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Introducing some of London’s most popular tourist attractions

Introducing some of London’s most popular tourist attractions

London is a popular arts and entertainment center, 50 years after the Beatles , Music festivals in this country still exist. London also offers some of the biggest and most luxurious cultural attractions; From royal palaces and people’s parliaments to museums and churches and other types of leisure facilities where you can spend many days without getting tired and repetitive. Join us in the article London’s most famous attractions Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with some of London’s most popular tourist attractions. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous sights of London.

One of London’s most famous attractions, Buckingham Palace . The palace also shows the parade of the royal forces. The parade of the royal red-clad forces takes place at 11:30 a.m. at the beginning of each season. Buckingham Palace was built in 1837 and has been the residence of the royal family since the accession of Queen Victoria. You may be wondering when the queen is in this palace and when not! If a special flag was hoisted at the top of the palace, the queen is in the palace. While the Queen is at her summer residence in Scotland, visitors can purchase tickets to see rooms of one of London’s most popular tourist attractions and get a closer look at the Queen’s residence, the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews.

One of the best ways to see the rooms of this palace and see the royal parade is to buy one of the special 4 to 5 hour tours. This tour is a good way to see all the valuable things in a short time. Having a historical guide during this tour can also make participating in this tour very enjoyable for you.

کاخ باکینگهام

Tower of London represents the long years and adventurous history of this city, and with a deep look at this tower, one can understand the centuries of history behind it. This World Heritage Site entertains for hours those who are eager and curious to know the historical background of the tower. The tower was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, a 17th century hero. Next to the tower are more attractions such as the famous Gold Jewelry Exhibition, a photo gallery of the executions, and the Beefeaters.

برج لندنis a collection of two towers and a bridge over the River River. These towers are about 200 feet high. To spend a good and cheap summer in the city of London, buy a ticket to visit the Tower Bridge along with a visit to the Jewelery and Beefeaters exhibition to take advantage of its discount and avoid the hustle and bustle of the city.
Tower Bridge

British Museum featuring one of the finest collections of antiquities, containing more than 13 Millions of works of art from the Old World. Despite the valuable relics of Assyrian civilization, Babylon, China, Europe and elsewhere, it is difficult to know where to start visiting one of London’s most famous landmarks; Elgin Marbles inscription, Rosetta stone, statue of Ramesses II, as well as Egyptian mummy statues and sculptures from ancient Rome.

موزه بریتانیا

Big Ben Tower is one of the most prominent tower-like symbols in the world. At the foot of this famous London landmark, the British Government Senate building has been built and exists for centuries. Tours of these buildings are the best time to learn about the political past and structure of the British government. From Parliament Square to Whitehall Mansion, there are many British government buildings.

برج بیگ بن و پارلمان انگلیس

National Gallery of London tops the list of the world’s best art museums. Almost all the works of art registered in Europe from 1260 to 1920 are collected in this gallery. The largest and best collections of the museum were brought to the museum from Dutch colleges and Italian schools in the 15th and 16th centuries. Among the most prominent works in this area of ​​London’s most popular tourist attractions are magnificent works by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Van Gogh.

گالری ملی

The Victoria and Albert Museum , which includes the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science, was established in 1973. The museum covers an area of ​​about 13 hectares and includes 145 art collections consisting of 5,000 art pieces and related works. There are also exhibitions such as jewelry, hardware, sculptures, textiles and photo exhibitions of London’s famous landmarks.

موزه ویکتوریا و آلبرت

Trafalgar Square to celebrate the victory of Lord Horace Nelson in Trafalgar and was built in 1805. Piccadilly Circus is the intersection of several very busy streets in London and has a local term for the intersection due to its constant congestion.

Piccadilly Circus و میدان ترافالگار

The two galleries Tate Britain and Tate Modern, collectively known as the Tate Gallery, contain one of the most important art collections in the world. The gallery opened in 1897 as a national collection of outstanding British art. The gallery purchased the surrounding land and built a larger gallery to expand its space, and the final result was the establishment of the gallery in Millbank on the north side of the River Thames as the permanent permanent collection of British historical paintings.

Tate Britain و Tate Modern

Westminster Church Another It is one of the places associated with British political history. The building has been a gathering place for Christians since the 7th century. Westminster Abbey is officially known as St. Peter’s Church in Westminster. From the time of his burial in 1066 until the time of George II, that is, until almost 700 years later, most of the rulers were buried here. This place has become a place for royal weddings in recent years.

کلیسای وست مینستر

One of London’s most fascinating historical sites, one of London’s most popular tourist attractions has been completely preserved, and the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered British Army fighters to defend their homeland during World War II. . Here we see one of London’s most famous landmarks, Churchill’s famous sleeping place and the place where his speeches were broadcast, as well as the place where he recorded his speeches for the radio. This is a very interesting place to see the British situation during the war, because this war room is better than a museum that reflects the events of that time.

اتاق جنگی چرچیل

Hyde Park with an area of ​​about 350 hectares is the largest open space in London and has been built since 1635. Serpentine is one of the most prominent and beautiful lakes in the world of London, which attracts many boaters. Another highlight of the park is the Apsley House, the former home of the first Duke of Wellington. The house is now a museum with a collection of magnificent Wellington paintings.

پارک Hyde p

St. Paul’s Church one It is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world and is built on top of a Roman temple. The old church building was destroyed by a large fire in 1666 and redesigned by Sir Christopher Wren. Today, the Baroque Twin Towers and the 365-foot St. Paul Tower are masterpieces of English architecture. If you go to this place, be sure not to see the stairs, corridors and dome of this beautiful place.

کلیسای سنت پل

Covent Garden Market shops are just the beginning of a large neighborhood of restaurants and streets, and there are many parks and gardens in this neighborhood. In the shops and kiosks of this neighborhood, a variety of specialized plant products and handicrafts are sold as stylish souvenirs. The neighborhood also houses the London Transport Museum, which features a variety of the city’s old means of transport, including trams and carts.

باغ Covent

The London Eye was created in 2000 to celebrate the London Millennium. These capsule-like glass chambers rise 443 meters. A trip to these capsules takes about 30 minutes and you can see the whole city of London around you. Special offer tickets are also available to take advantage of London’s most popular attractions, which can minimize the amount of time you wait in line.

 چشم لندن

Another of London’s most famous landmarks is the Hampton Court. The great halls of this palace have been built since the time of the eighth art. Another spectacular feature of this palace is the astronomical and amazing clock known as Clock Court. This clock was built in 1540 AD in this palace. There are vacant government buildings in and around the palace, around which several tennis courts have been built. The gardens around this garden are worth seeing, especially in mid-May and when the plants are in full bloom in these gardens.

ساختمان عمارت Hampton

Greenwich is known to tourists as the Cutty Sark House. The oldest ship discovered in the area was a ship that traded between China and the United Kingdom about 500 years ago. The museum in the area, which refers to the history of the sea and navigation, was established in Greenwich and reflects this rich history. The Royal National Maritime Museum, established in the area, is one of the largest maritime museums. One of the most unusual things to do in Grenovich is to stand between the two hemispheres.

Docklands has become an international hub for business and leisure in London. In this neighborhood, we see a combination of river and port and people who have lived in this area since Roman times and display their handmade products for sale and purchase in this area.

گرینویچ و Docklands

The Kew Gardens, formally known as the Royal Botanic Gardens, are located southwest of London and south of the River Rivers. These gardens are a wonderful place to spend time, as the area of these gardens reaches about 300,000 hectares. In 1841 these gardens became state property. There are a variety of tours to visit these gardens, even for free, which take place at convenient times, including during London music and cultural events.

باغ های Kew

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