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Introducing some of Bangkok’s most famous restaurants

Bangkok One of the best destinations for food lovers and one of the shops Indescribable home to starred restaurants. With us in the article Bangkok Famous Restaurants Come on in, take a look at some of Bangkok’s best restaurants. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with some of Bangkok’s most popular restaurants.

Nahm Restaurant a Gives you the most engaging dining experience in Bangkok. Chef David Thomson, who owns a London-Thai restaurant of the same name as a Michelin star, opened the branch at the Metropolitan Hotel in 2010. Using recipes based on Siamese cookbooks and other foods inherited from underground books, you will experience the most complete display of classic Thai cuisine such as Tom Yam Gong from Bangkok’s best restaurants.

Issaya Siamese Club is internationally recognized as the first flagship of Bangkok’s most famous Thai restaurants and chefs. The menu of this restaurant is a combination of traditional Thai food and modern dishes and Thai salad of banana blossom, pork ribs with pepper and Masaman lamb are the best dishes.

Bo.lan has made a name for itself in Bangkok Food since it opened in 2009. This restaurant, which serves rare Thai food in a luxurious atmosphere, follows exactly the Thai food roots, but tries to add special techniques to them as well. Dishes such as Chiang Mall River smoked fish salad, egg yolk with green curry powder and fried whole meat with dry shrimp sauce are the best dishes of this restaurant. This is one of Bangkok’s most popular restaurants for a romantic dinner or business meeting.

Gaggan Indian Restaurant has become one of Bangkok’s most popular restaurants in recent years. The restaurant’s chef, Gagan Anand, who trained at El Bulli Restaurant, uses molecular technology. He has made changes to his country’s indigenous cuisine to turn many of them into delicacies. The best table in this restaurant is a table that has a direct window to the kitchen and you can see Gagan and his staff working.

This hall is located in a three-storey shop house which is decorated with concrete walls, yellow rooms and sofas outside the hall. The menu of this restaurant is very admirable and its outstanding dishes include Yum Tua Puu Goong Sod (crispy bean salad with shrimp and boiled egg in pepper sauce) and moo chor muang (large pieces of pork in curry seasoning). Terrestrial) are.

This small diner serves street food. This restaurant has air conditioning and this is good news, because the food usually smells a lot. Chicken, pork and seafood are delicately grilled and served with rice. Somtum Der is a friendly place to take a short break and hear the sound of wooden slippers.

Healthy and organic foods such as rice, meat, and some vegetables are sourced from organic farmers in the northeast of the country, making it one of Bangkok’s most famous restaurants.

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