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Introducing some of Hanoi’s most famous attractions

Introducing some of Hanoi’s most famous attractions

Hanoi is a growing economic center still heavily influenced by traditional culture Adheres and tries to show both old Vietnam and New Vietnam at the same time. The old quarters of the city are also full of bustle and street vendors. With us in the article Join the famous sights of Hanoi To introduce you to some of Hanoi’s top tourist attractions. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the most famous attractions of Hanoi.

In the winding and narrow alleys, the commercial heart of the city beats and its history dates back to 1000 years ago. These half-ruined streets, one of Hanoi’s most famous landmarks, are a place where exotic medieval architecture merges with the bustle of motorcyclists, street vendors, trade and commerce. In this area, vendors usually live upstairs in their shops. These shop houses are tall and narrow buildings that are arranged in a row in the alleys.

محله های قدیمی هانوی

Going to the side streets is a great opportunity to escape You will be greeted by the crowded streets of Hanoi. Also, a variety of local food is sold in these alleys, and vendors sell a variety of fruits and vegetables. I can see a relic of the French colonial rule right in the center of the city. St. Joseph’s Church was built in 1886 and is a good example of neo-Gothic architecture. The exterior is decorated with two narcissus towers, while the interior is adorned with glass windows. The main entrance of the church is not open except for the Lord’s Supper.

کلیسای سن ژوزف
One of the top tourist attractions in Hanoi, Lake Huan Kim which is in the southern part The old texture of the city is located. The most important tourist attraction of this lake is a small island that Ngok Sun Temple is located and can be reached through a red bridge. The temple is dedicated to three important historical figures in Vietnam: La To, who is revered as a patron saint of medicine, the famous scientist Van Kung, and the 13th century general, Tren Hong Dao, who fought the invading Mongol army. There is another small island in the south of the lake with a strong tower and a beautiful view from the bridge.
دریاچه هوآن کیم

One of the famous sights of Hanoi, which has a very beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, is the Confucius Temple, which was built as a university in the 11th century. Today Temple of Literature is a building for the protection of the country’s researchers. In the Middle Ages, one of the most famous landmarks of Hanoi was taught Confucian literature and philosophy, and near the entrance you can see the names of the students who studied there, engraved on the pillars. Inside, miniature gardens lead to pavilions, and there is a pagoda containing a well-preserved statue of Confucius.

معبد ادبیات

Hu Chi Minh Tomb is a marble building and the mummified body of Hu Chi Min in one There is a glass guard in it. The collection also includes the Ho Chi Minh Museum, which contains a collection of memorabilia related to Ho Chi Minh and interesting information about the history of the Vietnam Revolution. Visiting Hu Chi Minh’s house can also be interesting. This house is wonderfully preserved. Also, a pillar pagoda from the reconstruction of an 11th-century temple is one of Hanoi’s top tourist attractions.

مقبره هو چی مین

Vietnam Anthropological Museum will be an interesting place for museum lovers and history lovers. The museum features ethnographic monuments containing valuable national collections, and various stories of Vietnamese culture are told by an experienced team in charge of the collection. In this place, the ancient ethnicities of Vietnam are introduced to the visitors by displaying works of art and handicrafts such as woodwork, metalwork and traditional clothes. In the garden located outside the main building, various exhibitions are also held.

موزه مردم شناسی ویتنام

Hua Lou Prison , built by the French colonial government in the late 19th century, was originally intended to imprison Vietnam revolutionaries and dissidents French was used. However, it is known to most tourists as a place used to imprison American prisoners during the Vietnam War. The most famous foreigner imprisoned in this prison is John McCain. The prison consists of solitary confinement cells, collective wards and a courtyard, and the guillotine used by the French has been exposed to spectators.

There is a lot of information about the long-running Vietnamese conflict against the French colonial government, which is kept in detail in this prison. There were two rooms for American prisoners held in this prison. There will also be a documentary on American prisoners, their release and memorabilia of prisoners.

زندان هوآ لو

The Blue Puppet Theaters in Hanoi are a great example of traditional Vietnamese art and entertainment, and if you have young children, watching these shows will be a good evening entertainment. This form of ancient art was originally performed in the villages of Vietnam during the monsoon rains, but today these performances are mostly held in special pools built for this purpose. The plays usually focus on popular local legends and are performed by a puppet troupe using traditional Vietnamese instruments.

تئاتر عروسکی آبی

In the outer courtyard of this famous Hanoi landmark, a collection of weapons and military machinery such as aircraft, French and American tanks and warplanes from the former Soviet Union is on display. Inside the building, there is a lot of information about the war with the United States and France. There is also an arms show for those interested in twentieth-century Vietnam history. Many visitors believe that the information panels are not well arranged and the most attractive part of the museum for them is the view of the courtyard and the planes around the towers.

موزه تاریخ جنگ

Art and museum lovers, to see a beautiful collection of works by Vietnamese artists from our prehistoric times to the works of contemporary artists, definitely need a long stop in this regard from the famous sights of Hanoi. Some of these treasures include pottery and gemstones belonging to the Tran and Dynasty dynasties, Buddha statues belonging to the Mac and Lee dynasty, and intricate statues of the goddess Guan Yin. The museum also displays an extensive collection of 11th and 12th century ceramic works and an important gallery of folk art.

موزه هنرهای زیبا

The Hanoi Empire Fortress was a vital base of military power in the region and held a strategic and important role until 1960, when the Vietnam War began. The monument was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010 for its important and long-standing role in Hanoi. Archaeologists and experts, after finding the foundations of ancient palaces in this place, estimated its history to be more than 1000 years. There is also a Vietnam War refuge where military maps and plans are displayed.

دژ امپراطوری

Lake West is the largest lake in Hanoi and its shoreline is 15 km long. Many people use this coastal path for walking or cycling. There are also two beautiful temples nearby; Tai Ho Pagoda is a beautiful temple dedicated to the mother goddess and Trấn Quốc Pagoda is one of the oldest temples in Vietnam. For most travelers, West Lake is a great place to see a modern, new Hanoi. Here you can taste a variety of fresh seafood.

دریاچه وست

Anyone who is curious about the way Hanoi people lived as children should definitely visit the house of memories. This well-renovated house is the home of an ordinary merchant and is filled with everyday items and antiques from the past few centuries. The house has traditional architectural features and is built according to the old tradition of Feng Shui, so that energy flows well in the house. In some rooms you can also see handicrafts, traditional works and calligraphy.

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