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Introducing some of the most famous restaurants in Lavasan

Lavasan Always seen as a clean summer with a perfectly healthy climate in The priority is for Tehrani people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of their metropolis. If we ignore the traffic on the way to it, we can say that the time distance to the capital is about 15 minutes. Lavasan has an untouched and beautiful nature and today it is very famous due to the existence of luxury gardens and villas as well as unique restaurants. With us in the article The most famous restaurants Lavasan Join us to introduce you to some of Lavasan’s most popular restaurants. Definitely, getting acquainted with Lavasan famous restaurants will be useful for you.

One of the most popular restaurants in Lavasan is Bid Majnoon, where in addition to ordering a variety of traditional and authentic Iranian food, you can encounter a wide range of Italian cuisine. Bid Majnoon Restaurant is run by a family and therefore, in all its parts, only respect and friendship are rippling.

Address: Lavasan – Imam Khomeini Boulevard – Isargaran Boulevard – Fereshteh Alley

Contact number: 26550077-021

Mehr Mitra is the name of a vegetarian restaurant with an unparalleled menu where you can find a variety of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Instead of using meat in food, according to the creativity of Mitra Khanum, who owns this restaurant, soy flavored with other foods and spices was used. Regardless of the menu and the high variety of food in this restaurant, due to the lack of meat in the preparation of food, their price is quite reasonable compared to other restaurants. Luxurious environment with creative decoration along with pleasant treatment of Mitra Khanum and her son with customers has made this dining hall very famous.

Address: Lavasan – Basti Boulevard – Corner of Bank Shahr

Contact number: 26551212-021

Another famous restaurant in Lavasan, cashmere is basically a traditional restaurant garden with a menu It is one of the best foods. The restaurant in both interior and exterior provides the possibility of serving customers and in its open environment can be selected one of the special black tents or wooden pavilions. The high quality of the restaurant’s food and their size are also quite suitable for everyone. Due to the traditional atmosphere of this restaurant, its dishes are completely traditional and you can use the tea and hookah service if you wish.

Address: Lavasan – Imam Khomeini Boulevard – after the gas station

Contact number: 26545013-021

Fricadel is the first digital fast food that you can prepare your burger with ingredients, delicious sauces and special breads and even put your name on it through the devices installed in its environment. Then, wait for the kitchen staff to get it ready for you.

Address: Lavasan – Imam Khomeini Boulevard – next to the Sky Center building

Contact number: 95118795-021

Hadish Traditional Restaurant from a comprehensive menu and It is varied and the quality of its food to date has been such that it has satisfied even the most demanding customers. In this restaurant, in addition to traditional and Iranian food, you can serve yourself and other companions by ordering fast food.

Address: Lavasan – Imam Khomeini St. – Hadish Commercial Complex

Contact number: 26550939-021

Emarat is the name of a very stylish and luxurious restaurant-cafe but with a traditional atmosphere. The interior of the mansion restaurant has a very luxurious architecture and perhaps the only drawback to this complex is the use of a menu with a limited number of food. Of course, the high quality of cooking and how to serve this limited amount of food can be a reason for you to go to Lavasan mansion dozens of times. This restaurant has a capacity of 300 people and therefore, can be a significant option for those who want to hold their meetings and parties at the most professional level possible.

Address: Lavasan – Narun Square (Basij) – 15 km of Afjeh rural road

Contact number: 26560599-021

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Lavasan, a place for all lovers of the endless world of different seasonal and off-season salads. In Bloodo Salad, you will encounter a very strange menu of various salads that you have probably never seen before. The quality of salads and other prepared foods is very high and in terms of price, it can be placed in the category of restaurants that offer their products to customers at a reasonable price.

Address: Lavasan – Imam Khomeini Boulevard – after Khodavardi Street – the end of Gandum Street

Contact number: strong 26548204-021

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