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Introducing some of the most famous restaurants in Kashan

Kashan is a city in Isfahan province. Set aside the 7,000-year-old city with all its historical and cultural tourist attractions that have led to the great prosperity of Iran’s tourism industry in all these years, because we want a number of Introduce the most famous restaurants of Kashan , which in fairness considering that some They are opened in old and historical houses, they do not have a small bunch of attractive tourist attractions. Join us in the article of famous restaurants of Kashan to introduce you to the best restaurants of Kashan.

Abbasian Traditional Dining Room 3 floors of restaurant, dining room and balcony and in the courtyard

Mozaffari Traditional Restaurant is located in the old part of Kashan and in turn has a special and unique architecture. In this cafeteria, a significant heating and cooling system is used and you can encounter different types of local, traditional and Iranian food. This is one of the best restaurants in Kashan, ready to host you dear travelers and people of Kashan every day from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

This one of the best restaurants in Kashan will completely transfer your atmosphere to the past decades of Kashan. Architecture and interior design and attractive food menu of traditional and local food of Kashan such as sour pumpkin stew, boiling cal, eggplant curd, eggplant stuffing, barley soup, Ashkeneh and noodle soup along with a variety of local drinks and natural drinks, baking bread in The moment in the form of a tandoor and offering free internet, specialized parking, local library and of course cycling in the old space have made it attractive.

Manouchehri House Restaurant serves local and national quality food and is also an attractive accommodation. The presence of stained glass in the dining room sash, combined with the sunshine from the inside, can definitely create an unforgettable scene for you while serving food.

Burger House fast food It is the level of Kashan city. We recommend that you try its fast food, especially burgers and pizzas, because they really bring you a special taste.

Shandiz Kashan Restaurant is located on Kashani Street and above Imam Hossein Square And in its food menus, you can encounter a large number of Iranian dishes, including various kebabs.

Khatoon Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Kashan, which besides offering various types of stewed food and Our country’s barbecue also serves various seafood dishes. The environment of this restaurant, although it looks old, is very clean. This restaurant is ready to host you every day from 10 am to midnight.

This restaurant is mostly located near one of the historical attractions of Kashan, ie Silk Hills often encounter many customers. In fact, a large number of customers Rose Restaurant are made up of tourists from Visit the mentioned attraction and enter this restaurant at lunch time and choose the food they want from the food menu. Kashan Rose Restaurant is open every day from 12 noon to midnight and its various sections include a glass pavilion, green space, coffee shop and the main hall.

Island Restaurant Cafe is open daily from 8 am to midnight. In this cafe-restaurant, different types of Iranian food are considered for you, as well as many types of fast food dishes, and in the cafe section, various models of hot and cold drinks are placed to order. On the walls of this cafe-restaurant, you can see photos of the beautiful island of Khark, which, along with the calm atmosphere, will definitely satisfy you.

There are both traditional and house dishes in the Yaghoot dining complex. For example, in addition to different types of kebabs, in the menu of the restaurant section of Yaghoot, there were foods such as sumac, meatballs, eggplant curd, daisy and even cutlets, which in turn was an interesting initiative. It should be noted that the space of the ruby ​​collection is completely traditional and a special comfort can be taken from its environment.

Ehsan restaurant is one of the big and luxurious restaurants in Kashan, which is not very willing to use the traditional items in this city in its interior design. In this restaurant, more than the quality of food and high variety, the behavior of the staff and the working staff of this complex attracts attention. This restaurant is open from 10:00 AM to 4:45 PM and has a private parking lot.

– Acacia restaurant located on 22 Bahman Street

– Dariush dining room located in 22 Bahman Street

– Touba restaurant located in Shahid Rajaei street

– Narcissus flower restaurant located in phase 2 of Najiabad

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