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Introducing some of the most famous attractions of the neighborhoods

Mahallat is one of the most popular cities in the country due to its lush nature , Favorable climate, natural tourist attractions and having valuable antiquities are selected as the destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. With us in the article The most famous neighborhood attractions Join us to introduce you to some of the top tourist attractions in the neighborhood. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous sights of the neighborhoods.

One of the factors of neighborhood fame, Hot mineral water of neighborhoods. Local hot springs are very rich in minerals, medicines and therapies such as radon gas. These springs are of the type of deep hot water, which are created as a result of the steam processes of the paste of burning rocks and boil on the surface of the earth. These hot springs are 6 springs called Rheumatism, Sulaimaniyah, Shafa, Danbeh, Hakim and Soda and are considered by local residents and Iranian and foreign tourists.

One of the top tourist attractions of the neighborhoods, Sarcheshmeh Mahallat which is located at the highest point It is one of the most watery springs in Markazi province. This spring has always been considered by the officials from the past to the present and in addition to supplying agricultural water to the region, it can also be used for drinking. Adjacent to this are some of the famous sights of beautiful park, waterfront, old sycamore trees, rocky heights overlooking the spring and also numerous trees that have doubled the beauty of this area.

Khoreh village is one of the oldest biological settlements in Markazi province, which thanks to its historical and natural monuments Pristine and pleasant, it is one of the beautiful areas and tourist attractions of the neighborhoods. This beautiful and ancient village is located in the northeast of Mahallat city. If you travel to Khoreh, you can use the circular columns Fire Temple of Khoreh The columns date back to the first century AD.

The Bagherabad Bridge dates back to the Qajar period. This bridge was built by the Russians during the invasion of Iran. The main structure was made of stone, which was damaged due to floods in this area, but with the efforts and pursuit of the authorities at the time, it was repaired and rebuilt.

You may also know the neighborhoods for the fame of its flowers and ornamental plants. Gol Mahallat village has an area of ​​about 110 hectares and is the largest flower growing village in the country and one of the most famous attractions of Mahallat.

One of the things that will catch your eye when traveling to the neighborhoods is the presence of thousand-year-old sycamore trees on Sarcheshmeh Street. The oldest plane tree of Mahallat with a life of two thousand years is the historical symbol of the city of Mahallat and is located in Chenar Square of this city.

Jamshidia Fortress is another historical monument left from ancient Iran in the neighborhoods that some historians believe that the existence of this valuable fortress during the invasion of the Afghan Azad Khan to Nimvar saved the people who had taken refuge in it. This fort has high security and considerable resistance against the attacks and infiltration of the enemies, and in this respect, it is distinguished and exemplary among other historical forts. One of the architectural features of the building is the hall which is located on the gate of the castle and allowed the presence of 20 shooters in different directions. Also, unique fire-fighting equipment was provided to protect this wooden gate. Unfortunately, due to the lack of attention of the authorities, various parts of this ancient building are being demolished.

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