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Introducing some of the most famous local dishes of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the cities in Russia where the food is very famous and They are delicious. It is necessary to know that in all Russian cities food is cooked in the same way. Join us in the article on the best dishes of St. Petersburg to get acquainted with some of the most famous local dishes of St. Petersburg. Definitely, after reading this article, you will be tempted to taste the best traditional food of St. Petersburg.

One of the most delicious Russian soups that is very thick is Solyanka. This soup is prepared in three different types of meat sulyanka, fish sulyanka and mushroom sulyanka and is prepared from foods such as salted mushrooms, sour cream, pickles, salt water and dill. To prepare meat sulyanka, use foods such as tomatoes, olive oil, house peppers, parsley, sausages, burgers, beef, onions, and dill and put them in a pot with some water to cook. To prepare fish sulyanka, we use food similar to meat sulinka and put it in water with some lemon juice to cook.

To prepare mushroom sulyanka, we use foods such as tomatoes, pickles, cabbage, mushrooms, onions. First, fry the cabbage in butter with pickles and tomatoes, then fry the mushrooms and onions separately, then add some lemon juice and mix them together. Finally, they add slices of bread and butter to one of St. Petersburg’s most famous local dishes and slowly begin to cook.

Gulabetsi is a type of jam whose main ingredients are meat, rice, Bukhara plums, vegetables and peppers. These foods are fried in spices and then placed inside kale leaves. This is one of the best traditional dishes of St. Petersburg, similar to our Iranian kale.

Oladi is a type of pancake that is very thick and prepared in small dimensions. To make this dough, the best St. Petersburg dishes use ingredients such as wheat or sometimes buckwheat flour, eggs, sugar, salt and milk, and sometimes raisins or apples are added. This combination can often be served with jam, honey, sour cream and caviar.

Pilaf is one of the best dishes in St. Petersburg, which is prepared using foods such as rice, carrots, olive oil, chicken, mutton or turkey. This food has Azerbaijani roots and is not for Russia.

To prepare Meat a la Peter, use meat, onions and mushrooms and fry them in a pot. Then, add some water to it and let it cook slowly, and finally, serve it with a little stew water. This food is for periods and weekends.

Oka is a type of seafood stew with Russian roots. Oka stew is also known as Aka. The main ingredients of this item are the best traditional dishes of St. Petersburg, consisting of ingredients such as string fish, oysters or roe deer, vegetables, dill, bergamot, leeks, parsley, black pepper, tomatoes and fennel. Those who go fishing usually make oka stew and enjoy eating oka stew. We suggest you try Oka if you love seafood.

Kolodets is a type of meat dish. First, cook the pieces of meat and then wait for it to cool. Then, the pieces of meat become like jelly as they cool. Kolodets are usually made at Christmas, Easter and winter holidays and enjoyed eating.

Russia is one of the countries where the consumption of mushrooms is very high among its people and most of its food is prepared with mushrooms. According to the old tradition, Russians usually walk in the forests and pick mushrooms and use them in different ways. Some people even salt the mushrooms and use them in the winter.

Wingert salad is one of the most colorful and delicious salads, which consists of ingredients such as beets, tomatoes and pickles, and finally, oil is poured on these ingredients.

Another famous St. Petersburg salad is Herring. This salad consists of several layers of cooked vegetables, chopped onions and mayonnaise, and some people even add apples to this salad. Finally, mix the mayonnaise with the beets and spread it on top. Eggs are also used to decorate this salad.

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