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Introducing Masoudiyeh Mansion in Tehran with all facilities

Near Baharestan Square and on Ekbatan Street, a Qajar mansion can be seen, which is also registered in the list of national monuments. Masoudiyeh Mansion, which consists of several different buildings and courtyards, has witnessed important historical events in its time and has experienced many hot and cold to sit quietly between the sights of Tehran today.

When visiting this beautiful mansion, you should be up in the air so as not to miss anything. First of all, let’s take a short tour of this mansion with Alibaba Tourism Magazine and then, when you go there, get to know it like the back of your hand. Start the adventure from the outer wall of the entrance door. Patterned tiles and detailed plaster show from the same entrance of the building.

Where is Masoudiyeh Mansion?

Southwest side of Baharestan Square, Ekbatan St., Masoudiyeh Mansion

How do I take the subway to Masoudiyeh Mansion?

The nearest metro station is Mellat Station on Line 2. Take a short walk up to Ekbatan Street. A few steps to the right, you will find the entrance to the collection.

What are the visiting hours of Masoudiyeh Mansion?

10am to 7pm

What is happening in Masoudiyah mansion…

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Baharestan neighborhood, as soon as you set foot inside the Masoudiyah mansion, there is no more noise outside. A pleasant silence welcomes you in the middle of a beautiful mansion. Especially if you visit the complex in the spring and the ponds are full of water and the area is full of the aroma of freshly planted flowers.

عمارت مسعودیه From this yard to that yard!

As soon as you cross the entrance area, the main adventure begins.

In each yard there is a pond and a building with beautiful beds and columns and wooden windows. At the top of some of the entrances, you will see manuscripts that can make reading the experience of visiting this mansion sweeter for you. Patterned tiles may not leave you there for hours, and the blue congresses of some buildings may be reminiscent of the famous Samandun series.

عمارت مسعودیه Before starting the renovation of the collection, some They were converted from mansions to cafes and galleries, but unfortunately they are now closed and only the exterior can be visited. This does not mean that you should postpone visiting this building to another time. Because it is very enjoyable to visit the outside of the mansion.

History of Masoudiyah Mansion

As its name suggests, the founder of this mansion, Massoud Mirza, was one of the sons of Nasser al-Din Shah, whom we often know as Zol-e-Sultan. This beautiful mansion, which consists of inner and outer parts, was built in 1295 by a master architect named Master Shaban Memarbashi in 5 years.

تاریخچه عمارت مسعودیه Not all buildings in the collection belong to the Qajar period and to Over time and as needed. Divankhaneh mansion, dining hall mansion, Seyed Javadi courtyard, Seyed Javadi mansion, Moshiri courtyard, Mushir Al-Dowleh mansion, backyard, backyard mansion, sidewalk mansion, carriage entrance mansion, Divankhaneh garden are the main buildings of the complex.

The brick buildings inside the complex have been added to the complex over the years by the Ministry of Education and the Cultural Heritage Organization.

حوادث تاریخی Historical Events

Since Zol-e-Sultan was not the mother child of an aristocrat, he was never crowned, and this led to his disputes with his brother Muzaffar al-Din Shah and his nephew Muhammad Ali Shah. During the constitutional era, when Muzaffar al-Din Shah was the ruler of Iran, the Masoudiyah mansion became one of the bases of the constitutionalists due to the same old differences.

But the story does not end there. An improvised explosive device (IED) exploded under Mohammad Ali Shah’s carriage near the mansion. This was the pretext for shelling the parliament and then storming the Masoudiyah building and killing and wounding the constitutionalists who were hiding there.

از این حیاط به آن حیاط! Users of Masoudiyeh Mansion

During the reign of Reza Shah, the Masoudiyeh mansion became the first national library and museum, and during the second Pahlavi period, it was transferred to the officer’s college for a while and then to the Ministry of Education. Finally, it was nationally registered in 1998 and returned to the cultural heritage.

تاریخچه عمارت مسعودیه Address and access path

The best way to reach Masoudiyeh Mansion is Tehran Metro . The nearest metro station is Mellat Station on Line 2. Take a short walk up to Ekbatan Street. A few steps to the right, you will find the entrance to the collection.

Address: Southwest side of Baharestan Square, Ekbatan St., Masoudiyeh Mansion

Masoudiyeh Mansion on Google Map

After visiting Masoudiyeh Mansion, if you go to Baharestan Square, you will see an alley called “Barsabeh”. Here was the first official and licensed kindergarten in Tehran, which was founded by an Armenian woman named Barsabeh Hospian, but today no trace of it remains.

حوادث تاریخی عمارت A little ahead of the alley and right on the square, a symbolic ball is placed in memory of the incident of the ball being thrown to the parliament by Mohammad Ali Shah It is not without grace to see it.

Why should I see Masoudiyah Mansion?

History is always full of misunderstandings. what does it mean? That is, we remember only great events, famous people, and very sad stories, although behind each of them were a series of small events, ordinary people, and not-so-interesting stories. Masoudiyeh Mansion is exactly one of the places that may not have seen as many strange events as other palaces in Tehran, but it is a very important part of our history, and beyond history, it shakes your heart in terms of architectural beauty and climate.

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