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Introducing some of the best restaurants in Tabriz to eat meatballs

Introducing some of the best restaurants in Tabriz to eat meatballs

One of the unique dishes Tabriz , Tabrizi meatballs Is. This food is generally expensive and even if you decide to prepare it at home, you still have to pay a relatively high price. Where to eat meatballs with us in Tabriz article? Join us to introduce you to the best restaurants in Tabriz to eat meatballs. Definitely, it will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous restaurants of Tabriz to eat meatballs.

The traditional restaurant and garden of Barakeh has a very beautiful atmosphere and next to its pond and pools, There are beautiful tropical trees that create a beautiful and dreamy landscape. All you have to do is get to the Sardrood belt and then you will find this restaurant between the first and second underpasses.

رستوران و باغچه سنتی برکه

You can go to Delstan Restaurant, Eat Tabrizi meatballs. This restaurant has a very interesting architecture and it has beautiful clay walls and domed ceilings. To access Delstan restaurant, all you have to do is go to 29 Bahman Boulevard and then, from this boulevard, you will reach Jam Jam.

رستوران دلستان

This restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Tabriz and the cost of serving a meal in it is usually very high. To go to this restaurant, it is enough to first get to the Pasdaran Highway and then, from this highway, go to Shahid Fahmideh Square.

رستوران هتل لاله
رستوران حسینی

At the beginning and the beginning of the activity, everyone knew Jalali restaurant with its unique kebabs, but today there are a variety of French and Persian dishes in the menu of this restaurant. In the following section, we have brought you the addresses and telephone numbers of three branches of Jalali Restaurant:

Branch 1: To go to Branch 1 of Jalali Restaurant, you must first go to Basij Square at the gate of Tehran and then, behind the BRT station, you can see this restaurant.

Phone: 04136377882

Branch 2: To access Branch 2, you must go to Fahmideh Square and then, from this square, go to the upper floor Browse Rushdie Shopping Center .

Phone number: 0413666111

Branch 3: All you have to do is go to the Southern Army first and then, from there, to the intersection of Pasteur and Baghshamal.

Phone: 04135570448

رستوران جلالی

Skilled chefs work in this restaurant and cook the best Tabrizi meatballs. Aba restaurant is located in Valiasr and between Roudaki square and Baranj square.

رستوران آبا

Restaurant Pars Ael Goli Hotel It is one of the most stylish restaurants in Tabriz. According to the Tabriz article, where should we eat meatballs? You should know that Ail Goli restaurant has a wonderful view and its tables are placed along the glass walls. By going to this restaurant, you will shoot with a double arrow, because you will enjoy a delicious meal in a high-class restaurant and you can enjoy the unique view to the fullest.

رستوران هتل پارس ائل گلی

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