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Introducing some of the most famous shopping centers in Qeshm

One of the things we usually do on our travels is shop. Shopping for souvenirs and gifts for friends and family or shopping for ourselves is one of the most exciting parts of the trip. One of the most popular areas of Iran, Qeshm has a variety of shopping malls in its heart Has given place. With us in the article The most famous shopping malls in Qeshm to bring you some of the best passages in Qeshm as well Get acquainted with the famous markets of Qeshm.

Qeshm Old Bazaar , is a traditional bazaar that started its activity in 1290. This is one of the famous markets of Qeshm with nested corridors and many rows in which, in addition to shopping, you can get acquainted with the customs of the people of this island. Traditional clothes, colorful scarves, embroidered glabton pants, burqas and beautiful colored fabrics are among the goods that you can see and buy in this market. Remember that in this case, you can bargain in the famous markets of Qeshm and get good discounts from the sellers.

Interesting point about Qeshm City Center is that the two phases one and two are connected by an overpass. This beautiful and spectacular shopping center is very large and has been built with the latest architectural methods. You can buy all kinds of clothes, shoes and bags, toys, mobile phones, sports equipment from this big center. The best stores for buying sports equipment and clothes are located on the ground floor and below the ground floor of this center, and reputable brands such as Puma and Adidas have branches in this shopping center. City Center, in addition to being a large and diverse shopping center, has a variety of entertainment such as 4D cinema, billiards hall, bowling alley and children’s playground that keep your children busy and allow you to shop with ease.

Star Shopping Center

In  Doodle Dolphin Shopping Center You will see a variety of cosmetics, clothes, watches, glasses and home appliances with various brands. Cosmetics are among the goods that you can buy from this center and have more confidence in its authenticity. People who are interested in flowers and plants can also find all kinds of flowers and native plants in this regard from the most famous shopping centers in Qeshm. You companions are able to buy all kinds of electrical appliances and home appliances from this place. Since the number of stores is high and customers are low, you can provide the goods you need at exceptional prices.

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