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Introducing some of the most famous attractions of Buin Zahra

Buin Zahra city with 5526 square kilometers and 1500 meters altitude The average sea level has a population of more than 155889 people. Scientific excavations of numerous and valuable ancient hills reveal the signs of human civilization in this land until more than 9000 years ago. Also, the brilliant works of Islamic architecture, along with the diverse and enchanting nature of the region, attract tourists and put a mirror of Iranian culture and civilization in front of them. With us in the article The most famous attractions of Buin Zahra Join us to introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Buin Zahra. Definitely, it will be interesting to get acquainted with the famous sights of Buin Zahra.

Zagheh Hill One of the oldest human settlement centers in the Central Plateau of Iran and one of the first It is the country’s country that has been shining on the Iranian civilization for more than nine thousand years. Brick houses that join the main alleys and passages and finally the village square, water and food storage jars, bread ovens, storage and kitchen, unique slum-type pottery, stone, metal and bone objects are the features of this hill. They are coming.

Near the village of Hesar, there are two magnificent octagonal brick tomb towers with a distance of 29 meters from each other, which are masterpieces of Seljuk art and architecture and the first building with two non-conical domes in Islamic architecture. Various geometric patterns with brickwork on each side of the tower, Kufic inscriptions, Seljuk murals, spiral staircases in a circular column, use and measured composition of 15 meters high and 11 meters in diameter should be the characteristics of Kharqan towers.

Arshia Spa is run by the private sector. This is one of the famous sights of Buin Zahra of limestone type and is effective for treating rheumatic diseases, joint pains, indigestion, kidney stones, nerves, eczema, pimples and drowsiness of the legs. This complex has a public swimming pool, a private site for men and women, a first-class site for men and women, a second-class site for men and women, and a traditional canteen. Arshia Spa is one of the best tourist attractions in Buin Zahra, which is worth watching.

In 48 km of Buin Zahra-Saveh road, there are 4000 square meters of infrastructure and 36 rooms. Large entrance porch, four-porch plan, octagonal crypt in the middle of the courtyard, corridors behind the rooms and on the four sides of the caravanserai, very low height of the entrance gates due to the climatic conditions of the area and sixteen arches outside the south side for establishing jobs Caravan services including features Shah Abbas Hajib Caravanserai are considered .

Building Shah Abbasi Avaj Caravanserai was completed in 1040 AH. Safavid plan of two porches, stone conical half-towers to support external walls, twenty-six rooms, twenty arches in the courtyard, dock and stables all around the building and behind the rooms and fourteen exterior arches for the services needed by the caravans They know the features of this building. Shah Abbasi Caravanserai is one of the most famous attractions of Buin Zahra and the most beautiful historical monuments of Buin Zahra.

This caravanserai is located thirty-five kilometers south of Qazvin and has a pentagonal design with four circular sides on the outside. The entrance and vestibule to the chambers, vestibules and arches of the thirty-four facades in the middle of each side of the building stand out. This building is currently in the possession of the Department of Archeology, University of Tehran.

40 km from Qazvin-Buin Zahra road on Shoor river with three unequal openings with a length of 52 meters and a width of 40.70 meters and its bases have triangular breakwaters in the opposite direction of water flow.

It is one of the works of the Safavid period, which is located 52 km northwest of Avaj and joins the tomb with a high porch that leads to small rooms on two floors. The double-covered dome, formalization, tiling in the elastics of the entrance porch and the role of knotting on the plaster can be considered as features of this famous Buin Zahra sight.

It is located 20 km northwest of Avaj on a plateau one meter high and is considered one of the buildings of the Safavid period. The high entrance porch reaches the space inside the tomb with a functional cover and its cruciform plan is completed by four small rooms.

Kurdish Cave is located 20 km from Kharqan Double Towers. After passing through the mouth of the cave and descending from a 15-meter well, a hall with an area of ​​more than one thousand square meters occurs, which has extremely beautiful and enveloping abstracts and drips. High humidity, murals showing the cave’s anthropogenesis in ancient times, and pools of water have enhanced the features of Qala Kurd Cave. This cave dates back to the Oligomyus period and the third geological period.

Celebrating wheat in most rural areas has a long history. This celebration is held next to the Daryabak reservoir, and the residents of the neighboring villages sacrifice a sheep for each family with a large presence at the reservoir, and after sugar and joy, they harvest the crop.

Many prehistoric and ancient hills such as Qara Tappeh Sagzabad , Dolatabad Hill, Rambad Tappeh, Meshkin Tappeh, ecotourism attractions such as Daryabak Reservoir, Roudak Reservoir, Chehel Cheshmeh, Khatun Cheshmeh, Qotur Sooi Spa, Abbas Abad Spring and holy shrines such as Imamzadeh Ibrahim (Ebrahimabad), Imamzadeh Mohammad Taher (Avaj), Imamzadeh Ismail (Nahavand) and … should be added.

Apart from agricultural, horticultural and dairy products, especially grapes, apples, pistachios, saffron, honey, yogurt and buttermilk, which can be taken as souvenirs to other cities, the works of women artists of this city such as kilims, rags, carpets and Jajim can be prepared.

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