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Introducing Luna Park Shiraz and all the tourist attractions of the park

When we hear the name of the historical and pleasant city of Shiraz, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the antiquity of this city in its famous and historical Iranian art and literature or gardens. But Shiraz is a city for all tastes and Shiraz sights can be attractive and memorable for anyone with any kind of interest Be. In addition to attractive nature, historical background and artistic antiquity, in this city you can also go to recreational attractions and go to the same Luna Park in Shiraz to start.

In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine you can experience another style of Shiraz tourism. To get acquainted with Shiraz Park amusement park, stay with us until the end of this article.

What time is Luna Park?

This collection is open every day from 8 am to 12 pm, except in winter. Of course, Shiraz Amusement Park is currently closed until further notice due to the Corona virus epidemic.

Where is Luna Park?

Islamic Republic Highway, Ayatollah Rabbani Boulevard, next to Quran Gate, in front of Revolutionary Court

What are the best amusement parks in Luna Park?

Carousel, Horror, Wind Castle

Luna Park Shiraz, a place to experience adrenaline

Luna Park Shiraz is one of the sights of this city, in its northern part and near the Quran Gate, one of the main symbols Shiraz is located. Amusement park is a beautiful and pleasant attraction, located in the mountainous part of Shiraz. For this reason, the geographical location of this park is one of its main advantages.

In addition to its natural and geographical attractions, this park can be included in the list of the most exciting sights of Shiraz, and this attraction is one of the recreational options for travelers and residents of the city. Almost thirty years have passed since Luna Park in Shiraz, and this park is still a hangout for adrenaline-fueled youth and teenagers, as well as other nature-loving age groups.

لونا پارک شیراز Luna Park Shiraz is one of the first parks to host exciting game equipment And it has been advanced abroad and many Shirazis or travelers have experienced the use of exciting play equipment for the first time in Shiraz Park amusement park. Luna Park’s initiative in installing exciting entertainment devices in Iran, caused its name to spread on the tongues and quickly became famous and popular among the people, especially the youth. Shiraz Lunapark game equipment includes all kinds of exciting and adrenaline-filled equipment for youth and teenagers.

There are also less dangerous games for children, such as inflatable castle, so that all family members can feel good in this complex. The variety of Luna Park facilities is not limited to these cases, and in this complex, an indoor section has been designed for women so that they can enjoy the recreational and welfare facilities of the park with great pleasure.

Types of play equipment in Shiraz amusement park

Luna Park, like other big and famous amusement parks, is a land of excitement and joy, and many different equipments can be experienced in this complex. This Shiraz amusement park is one of the first amusement parks in Iran to be equipped with play equipment and is a nostalgic attraction for many young people and children of yesterday. The variety of play equipment in Luna Park covers different age groups of children, teenagers and adults and will be an unforgettable experience for anyone of any age. In the following, we will get acquainted with all kinds of exciting equipments of this amusement park.


Luna Park Shiraz is known for its tall carousel and there are few travelers who have not experienced this happy carousel in the mountainous location of Luna Park during their trip to the beautiful city of Shiraz. One of the attractions of this popular game is the enjoyable viewing of views overlooking the entire city.

چرخ و فلک شهربازی Paintball

Paintball is one of the fascinating games in many amusement parks, and this fun is also established in Luna Park, Shiraz. Paintball is a battle between two teams with guns filled with colored cannons that you will struggle with adrenaline throughout and you will have a lot of fun. In this thrilling battle, like war soldiers, you must wear a helmet with a helmet and a weapon for attack and defense.

پینت بال لونا پارک

tag laser

The tag laser is the same as paintball, except that your gun fires lasers at the target instead of colored balls. This game has an age limit and is suitable for people over 12 years old. One of the advantages of this game compared to paintball is the lack of physical impact of bullets on people’s bodies. As a result, in this game, there is no painful feeling of bullets containing paint, and the game proceeds in more peace.

لیزر تگ Wind Castle

As we said, Luna Park Amusement Park has great ideas for entertainers of all ages, and the whole family will enjoy it. In this park, there is an inflatable space for young children, which includes four inflatable castles. This castle with a special design and beauty for children will entertain your child for hours.


If we want to choose the most exciting among the recreational facilities of Luna Shiraz amusement park, it will be the choice of many people. The horror sanctuary of Shiraz amusement park consists of dreadful and mysterious halls and corridors that raise the adrenaline of your blood with the art of design and create moments full of fear and excitement for you. Use this game as a group and it is a good opportunity to test your courage.

حریم وحشت لونا پارک A number of exciting games in Luna Park Shiraz In Luna Park Shiraz amusement park, you can experience all kinds of exciting and adrenaline-filled games. Space rotation, flying chair, dragon, ranger, flying saucer, tunnel train, acrojet and… are some of the exciting equipment of Lunapark.

بازی‌های هیجان‌انگیز در لونا پارک شیراز Shocking Games

Shocking games are another group of play equipment in the park, including swings, dinosaurs, police motorcycles, tanks, monkeys, racing cars, and more.

Dedicated area for women’s entertainment

In Luna Park, there is a dedicated and covered area for women so that they can have fun in this complex with comfortable clothing and create happy moments for themselves.

Visit Luna Park

Luna Park Shiraz is not open in winter, but the regular hours of the complex are on other days of the year from 8 am to 12 pm.

Note: Shiraz Amusement Park is currently closed until further notice due to the Corona virus epidemic.

The best time to visit Luna Park Shiraz amusement park

Shiraz has a variety of temperatures in terms of climate and shows the hottest days of the year in July and the lowest temperature of the year in January. As we said, Luna Park is closed in winter, so you should visit this mountainous area on other days of the year.

Nights More population in the amusement park There is Luna Park in Shiraz and this crowd can be exciting for lovers of excitement. So if you are bothered by the crowds and you want to enjoy the nature of this park more, it is better not to go to this park at night.

Where is Luna Park Shiraz?

Address: The Islamic Republic Highway, Ayatollah Rabbani Boulevard, next to the Quran Gate, in front of the Revolutionary Court

Access route: Because the Quran Gate and the Grand Hotel in Shiraz are located next to this complex, a good access location has been provided for it. So with the help of taxis that come to the Quran Gate and the Grand Hotel in Shiraz, you can get to the park. Abul Kalam Azad bus station is also located 500 meters from the park.

Luna Park on Google Map

Other places of interest in Shiraz near Luna Park

  • Quran Gate
  • Weekly Museum
  • Hafiz Tomb
  • Khajoo Tomb
  • Shiraz Waterfall
  • Baba Koohi Tomb
  • World Garden
  • Shiraz vision cradle

Are you going to Luna Park Shiraz?

Adventure in Luna Park is one of the fascinating and unforgettable experiences of traveling to Shiraz and conveys joy and excitement to you. In addition, you can enjoy the aristocracy of this area to the city and watch the delightful scenery. Despite the nostalgic beauty of this collection, its problems cannot be ignored.

Unfortunately, today, due to insufficient care, we are faced with almost worn-out equipment in Luna Park, Shiraz, which indicates their long life. With the right management and successful renovations, Luna Park will undoubtedly regain its beauty and charm. If you have spent time in this collection, tell us about your experience. Follow Alibaba Magazine to get acquainted with other places of interest in Shiraz.

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