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Introducing some of the most famous shopping centers in Kashan

Visiting markets and shopping malls is one of the most attractive parts of travel; Especially for people who love shopping and enjoy it. If we can get information about the destination shopping malls and its best goods before our trip, we can have a better and more appropriate purchase. With us in the article The most famous shopping centers in Kashan Get acquainted with a number of famous markets Kashan as well as the best passages of Kashan.

Kashan Traditional Bazaar Starting from the middle of Baba Afzal Street, it continues to the government gate and includes a large number of bazaars and passages. There are many historical monuments in this bazaar, among which we can mention Mir Emad Square Mosque, Timcheh Amin Al-Dawlah, etc. There are various guilds in this market, the most important of which are coppersmithing, dyeing, shoemaking, goldsmithing, embroidery and string selling, and each of them is working in its own order and market. The traditional bazaar of Kashan was of great importance and prosperity during the Seljuk and Safavid eras, and the reason was that this bazaar was located next to the ancient trade routes.

This famous Kashan market was destroyed by an earthquake in 1192 and many historical monuments and textures were destroyed. The current bazaar has been reconstructed on the remains of the old bazaar, but this reconstruction was done based on the architecture of the Qajar period.

One of the best passages in Kashan, Safavid Grand Bazaar Is. In this passage, you can find a variety of goods, including women’s, men’s, children’s clothing, wedding dresses, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. This two-storey passage has parking and its working hours are every day from morning to 10:30 pm.

Green Commercial Complex is another place you can Buy all kinds of necessary goods from bags and shoes to all kinds of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes. This commercial complex is located in Shahid Rajaei Street, Kashan.

Shafaq Shopping Center and Sepid Shopping Center , which are located on Shahid Rajaei Street, are among the best complexes in Kashan that can You can buy different goods from them.

Juma Bazaar is also one of the bazaars in Kashan, which, like Juma Bazaar in other cities, is full of crowds and crowds. Vendors gather in one place every week and offer colorful and diverse goods to the people. This market is also far from luxury and glamorous stores, full of life and excitement.

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