view garden with its marble pond and gardens is a view that will not be easily forgotten by anyone. This is also true of the greatest historians and Iranologists of history, and the beautiful description of this garden is found in many old historical books.

General architecture of the world view garden

Iranian gardens generally have several basic characteristics: a stream of water flowing through the garden, a garden house in the middle of the garden, and a large pond in front of the garden house. Shiraz World Garden has all these features and has provided them in the best way for visitors.

زیبایی ها و درختکاری ها The water atmosphere that passes through the garden is a factor that promotes prosperity and It has provided the beauty of the garden all these years. The house in the middle of the garden is an octagonal mansion with windows all around it. And finally, the pool in the middle of the yard, the fountain of which has been left since ancient times.

World Garden Name

As mentioned, Jahan Nama Garden had its greatest glory and beauty during the reign of Karim Khan Zand. For this reason, the garden was also called Vakil Garden at that time. But during the period when Fath Ali Shah was the governor of Persia, its name was changed and this garden was called Jahannama. During the Timurid period, Timur Gurkhani was so in love with the world-famous garden that he ordered a sample to be made in Samarkand. That is why there is another world-famous garden in Samarkand, which is just as spectacular.

باغ حهان نما Gardens around the world’s beauty

If we look at the world view garden from above, we see four streets, both sides of which are covered with cypress and Portuguese trees. In one of these streets, a blue atmosphere is created that leads to the garden wall. The atmosphere is decorated with small fountains that add the audible sound of water to the beautiful view of the trees.

It seems that Karim Khan Zand was very interested in the number eight because the building and the garden were filled with symbols with the number eight, and mentioning them is not without merit. The first and most important of these symbols is the building in the middle of the garden, which is also called the Pergola Mansion. The octagonal roof of this building still stands after all these years. The facade of our building is covered with empty and unadorned bricks. However, some experts believe that this facade was previously decorated with tiles and stones, which the cruel hand of time has taken out of our reach.

باغ سراسر زیبایی جهان نما In addition to the octagonal building, there are eight cypress trees on each of the garden streets. The high water atmosphere of the garden has eight sections, and each of these sections has eight small fountains. Considering that it is said that in ancient Iran, the number eight was a sacred number and was considered a symbol of luck and good fortune, it seems that the repetition of this number is not accidental.

Best time to visit the garden

May is the best month to travel to Shiraz and visit the garden. In spring, go to Jahan Nama Garden and get intoxicated by the unique aroma of spring orange and watching the soaring cypress trees. Beyond the cypresses, you can see the fresh and fresh view of the Zagros Mountains, which are and have been like a compassionate father behind the shelter of Shiraz.

بهترین زمان برای دیدن باغ At the beginning of spring, a variety of colorful flowers are planted in the garden to show their ultimate beauty in May. Even Hazrat Hafez could not ignore the beauty of this garden in spring and in his poems he mentioned this garden as beautiful and green.

Emarat Kushk Bagh Jahan Nama

Today, Jahan Nama Garden is at the disposal of Shiraz Broadcasting and may not be available to the public every day. But until a few days ago, the mansion was a museum that visitors to the garden could visit. In addition, Shiraz handicraft and souvenir shops were set up in the mansion, where visitors could buy a variety of handmade jewelry and snacks specific to Shiraz.

عمارت کوشک باغ جهان نما Another interesting thing about the mansion is its windows. Until a few years ago, the mansion had wooden windows that surrounded the building. But the private owner of the garden replaced the windows with iron ones in order to restore the building. Many antiquities and architecture experts believe that this change is aimed at destroying the visual appearance of the building and iron has no place in the type of pavilion architecture.

Hours of visiting Shiraz World Garden

If you want to visit Jahan Nama Garden, the doors of this garden are open on you from 8:30 AM until 8 PM. Of course, these hours are for the first six months of the year and may change due to cold and darkness.

باغ جهان نما The entrance ticket to this garden is 3 thousand Tomans for Iranians and 15 thousand Tomans for foreign tourists. Of course, to visit the world view garden, you must remember two points. First of all, Jahan Nama Garden is closed on the days of martyrdom, and you must check the calendar when visiting. Secondly, as mentioned, the world view garden may be at the disposal of the radio and television. So before you go to this garden, call and check if the garden is available for public viewing.

باغ جهان نما Where is the World Garden?

This garden is one of the first gardens that will be available to you as soon as you arrive in Shiraz. This beautiful garden is located on Hafez Street, and after visiting Hafeziyeh, you can visit this garden and immerse yourself in nature and the sound of water. If you do not want to use a private car to go to the garden, buses and taxis are also available.

To use the bus, you must use the Valiasr-Roknabad terminal line or the Kolbeh-Roknabad Square line. Take each of these buses and get off at the Hafezieh crossroads and walk along Hafezieh Street to the garden.

There are many options for taking a taxi. In fact, this route is so convenient and straightforward that wherever you are in the city, tell the taxi driver that you are going to the memorial and that is it. Of course, due to the historical context and the lack of necessary infrastructure, there is no metro station near Jahan Nama Garden and you have to use the same taxi and bus.

بنای داخلی و عمارت باغ Garden Address of Jahan Nama: Fars Province, Northeast of Shiraz, east side of Hafez Street (Quran Gate), above Hafeziyeh Square

Garden phone number: 07132275875

The Last Word

Jahan Nama Garden is one of the oldest, most original and most installed gardens in our country, Iran. This garden bears hundreds of years of Iranian history and the top and bottom of this garden can be seen among its trees. Cedar and Portuguese trees have multiplied the beauty of the garden, and walking among them and next to the colorful flowers of the garden will create an unforgettable image for you.

باغ های شیراز Travel to Shiraz in general can be one of Be the most memorable vacation of your life. But visiting the World Garden gives such a beautiful color and smell to this trip that you will not forget it soon. Upon entering this garden, you can imagine Persian kings and princes walking through the streets of the garden and now you are walking the same streets and breathing the same cool and pleasant air. In short, close your trip to beautiful Shiraz at the first opportunity and write Jahan Nama Garden at the top of the list of places you want to see. Good luck and good health.

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